Inhuman Warlock
Chapter 550: 550: Unfair

"The city doesn't appreciate the presence of foreigners. Some people are upset with your presence, and they might come for you. I don't want any conflict in the city. So it's better that you leave because any harm comes to you. A war between cities won't be good."

"Harm me? Who?" Lucifer asked, confused. Who was trying to harm him?

"You mean that High Beast who told Hun to not let me stay here?" he asked.

"Maybe. All I can say is that you have many things to worry about yourself. Don't insert your nose in the matters of others."

"Isn't that unfair? Why is my presence a problem for those people? What about the presence of your guests? They came from different city as well. Why only me then?"

The lady didn't answer; however, Lucifer felt like he had noticed something. As soon as he talked about that person, a momentary look of disgust flashed on the face of the lady.

"Let me guess. Your problem is related to that guy?" He asked.

"Enough. If you're not leaving, I'll leave." The red-haired lady stood up and started leaving.

"It's fine. I'll leave," Lucifer muttered, shaking his head. "It's your special place. I won't take over this place."

The woman stopped, looking at Lucifer, making sure he was actually leaving.

"By the way, thank you for informing me about the dangers on me. That was a great help. By the way, my name is Lucifer Azarel. Maybe we'll meet again."

Lucifer's body started rising in the air.

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"Amelia Everhart," the red-haired woman replied before walking back to the edge of the cliff. She sat down, returning to silence.

"Amelia, huh," Lucifer muttered, glancing back.

'There is really something odd about you. I could feel it even more when I was near you. We'll certainly be meeting more in the future. I'm not going anywhere until I get all my answers,' he thought, observing Amelia.

He flew away.


It was two in the night when Lucifer reached the mansion of the Snow Wolves. He went to his room and peacefully laid on the bed, soon falling asleep.

The next day, he woke up early in the morning because of the knock on the door.

He rubbed his sleepy eyes and got off the bed. He had long managed to sleep for four hours before he was woken.

He opened the door to find Hun there.

"Why are you up so early?" he asked, looking tired.

"Early? It's six in the morning. It's the usual time we all wake up. Did I disturb your sleep? If you want, you can go back to sleep again. I'll come back later? I just thought you wanted to go meet that beast who was summoned?"

"Nah, it's fine. I'm up now. Just give me five minutes, and I'll get ready," Lucifer answered. He didn't feel like he could sleep again now that he was up.

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"Good. I'll wake your friends as well. The breakfast is ready as well."

Lucifer walked to the bathroom and took a shower while cleaning his hair that desperately needed some care.

After a ten-minute long shower, he stepped out and got dressed. Since he didn't have different clothes, he had already borrowed some clothes from Hun.

Now he was dressed in a white shirt and white pants. He donned his cloak on top, changing the color of the cloak to white as well to match the clothing style.

He sat on the bed after he finished getting dressed. He brought his glasses out and wore them, trying to test once again if he was getting a signal or not. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. He couldn't contact the outside world from here.

He kept the glasses back and placed his hand on the other pocket, which was carrying the two stones. One was taken from the APF, while the other was taken from Milena.

The two stones were shining slightly brighter in the presence of each other, but there was nothing strange besides that. He kept the stones back as well, wondering what was happening in the outside world.

Even though he had told Salazar that nothing was going to go wrong in such a short time in the outside world, even he wasn't fully sure.

Kellian and Milena were two different people, after all, both leading a different side. Moreover, he was the piece that was joining them. In his absence, anything was possible.

"It's only been one day. Most probably, Kellian would handle everything." He stood up and left the room. Outside the room, he met with Jenilia and Salazar. The two of them were ready as well. All of them walked to the breakfast table together.

As Lucifer reached the breakfast table, there were ten tables already arranged for the seven Snow Wolves. Amongst the seven, Hun's father was the main member and the leader of the clan. He was sitting in the main chair since he had the highest position.

His three younger brothers were sitting on his left side; one chair was empty after the third brother.

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Hun's mother was sitting on the right side of the table. One chair was empty beside her. After the empty chair, Yui was seated. And two chairs were empty after her.

Salazar walked to the left and sat beside the third brother of Hun's father. The three brothers didn't look happy though.

They didn't want these strangers to be guests in the house, but they couldn't go against the decision of their elder brother and the clan leader. They could only go along with them.

Hun sat in between his mother and his sister, leaving only two seats empty that were after Yui's seat. Lucifer took the seat immediately after her, leaving the last for Jenilia.

"Good Morning to everyone. Again, thank you so much for letting us stay here." Lucifer expressed his thanks again since he was before the clan leader.

"Don't mention it. Anyway, how was your night here?" Hun's father asked.

"It was good. After such a long trip, it was good to rest properly again."

"Is that so? Why is it that you look even more tired now?" The man asked.

"It's... It's because I always look tired after I wake up. It's a genetic thing," Lucifer replied.

"It's good that you liked your stay. May I ask how long you are planning to stay here?" The Second Brother asked.

Hun's father glared at his brother. "Is that a way to talk to guests?"

"You misunderstand me, brother. I was just asking him how long we have the privilege to host him. It's not that I was asking him to leave."

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"I'm planning to stay here for a few days.. We would probably leave after a few days if nothing new comes up," Lucifer replied.

Inhuman Warlock Chapter 550: 550: Unfair
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