He’s Depraved! (2)

She was really cruel. She wouldn’t even come to take a look.

Yu Qingshi’s eyelashes trembled and he didn’t know what to say, so he took out the practice questions that he had just finished from his school bag and handed it to her, “These are the problems I just finished.”

“…?” Jiang Xiaoman glanced at him.

“I brought them for you to see.”

“Oh.” Jiang Xiaoman lowered her head and turned the pages over, then she ran back to her bedroom, and brought him the problems she had just done.

Yu Qingshi’s eyes looked puzzled.

Jiang Xiaoman proudly said, “These are the problems I just did. I got them all correct.”

“…” Yu Qingshi gave her a look secretly and left.

This heartless Jiang Xiaoman!

When the end of New Year approached, Yu Qingshi had to leave with his father and go to his grandparents’ house.

Before leaving, Yu Qingshi was very packing his luggage absent-mindedly.

He cast his gaze out of the window from time to time, dragging out his actions.

Yu Wencheng knocked on the door, “Are you done, Son?”

Yu Qingshi loudly said, “Coming!”

His voice had changed; now, it had the sort of roughness unique to young men. He really disliked it, so he started speaking even less and became even more silent.

Yu Qingshi remembered that when she was a child, Jiang Xiaoman lost her baby teeth. She was a very stinky and narcissistic child, and cared a great deal about her appearance. When her teeth fell out, she didn’t feel pretty so she refused to talk and covered her mouth all day long.

He was not a talkative person himself, so sometimes the two of them stayed silent even when they were face to face to each other, and said nothing for the whole day.

Later, Yu Qingshi’s baby teeth also began falling out, and his front teeth became loose.

He was very scared and cried secretly for a long time, always afraid that he would swallow it accidentally during his meal.

His father called the dentist to take a look, but back then Yu Qingshi was particularly resistant to doctors. He was resistant to psychiatrists, and he was also resistant to the dentist. As long as they were related to doctors, Yu Qingshi would be resistant and lose his temper.

Later, Jiang Xiaoman pried open his mouth and pulled his tooth out, only then did the matter come to an end.

She was really courageous.

At that time, Yu Qingshi’s mouth was full of blood and he looked at her in horror while covering his mouth, his tears falling, mourning his lost tooth.

Jiang Xiaoman was feeling very proud and cocky. She laughed at him and said, “Idiot, you can’t even take care of this. I pulled out my teeth by myself, and I’m really good at it. Grandma said that I should put the tooth inside a small hole, and quietly tell a mouse to take it away, so when the new tooth grows, it will be a good and beautiful one.”

Yu Qingshi stared at her blankly. He couldn’t speak clearly because his mouth was leaking blood, “Whai?”

“Because mice have beautiful teeth.”

“…!” Yu Qingshi wasn’t afraid when she pulled his teeth, but he was brought to tears because Jiang Xiaoman forced him to do this ritual.

Yu Qingshi touched his front teeth and sighed.

He knew that something was wrong with him lately, but he didn’t know what was wrong.

Maybe he really was sick.

Yu Qingshi became restless and didn’t have any spirit to finish packing up.

After a while, Yu Wencheng knocked on the door again. “Son, are you done?”

Just as Yu Qingshi was about to speak, Yu Wencheng said, “Xiaoman is here.”

“I’m done!” Yu Qingshi immediately jumped up on the spot, stuffed the scattered clothes into the suitcase, closed it, and kicked it underneath the bed.

When Jiang Xiaoman came in, the bedroom had been cleaned and tidied up, and Yu Qingshi was sitting on the bed side with a calm expression, his expression cold and indifferent.

She was carrying a bag in her hand, who knew what it contained?

Yu Qingshi glanced at her faintly and couldn’t help but ask, “What did you bring? Practice problems?”

“…No. These are all snacks that Grandma and I made.” Jiang Xiaoman snorted and said, “Knowing that you are leaving, Grandma especially asked me to bring them to you. They are all for you to eat. If you don’t like them, I will take them away.”

“I like them.”

Jiang Xiaoman casually placed the bag on the table.

Yu Qingshi tilted his head slightly, endured for a while, and finally couldn’t help but take a look.

He took out a bag of rice crispies.

Jiang Xiaoman said invitingly, “I made this with Grandma. It’s really delicious. If you don’t believe me, give it a try.”

Yu Qingshi opened the small bag and gave it a taste.

It was sweet. So sweet that it felt a bit nauseating.

He felt a bit nauseated and immediately drank a glass of water, his Adam’s apple throbbing rapidly.

“…It’s too sweet, did Grandma’s hands slip when she put in the sugar?”

“No!” Jiang Xiaoman glared at him and grumbled, “I brought the wrong one. This is the special version that I made for myself with more sugar. You wait, I’ll exchange it for the right one.”

So there was also a special edition. Jiang Xiaoman, you really come up with more and more scary ideas nowadays.

Yu Qingshi held down her hand, “This one’s fine.”

“Just exchange it.”

“I’m leaving now, no need to trouble you.”

“Are you going to take it with you?”

“…Uh-huh.” Yu Qingshi didn’t open his eyes. “I’ll take it to eat on the road.”

Jiang Xiaoman thought for a while, then suddenly reached out and gave him a hug.

He was suddenly caught in her embrace.

But it was only a brief hug. Jiang Xiaoman quickly let go before Yu Qingshi had a chance to react.

Jiang Xiaoman said, “Go quickly and come back quickly.”


Jiang Xiaoman was still so warm and soft. She was very comfortable to hold and felt very good to the touch.

There was a special fragrance on her body, but Yu Qingshi was certain that she never used perfume.

Her forehead touched his chin just now, and her skin felt warm and delicate.

If only the hug was longer…

Just as that thought appeared, Yu Qingshi’s body immediately froze. His neck, cheeks and earlobes turned red.

Ahh, what was he thinking!?

He was so depraved!

He felt guilty towards Jiang Xiaoman.

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