Chapter 0 – Prologue

Moans were mingled with harsh, ragged breaths.

The dim bedroom was made significantly warm by a tantalizing heat.

Golden lights cast obscene shadows on the walls as a man and a woman could be seen deeply tangled in bed, moving in a sensual rhythm.

He pulled up his upper body and held his knees close to her hips, enclosing his palms around the woman’s ankles and spreading her legs wider…

Every time he crushed deep inside, the man visibly tensed up. His broad shoulders and muscles splintered with sweat, as if with oil.

His grip on the delicate ankles tightened. Like a weak bird whose neck was bitten by a fierce beast, the woman shook weakly and struggled to conform with the hot rush of pleasure.


Eugene shook her head from side to side and moaned. In a helpless state, she raised her hand and scratched the crumpled sheet at the side of her head.

As if he wouldn’t allow even a moment of lax, he filled her in a fast pace every time he came in.

Their joined bodies were getting hotter and hotter by the second. Despite her occasional protests, he wouldn’t budge even for just a little and, instead, continued his torturous exploit.

She was not used to such conduct. It was her second time to be with a man, but her first night with him was more sexual than what Eugene had imagined.

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Her body was in a tight race—she could hardly breathe.

At first, she didn’t think there could be anything more. It turns out; she was mistaken—the man’s capabilities were still unknown to her.

He was an energetic man who surpassed Eugene’s expectations. Today he drove her incessantly as if to say that today, she yielded a lot before him.

When she thought she would finally faint, he loosened up a little, and she felt the unmistakable warm liquid drip from her folds…

She breathed out as fast as she could.

When she least expected it, he raised her ankle and kissed the soft skin of her calf, a surprisingly sweet gesture from a callous man.

A bluish glow reflected from his dark eyes, which slowly turned black.

Eugene’s eyes were half-opened, lazily gazing at the man who hadn’t yet moved from his position. The slow, circling caress the man made with his tongue irritated her — it made goosebumps erupt from several parts of her body.

With her leg still captured by him and her buttocks lifted slightly from the bed, the warm liquid poured out and flowed through her hip bone.

Every time he shoved, there was a sound of clashing flesh.

The sheets on her back were damp with her own sweat. She felt wet and limp like a sponge soaked in water.

As soon as she felt him slowly slipping out, Eugene sighed out of relief, thinking that the man had his fill and would then leave her to rest, only to be proved wrong the next second.

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The man grabbed Eugene’s thighs and inserted his length once again without warning.

Immediately, Eugene’s stifled cries filled the room.

The prickly sensation of scratching at her inner walls struck her sharply. The leg he seized was perched upon his iliac bone, giving him more access.

Lowering his posture, he positioned his hand to the side of her face.

His lips came down on her and covered her lips. Licking, turning her head to the side, swallowing her lips completely, he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth.

The man, who had erect shaft pressed into her heat, surprisingly had a soft kiss, unlike the ferocious air of his lower abdomen. He soothed her sweetly inside her mouth and caressed her innermost thoughts with the tip of his tongue.

Eugene moved her lips as well, participating in the dance that only the two of them knew.

However, the affectionate kiss quickly turned nasty. His tongue rolled up and sucked hers, hard. At the same time, his shaft lodged below retreated for an inch and struck inside her like a stake.


Her shocked body trembled, holding his arm next to her face. Once again, Eugene was helplessly caught up in the wild dance of his tongue.

He coveted her persistently as if the world would end tomorrow. His desire struck her like a huge wave.

He began to move, a sure sign of a beginning. The movement of her folds, spreading to the limit, felt uncomfortable and pleasant at the same time.

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A deep sense of pleasure ran from her lower abdomen to the top of her head.


Her body shook violently. Eugene closed her eyes tightly,a groan emitted from her throat.

She couldn’t bear the sensation and became anxious that her whole body would shrivel up if she didn’t make a sound.

The scorching weather made her body feel more feverish. The man was no exception, either. Sweat from his neck dripped down his sculpted chest.

He bit her lips with eyes full of enthusiasm and licked her earlobes.


The whispering voice sounded thrilling, as if it was touching her very soul. She blinked her hot eyes open upon hearing the name.


It was her name.

Her body, which was shaken by all means, however, was not originally Eugene’s.

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