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DragonYT 3
Chapter 1394 13 hours ago

Easily the best novel I've ever read. It has been a great journey. Ending was beautiful and unexpected at the same time. The characters are on different level (each with high IQ and planning abilities). I wish I could forget it and read it again. Thank you author for this MASTERPIECE.

zyqwv1 1
Chapter 8 18 hours ago

Novel is absolutely beautiful and the best thing i’ve ever read for anyone not liking the early chapters due to info dumps or being slow stick with it the novel only gets better and better

Blue_Abyss 1
Chapter 1430 yesterday

A perfectly written novel with every vital components. The story progresses at a good pace without neglecting elements like character development and worldbuilding. It has truly left a deep impression on me. This is not something that can be easily topped.

LordOfMysterie 1
Chapter n/a yesterday

The best ever no doubt. One of the most perfect novels you can find. Once you start you simply can't stop. when you finish reading you'll feel a void you'll never be able to fill. I WANT MORE(⁠┛⁠◉⁠Д⁠◉⁠)⁠┛⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻. . .

C39H42O2 1
Chapter 1394 2 days ago

This novel really has all the good elements a novel should have. From the plot, to the amazing world building and the steady pacing. Even more so because of the mysteries, cosmology and complexity. I also really loved the ending because although it's bittersweet that last chapter really elevated it. And klein interacting with his n***e is just so lovable. It's simply PERFECT and I can't wait for book 2🤗

Sskiuon 1
Chapter n/a 3 days ago

This has to be one of the best written novels out there. The world building is easily at the top. And Characters are very good. You really get invested in the characters' growth and relationships with everyone else. This story is so good that it will leave you feeling hollow after finishing. I can't wait for the second book!!

JOSU10 3
Chapter 1362 3 days ago

One of the best Web novels out there. . . A masterpiece. . . Great storyline, worldbuilding, pacing and power systems(pathway). It has consistent arcs which hooks us into it. . . I absolutely loved the journey. Currently waiting for the Second Novel. . . Praise Mr. Fool !

LukasMrq 1
Chapter 1432 4 days ago

Simply the best light novel i've ever read, start is kinda slow but after you get past the first chapters it's simply addictive. The world, the characters, the power system, everything is different from most stories, in a good way!!!

Renegade_prism 6
Chapter 1 5 days ago

I have read many a webnovels in my time, but this one is just something else, the great research put into it, the intricate world building and smooth yet exciting story development obliterates most other books. The way how so many different references to cultures, religions and even media are woven together are simply fun to read. There is many other things that I want to say but I'd rather u just read it and become one of us🧐. This book is on another level and I'd definitely love to reread in sometime.

Imhim 1
Chapter 383 5 days ago

In my opinion the story and world building is great but major things for me are lacking like the authors fights the fights for me feel stiff and weak the author does not do a good job of describing what is happening during fights the pacing at the start for me was horrible I was struggling to read for 100 chapters because of how boring it was I dropped this novel on chapter 385 because of boredom the tarot club to me was suppose to be mysterious just like the lord of mysteries but then coming out in the open effected me in a negative way and the characters have have not many problems with them except Audrey she annoys me to the very core because of her ignorance at such a old age and her enthusiasm I prefer Adler who is intelligent, respectable, and does his own dirty work and sly to me Audrey is a coward but it’s my opinion and you might not like it but it’s my experience and emotions that I felt within the novel I have still not found a new perfect novel that I can truly love like the counts son I might drop it or read into it but please tell me if I should keep reading I don’t care about spoilers and to use as a perfect scale the best action I have read in a novel is from beginning after the end well I thank you guys for reading my review and reading my thoughts about the novel.

  • C39H42O2 1

    Seeing how you are only on chapter 383 that being second volume i understand that fights may be lacking and tbh i also didn't like audrey at that point...but...BUT...you just have to get to volume 3: traveler (chap. 483). From that volume forth lotm truly becomes peak. Fights are insane, and well written because klein actualy prepares for the fight and thinks (not just brute force like many other novels). And the more story progresses the more mysteries are unveiled and the more interesning it gets. Atop of that audrey becomes very likable character, her development is peak (being therapist of a god and all heh). Anyway in my opinion you should keep reading but it's your choice in the end.

    • Imhim 1

      I will take your advice I’ll keep reading thank you