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Chapter 743 2 days ago

Okay so I have read this novel 3 times and one point which I want to tell to new readers or potential readers is that, the plot of this novel cannot be explained in just some 300-500 words, so first have some patience in the first volume , Also to tell you for me volume 1 is one of my most favorite volume just because there wasn't anything major going on, well there was but that's fine, so just have some patience. Moving on to the review WORLD BUILDING - Amazing (it was a superb display of Victorian era and other mysterious places). CHARACTER INTERACTION - The most important aspect in my opinion which major writers ignore (it was great by the way). POWER SYSTEM - Like one i have never heard of. STORY DEVELOPMENT - Slow at start (which was necessary for the base development), it was a bit fast at the end but that's acceptable. GRAMMAR - Great (I don't think you need to know every word mentioned in a book to understand it). FIGHTS - With this kind of system the fights were just fabulous (the higher sequence fights were just breathtaking). NOW I AM JUST WAITING FOR THE PART 2, OHH MAN MARCH COME FAST!!

Chapter 1391 3 days ago

Best Book Ever Read on this website, next to Shadow Slave and above Authors POV Better than EAI and TMA by a fair bit, so don't be put off if you didn't like his other works

  • Lee_On
    Reader KP:419

    Try RI = Reverend Insanity It is also consider masterpiece and on par with lotm

    yesterday Reply
Chapter 1222 4 days ago

I really enjoyed reading this book. Story is well structured, a lot of mysteries to keep you hooked until the end. It is differently worth a read

Chapter n/a 5 days ago

At first, it was really hard to continue to read this (yeah, I endure the incredibly slow pace plot, although I did a skimmed-read method few times) The good reason I stay MC is not OP or a tycoon to the point I wish the author will give him more extra saving MC is not the typical "I'll accept my fate and live here", he is (still) dedicated to look for a way to return Although it has a slow pace plot, it has a detailed story and characters. Hmmm~ probably the author likes HP and/or TLOTR :P No ridiculous harem Family doesn't mean 'real' family, friend doesn't mean 'won't die or unhurt', enemy doesn't mean 'weaker than MC at first encounter' The reason I want to abandon this It has 'religious' aspect, but to create the 'True Creator' as 'Fallen Creator' (which is an evil god?) and the desc. about it, hmm. . . a religious person will find it as similar as racist. (Okay. . I have a limited vocab) Slow pace in the beginning, since beginning. Although it has more things to discuss rather than fill the 'word-amount' with not-so important thing (such as 'clean bathroom'). But I will still continue to read this

  • SharDamaKa
    Reader KP:6

    I consider the religious part in fictional novels, not a religion like we know. More like a religion in a different universe, which we don't know anything about it and use our understanding of religion to describe it. For example in this novel, I observe them as just beliefs. There is no god who created everything, but beings referred to as gods, which are so powerful that they can't be considered as humans. They affect the laws of nature according to their will but also laws of nature also affect them. Actually, in the novel, I think author, touches on this subject pretty well. I won't give you any spoiler, but know that, the universe authors create are their universe, and sometimes they are really interesting universes.

    2 days ago Reply
Chapter n/a 5 days ago

One of the best! It's super slow but there's a hype. This is for high IQ readers. You would need to walk slowly since the narrative has slow pacing, it's worth the ride.

Chapter 1430 6 days ago

Lord of mysteries is a novel with full of mysteries and its still mystery at end . I find out there is next book is coming soon so i am waiting with patient and you all also .

Chapter n/a 6 days ago

a masterpiece, everything is perfect, even tho im not smart enough to understand the system the plot is still good, worth for reading🤞🏻🤞🏻

Chapter 1430 7 days ago

This novel is one of the best novels I have ever read. This novel has a slow plot development, but that doesn't spoil this novel, on the contrary, this novel becomes more quality because it makes the background story, story development, and character designs more detailed and complete. This novel has a very thick mystery genre, and has an unexpected story development. As the story progresses, more and more mysteries are revealed. The background of the development of his strength is also very complete and logical. In addition, this novel is also given in another point of view in the story so as to prevent the reader from feeling bored. And until the end of the story still has unsolved mysteries that make readers want to read the next series.

Chapter 1364 7 days ago

without a doubt the best novel I have read, the world, the sequences, everything in this book immerses you in the story, the way of describing the environment, the inner thoughts of the characters that help bring the book to life, very good story, Let's wait for the new book.

Chapter n/a 8 days ago

The Lord of The Mysteries is the best novel I've read on this site by a large margin. The characters, the power system, the world building, the fight sequencs, the mysteries, the plot twists, everything is just *chef's kiss* . This novel had me at the edge of my seat the whole time, like a roller coaster that just kept going up and up and up without ever going down til the end. Truly phenomenal.