Married to the Protagonist

Chapter 90: The Chain Reaction of Flirting (3)

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Yan Cheng acted excessively early on, making it seem like that he must have Zhou Xue. This sped up the marriage between Huo Qidong and Zho Xue, the two people he disliked. Wanting to keep up the act the entire way, he still played along afterwards for a bit.

Up until he got on a blind date with Chen Jinyao and married her.

At that time, to speak the truth, Mother Yan had no requirements of Yan Cheng’s wife anymore. Why would she be picky when her son found someone who he liked? Instead, she would have to go and thank the woman for being willing to marry her troublesome and blind young son.

Even more, Mother Yan really liked Chen Jinyao.

There was no such thing as a dilemma between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

To add on, Chen Jinyao was much more valued by Mother Yan than Yan Cheng, her personal son. No matter how much Mother Yan pampered Yan Cheng, she didn’t reach the point where she’d blindly pamper him. In other words, she knew about her son’s position and personality. She originally planned on blindly believing in her youngest son, believing that he was outstanding. However, after encountering Chen Jinyao, her daughter-in-law, her dream was shattered. Even more, Mother Yan gradually wavered to the other side. Then, she started having completely opposite thoughts…

Chen Jinyao was like a blooming flower inserted on manure (Yan Cheng).

That’s how Mother Yan described the relationship between her son and daughter-in-law.

Clearly, she was talking smack about her youngest son, Yan Cheng.

Sometimes, when Yan Cheng returned home with Chen Jinyao to visit his parents, her mother would talk too much and joke about the two of them.

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“Mother, you’re wrong.” Yan Cheng obviously retorted.

Whenever they encountered this situation, Chen Jinyao would smile along with Mother Yan for a while before speaking up for Yan Cheng.

Mothers would never really talk smack about their sons like that. In the end, she was just testing to see if her daughter-in-law would be on her son’s side.

Yan Cheng froze slightly before smiling. He kissed Chen Jinyao’s face in front of Mother Yan’s face. Then, Mother Yan sighed and exclaimed, “It’s good that men have their wives.”

Chen Jinyao pushed Yan Cheng.

The couple fought in front of Mother Yan, causing her to laugh out loud.

Mother Yan exclaimed, “You guys need to treat each other well, especially you. Little six, be nice to your wife otherwise I’ll have your father break your leg.”

Yan Cheng placed his arms on Chen Jinyao’s shoulders and lifted his chin. “I know.”

Therefore, from some degree, Yan Cheng wasn’t stupid when he got in a scandal with Zhou Xue back then.

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At the very least, Mother Yan and Chen Jinyao were able to get along well. Even more, the concern that everyone in the family voiced had never happened.

This was really all due to the chain reaction of flirting.


“Oh, your father and the rest aren’t at home. Am I not allowed to ask you and Yaoyao to come home for dinner?” Through the call, Mother Yan could tell that Yan Cheng wasn’t willing to come. She narrowed her eyes and said firmly, “Don’t try to find an excuse. You have to come home often to visit your parents, don’t you understand?”

Yan Cheng felt complicated. After a while, he nodded. “I do, I do.”

Mother Yan relaxed her tone and exclaimed, “Most importantly, your father isn’t at home. I’m home alone bored. I had Aunt Zhao cook quite a few dishes to help your recuperate.”

“Recuperate what?” Yan Cheng slightly furrowed his brows.

With his natural observational skills, he immediately knew that this wasn’t as simple as he thought.

Hearing this, Mother Yan giggled. “What else? Silly son, you and Yaoyao had been married for half a year already!”

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She said this meaningfully.

Yan Cheng looked at Chen Jinyao and the latter also looked at him questioningly.

They gazed at each other. Then, he heard her mother press slowly, “When can I have my little treasure grandson?”

Yan Cheng was speechless.

Oh, this definitely wasn’t just a simple dinner!

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