MMORPG: Rise of the Primordial Godsmith
Chapter 778: Four Pillars: Fruits of Labor

"Haah…" Hearing the words the monotonous voice uttered out, it was only then did Valyr fully relax, a grin adorning his face as he was now free from all of the hardships.

After all, it was now due time for him to reap the fruits of his labor.


[You have completed the quest: Gates of Awakening' Trial (3).]

[Your authority within the Gates of Awakening has increased by one level. This authority is only accessible once the user becomes a part of the Gates of Awakening.]

[Your other rewards shall be announced by the Gates of Awakening themselves, including the ones attributed to your performance throughout the three previous trials.]

[You have obtained a new quest: Gates of Awakening' Trial (4).]

Hearing the series of notification sounds go off in his mind, Valyr went ahead and opened up his notification screen as he took a brief look at it.

More than relieved that he had cleared not only the trials the Gates of Awakening threw at him, but also the quests that accompanied said trials, the young man started to ponder over what kind of objectives he had to complete for the quest's continuation.

"Probably something similar to what I needed to do to enter the Gates of Awakening, but worse," muttered Valyr to him, feeling as if it were the most likely conclusion.

"After all, I may have gone through the Gates of Enlightenment and the Gates of Awakening already, but there's still the Gates of Transcendence."

Refreshing his memory of what rewards he would obtain from completing his current quest once more, Valyr soon shifted his attention towards the monotonous voice yet again, ignoring most of the usual spiel it spouted regarding how he stood at the pinnacle of strength.

It was only when the voice started discussing the rewards he had gained did he finally pay attention to it in full detail, hoping not to miss even a single word the monotonous voice uttered.

'By passing the third and final bottleneck, you have proven yourself to be at the pinnacle of strength and ability. Your standing in the Gates of Awakening is unmatched, being one of the rare few to clear all of its trials.'

'Because of that, the Gates of Awakening would like to more than reward you for your hardships thus far, hoping that you have set your goals towards a far loftier horizon as these rewards will undoubtedly bring a massive boon to your future endeavors.'

At those words, the young man rubbed his hands together in expectation, hoping that the rewards he would obtain from clearing the third bottleneck would not disappoint.

'Though there has been slight debate on what your first reward should be, the Gates of Awakening eventually decided that it would not upgrade any of your core skills, considering the amount of time it takes to fully master a skill.'

'Instead, the Gates of Awakening would reward you with an opportunity to increase your mastery over your core skills at a far greater rate, which you would only be able to access once you enter where the Gates of Awakening truly lies.'

For a brief moment, the young man felt a bit of disappointment as the thought of having an Epic grade combat skill was undoubtedly alluring.

Nevertheless, there was truth to the voice's words.

Though many of his skills were already at Uncommon and Rare grade, allowing Valyr to wield an insane level of combat power, it was more apt to say that the young man was only confident in wielding a handful of skills that truly yielded that much power.

After all, he had only spent a few months as Valyr Zeihardt so far, not even having enough opportunities to take the time to refine his skills. If anything, most of his current combat prowess had come from the experience he had accrued in the past.

But now with the opportunity that the Gates of Awakening had surprisingly given him, he would now be able to shore up some of these weaknesses, allowing him to make use of more of his skills to their fullest potential.

'It would be nice if this place could also allow me to upgrade all of my skills to the peak of Rare grade,' thought Valyr to himself, eventually pushing his thoughts as the monotonous voice continued to speak.

'As for your second reward, you have shown to the Gates of Awakening thus far that your skills in forging more or less stand at the same level of prowess compared to your combat. Perhaps even greater.'

'With that, the Gates of Awakening would like to reward you with the quintessence of knowledge regarding the technologies and innovations that have been birthed in the age that was considered the turning point of technology.'

Understanding what he was going to obtain after hearing the same statement from the monotonous voice multiple times already, the young man watched as a cloud of silver energy manifested before him.


Without any delay, the silver strands making up the cloud all headed towards Valyr's head, filling his mind to the brim with information regarding technologies that innovated upon all of the knowledge he had gained thus far.


[You have received an inordinate amount of information from a mysterious source.]

[All Basic-level and Intermediate-level advancements making up the Renaissance Age on the Technology Tree's Innovation branch has been unlocked and upgraded to their max levels.]

Giving his mind some time to organize and process all of the information he had just received, a faint smile adorned the young man's face as he let out a slight chuckle.

'Guess I now have all I need to take my firearms even further,' thought the young man to himself. 'But for now, I'll save it for a later time.'

It was only a few minutes after Valyr had thoroughly understood all of the information he received did the voice echo throughout the barren grounds once more, informing the young man of his third reward.

However, unlike the reward he had gained during the second bottleneck where all of his hidden stats were boosted, the reward Valyr obtained this time was something he had never even expected to obtain in the first place.

'For your third reward, the Gates of Awakening would like to preface that they have noticed that you have laid claim on a shard that would allow you to access an inordinate amount of power.'

'Though you have yet to fulfill the requirements necessary to make full use of the shard, you have undoubtedly tapped into a small part of it during your final battle.'

'With that, the Gates of Awakening have made the decision to reward you with another Shard of Defiance in the hopes that you would make greater use of its effects, unlike many of those that came before you.'

Chapter 778: Four Pillars: Fruits of Labor
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