Monarch of Gluttony: System of Sin
Monarch of Gluttony: System of Sin

Monarch of Gluttony: System of Sin

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Monarch of Gluttony: System of Sin novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Izekiel. 247 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


"One Sin can destroy a man..."

Azekiel, a young man, was forced to embrace his death simply for one small sin... the sin of Hunger.

It was only when he paid the price for his hunger with his life that he realized the cruelty of this world.

Watch Azekiel embrace the hunger that brought forth his demise as he walks on a path of total domination in the Tower of Sins, becoming the Seventh King of Sin: The King of unsatiable Gluttony!


The Tower of Sins... A majestic Tower that appeared in the world just as the world had lost all hopes.

Humanity was near extinction in the apocalypse brought forth by the appearance of Monsters in the once peaceful world. Their last hope... The mystical tower that had appeared out of nowhere became the shelter of humanity.

The humans that took shelter in the tower were many; amongst them were a few that were selected by the Tower itself. These Humans were known as the Lord of Sins, who received abilities from the tower itself.

As for what abilities, no one knew... All people knew was that the abilities they received were related to the biggest sin they committed in life. They were all given one task... Climb the tower and reach the top to receive incredible strength and freedom.

Only Lord of Sins and the people they selected were authorized to climb and go up, facing hardships. They were the gods of the Tower! The rest... They were left behind on Floor Zero. Amongst the humans left behind was Azekiel... A human who had never committed even a single sin in his life. Until...

A single sin can change a person's life. What happens when a good man commits a sin worthy of making him a Lord of Sin?

The legend of Sins is about to unfold that can threaten reality itself, bringing forth many unimaginable secrets of the world!

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  • HeavyHands

    Does this novel have a harem?

  • NormanYakosuko

    Lenora death?

  • Llama92

    With the additional depth that’s been added with Azekiel’s memories…I’m quite looking forward to this next arc.

    Edited: 2mo
  • Tallaveragejoe

    This is alot like SSS Suicide Hunter. In fact the first 20 chapters are basically the same, and the overall premise is similar. Climb the tower, save the world.

  • rickyoP

    I don't care about this novel I just marvel those round full ness

  • 7th_moon_of_Jupiter

    Anti hero, romance, r-18 no Harem ... sus!

    • Cypher11

      Seriously i am so tired of harem, maybe because i live in a community where i just simply cant imagine having more than one lover, cheating is different but them knowing about it and not doing in best case scenario breakup with worst being downright poisoning me to death doesnt add up, weirdly japanse culture also has monogomy so what happened why would they corrupt so many with harem

    • Charbel02

      Sus indeed. Such a perfect mix of tags existing together is something the universe itself fights to keep away from us while the devil's keep whispering "harem, harem"

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  • Tykeane

    Should I give it a read?

    • KillerLong1331

      The first 30 or something chapters are good the rest is just full of empty story its all filler

  • lnwUser110308

    A novel with a well equipped girl on the cover that does not have the harem tag... Wow that's the first time I see one

    • Obsessedreader

      So true 😂😂 the first thing I checked was if there was a Harem tag

  • Seagulls

    This will be a short review since I am 10 chps behind the current release. The novel itself is pretty brainless and lacks soul, it's very similar to all other returner novels out there and unfortunately, this novel does nothing to differentiate itself from others. The dialogue and interaction between the MC and the side characters are cringy as f*ck bro, even a 12-year-old can come up with better dialogue than this sh*t. The first few chapters however are pretty good and one thing I can say that is a pro is the uniqueness of the challenges whenever he moves to another floor and as far as ik, there is no romance yet (for those wondering).

  • SinnerOfGluttony

    I’ve seen the reviews and I’d say there pretty mixed mainly calling it mid idk I might read it or wait for more reviews

    • Gram

      Its mid for the first 30 or so chapters but imo after that the story becomes very compelling