Mr. Fashionable

Mr. Fashionable

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Mr. Fashionable novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Romance, and Shounen Ai genres. Written by the Author Yu Xiao Lanshan. 115 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


As a male fashion model, Su Nuo didn’t like others calling him feminine. But against all of his hopes, his beautiful appearance really betrayed him.

This was the saddest tragedy of all time!

Dear god, Su Nuo finally couldn’t stop himself from exploding, “I am actually very manly, ok!”

“Are you sure? Come here, let me check whether you have abs or not.” The black bellied (black-hearted) director pushed him down on to a bed and took off his pajamas in high spirits.

Two minutes later.

“Your sister! Abs don’t form there!” The model Su struggled in tears.

How would he live through this day?.

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  • Aeryn13

    A silly, relaxing story. Difficult to follow at times, most likely due to difficulties in translating idioms but a good translation overall and fluffy comedy.

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I felt so many emotions reading through this!!!!!! If anyone wants to know there is three couples that are highlighted in this with a hint of a fourth at a certain point, but you would have to read it to see it. If you don't mind feeling second-hand embarrassment from time to time and quite the steamy bedroom festivities then this is definitely something to read!!