Omega Summoner
Chapter 1162: The Great Gorge III

"Should I tell him that I have tamed an actual dragon? Well, he is extremely proud of that fact so let us not burst his bubble." Adrian thought to himself but someone that actually knows this suddenly spoke.

"Child Nakia, you are actually talking to the wrong person about that. If anyone were to be able to tame a Desert Sun Beetle, then it would be Champion Equinox here. He has already tamed a dragon so it will not be weird if he can tame a monster such as the Desert Sun Beetles." The Goddess Bastet stated which made Nakia's jaw drop.

"Well, I am not good with bugs so I might not be able to tame one." Adrian stated to make sure that they do not look at him like some genius tamer or something.

"If it is you then you might even tame the Desert Sun Beetle King." The Goddess Bastet stated with a smile.

"It seems that the horde has stopped suddenly." Adrian stated as he wanted to divert the topic because he might actually get commissioned to capture the Desert Sun Beetle King at this rate.

"The Desert Sun Beetles are dispersing the monsters that are supposed to come. They have a special skill called Sun Armor that activates should they collide with something. It is a special armor that explodes with the heat of the sun upon contact.

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All monsters in the Ceaseless Desert avoid the Desert Sun Beetles because of this skill. They would have ruled the Ceaseless Desert if they were only numerous, but they only reproduce once every century. They are also isolationist since they are on their own once they hatch." The High Priestess Estet stated as she came close to the Goddess Bastet.

"That is good because we need to deal with the people that are going inside the temple." Adrian stated as he commanded Sirius to reveal the bodies of people that he snatched.

Sirius rose from the shadow realm and took out about five people that tried to go inside the temple. They were not going inside the right way which is why Adrian apprehended them without questioning. The five people that Sirius captured look like they saw something that they should not have as they looked like they are scarred for life.

The five people are mumbling incoherently as they are clutching their legs. They do not seem to be that powerful as they are NPCs that have yet to go above the level 200 mark. What Adrian wants to know is the reason for them to sneak inside a temple that practically welcomes anyone that waltz through the front door.

"Who sent you?!" Nakia asked as he pointed his golden swords at the throat of one of the captives.

When the lives of the captives were threatened, they suddenly begged to spare them. They were mumbling that they were only commanded to sneak inside and kidnap a beautiful woman. They are not there because of their own volition because they have slave marks on their bodies.

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When the captives told them of their situation, the captives suddenly convulsed on the floor. They did not seem to be acting as screams of agony could be heard in the halls of the Temple of Bastet. The priests tried to use magic to heal them, but the healing magic is not effective and that is also not their specialty.

"He..lp…me!" All of the captives begged as all of them started to cough up sand.

The five captives started to cough sand at first and then proceeded to puke it as if their blood became sand. The stomachs that they clutched suddenly caved in and their bodies slowly turned into sand. The priests of the Temple of Bastet looked in horror as the captives turned fully into sand.

When the bodies of the five captives became fully sand, all five of them exploded. The sands that were flesh and bones of people riddled the floor of the temple. The shocked expressions of all the priests could be seen in the whole room because they know of only a few that can actually do this.

When the High Priest Estet is about to command the golden warriors to be on high alert, the sands scattered on the floor suddenly clumped up and attempted to swallow the Goddess Bastet. The sand managed to catch someone and immediately went flying out of the temple.

"Follow the Goddess!" The High Priestess Estet shouted in panic as she could not believe that their goddess got captured when they were present.

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The high priests and golden warriors immediately mounted their Sphinxlets and chased after the flying sand that they presumed has captured the goddess. The chase is not that long as the culprit for the kidnapping shown herself to them.

"Finally! A divine spark has fallen to my hands! Once I absorb the divine spark of a goddess then I shall become a goddess myself." An ugly looking old lady stated as she laughed maniacally.

"Sand Witch Arahas! Free the goddess or else you shall face the wrath of the Temple of Bastet." The High Priestess Estet shouted towards the Sand Witch Arahas.

"Silly hag. Once I absorb your goddess into my body then I shall become the very goddess that you will serve. Do you not know that?! It is better if all of you kneel before me and start venerating me while I am still a demigod." The Sand Witch Arahas stated.

"All of you attack!" The High Priestess Estet commanded but she rescinded the order when the Sand Witch Arahas created a spear made of sand.

The Sand Witch Arahas then pointed the sand spear to the sand sack that she is using to supposedly trap the Goddess Bastet. The high priests and the golden warriors could not endanger the life of their goddess as they have been briefed that she s a bit weak right now due to taking on a mortal body for the time being.

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Omega Summoner Chapter 1162: The Great Gorge III
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