Omega Summoner
Chapter 1236: The Mother of Dragons I

"It seems that NPC is looking at you quite intently." Ark stated as he noticed that Kanlaon was looking at Basil as if he is intrigued by her.

"It must be because of my girlish charms that even NPCs get charmed by me." Basil stated as she strikes a cute pose.

"More like horrified by you." Pana interjected with a slight chuckle.

"You smell almost like a dragon but not at the same time. You are not yet in that state yet, but you are almost there." Kanlaon stated.

Pann is a bit shocked with what Kanlaon stated as he did not say anything about Basil. He knew that Basil is trying to become a summoner with the job class of Mother of Dragons. It is a special class that can only have dragons as soulbounds to his knowledge.

Basil is shocked by what she heard because even she did not tell her friends that she is slowly transforming into a dragon the closer she gets to the job class of Mother of Dragons. She then looked at Kanlaon to determine what type of NPC he was but all she got was nothing. She could feel that the young teen that she is looking at is not a normal NPC because Pyro is actually scared of him.

"Master, who are they?" Basil asked Pann.

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"It seems that this is the first time that you have seen the brat's soulbounds in humanoid forms. Take a guess on who their master is." Pann stated.

"Master, that young boy that you are taking to is more powerful than a dragon king in terms of bloodline. If we actually fight, then I will just become dead meat without even retaliating." Pyro stated via their soul link as he is afraid of Kanlaon.

Pana then noticed the six rotating orbs of different colors around Kanlaon. He already put some clues together as who the young teen boy could be. Pyro is terrified of him while the young teen boy is carrying a monster that looks like a slime which is not a monster that could be seen normally.

"If the monster that he is carrying is a slime then the master of this soulbound would be none other than the lord of this territory. He should be Kanlaon, and he is the soulbound of Lord Equinox." Pana stated as that is the moniker that normal dark elves give Adrian as they do not always refer to him as a champion.

"As expected of the careful one in your group. He already has an accurate guess. You are correct as these two are indeed the brat's soulbounds." Pann stated.

When Pann said that statement, all three of them thought that they are pretty lucky as they actually met a famous soulbound. In fact, Kanlaon is more powerful than them combined currently as they have yet to encounter the second awakening in stats.

"Anyways, these kids are just wandering about as their master is off doing something else. Tell me, disciple…what is your next quest requirement to become the Mother of Dragons?" Pann asked as he is also helping Basil with her quest line since he is also interested in such a job class. Even Pann does not know of that job class because none has appeared to his knowledge.

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"I actually need to contract another dragon." Basil stated which made Pann squint.

"Another dragon is a difficult thing to do because you are not asking for lesser dragons, right? What you really need is a dragon that has intelligence and not like lesser dragons that are driven by instinct." Pann muttered.

Pann has a lot of monsters that he has raised and are off an about in other dimensions, but he does not have a dragon. Dragons are proud creatures that do not obey anyone unless there are special circumstances like Kanlaon that was hatched by Adrian. Even now, there is no wild mature dragon that has been reportedly tamed.

"If even you cannot help me with that then how can I become the Mother of Dragons?" Basil stated as she suddenly deflated.

"Stop whispering in my ear old hag." Kanlaon suddenly stated in an irritated tone which caught the attention of the people near them.

"Apologies, a certain old hag has been whispering in my ear when I met her." Kanlaon stated as he does not want to cause trouble.

When they are about to question who this old hag was, a beam of light suddenly hit Pyro's body. Pyro suddenly got released from Basil's control as he no longer cowered behind her. Pyro then actually spoke human language which he cannot do as of yet since he is still a juvenile.

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"Disrespectful child, I kept telling you to help my favored child, yet you do not want to even hear me out." A female voice stated from Pyro's mouth.

"Is Pyro actually a girl? Last time that I checked it was a 'he'." Basil stated in shock.

"Pyro is not a girl as it is still a male dragon. The one using his body is that of a female goddess that you should be very familiar with as she is the Goddess of Dragons that birthed all the progenitor of dragons. The Goddess Tiamat that should not be casually possessing people under the guidance of the Twin Gods." Pann stated.

"I already gotten permission from Gaea about my trespass plus I am also qualified as a Goddess of Life because I am the one that birthed the dragons. Anyways, I do not have enough time to possess this young one's body. Basil, my chosen child, the solution to your dilemma is with that disrespectful child right there." The Goddess Tiamat stated as her possession suddenly got cut off as Pyro became extremely fatigued.

"She left before even explaining what she meant by those words." Ark interjected but they are actually agreeing with him.

"Can we know what she means by that, Kanlaon?" Pann asked.

"You need a dragon to turn her into the Mother of Dragons right? My master has a dragon egg which is what that old hag has been whispering to me." Kanlaon stated.

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