Omega Summoner
Chapter 1388: Collect Sun Stones I

When all of them received their rewards, they once again talked to the Sun God Ra. True to what the Sun God Ra said to them, he protected them from wandering monsters that tried to destroy the Temple of the Sun. They witnessed the power of the Sun God Ra in full action and even Adrian judged that only a being at the level of the Shadow of Apophis can pose a threat to the Sun God Ra at this point.

The Shadow of Apophis is still active as it is now headed to the Temple of Bastet. Players have already started the fortification of the town while the residents were already sent to underground evacuation sites. The Temple of Bastet even sent a note to the Temple of the Sun via a carrier pigeon to inform them of what is happening.

"I, once again, thank all of you for you great sacrifice and service towards me. All of you are the reason why I am ow standing here in the lands where my people have lived. In fact, this is not really the first time that I have been reborn to this world.

I have been reborn countless times as different mortals through the years but this is the first time that someone was very compatible to me like Prince Amon. I lived as a mortal for quite some time in these harsh lands. Sometimes I was a king and other times a lowly slave that served their masters." The Sun God Ra stated.

"If you have been revived as a mortal before then you must have done something to make your temple rise again even in the past, my patron." Cairo stated.

"It is not that easy because reincarnation does not work that way if you possess an incomplete soul just like the Sun God Ra. He might have lived all of that time as a mortal but that was basically just parts of him. He was an incomplete being that lived a full mortal life. If I am correct, then all of the things that you experienced back then are only just flooding your memories now." Adrian stated as he knows the ins and outs of reincarnation.

"The Champion of the Twin Gods speak the truth. The mortal lives that I have lived were times where even I do not know that I was the Sun God Ra. Despite that, I was drawn to the sun even if a mortal which is why I always crafted special stones called Sun Stones. Since I have remembered this and all of you are gathered, I would like to give you a quest that you can accept." The Sun God Ra stated as sand once again swirled to produce stone tablets.

Quest Name: Collect the Sun Stones

Quest Difficulty: A

Quest Description: The Sun God Ra have lived different lifetimes as a mortal but he was always drawn to the power of the sun during his incarnations. He created special stones that contain and could harvest the power of the sun called Sun Stones. Collect the Sun Stones that he has created through all ten different mortal lifetimes.

Clear Condition: Collect all Sun Stones (0 / 10)

Clear Reward: Legendary Lucky Chest (Chances: Legendary Tier Loot â€" 40%, Epic Tier Loot - 60%) (This chest gives player specific rewards but is still tradeable.)

Failure Condition: Unable to collect all Ten Sun Stones before the Shadow of Apophis gains all of its missing fragments.

Failure: The Sun God Ra will not be able to ascend in time to stop the Distorted God Apophis.

Duration: Dependent on the duration of the Shadow of Apophis in collecting the other fragments of the Distorted God Apophis.

Restriction: Only those that have been acknowledged by the Sun God Ra can receive this mission. This mission cannot be shared to others. This mission is a group mission, and the collective success of the group will contribute to its completion.

Note: This is a chain quest relating to the Sun God Ra.

"This is the mission!" Adrian thought to himself as he messaged all of his guild members to take the mission as this was the alternate savior quest that the game gives.

Adrian told them that this is a chain quest that leads to even greater rewards. This was just a collection mission as of now, but the tier is already A. The next tier of this mission could possibly be S tier which might yield the Mythical Tier Lucky Chest. This was a very rare opportunity for them as all the missions that will be presented are all group missions.

A lot of the Evergreen and the Briar Rose guild also accepted the quest while some did not accept as they were not good with item searching. Those that did not accept the mission asked Adrian to teleport them to the Temple of Bastet as they will participate in the defense there.

"Is there a way for us to know if these Sun Stones are near? We cannot just search blindly in the western continent for them, right?" Adrian asked.

"I am sorry to say this, but it seems that the Sun Stones are not just located in the western continent. Two of them have been taken out of the western continent. The remaining eight are here in the western continent but they are also safeguarded by powerful city states that are ruled by demigods." The Sun God Ra stated as he dropped the bomb.

They now know why the difficulty is A tier despite it being a simple item locating mission. The fact that each of the Sun Stone in the western continent is being owned by demigods is already a great difficulty. The only ray of sunshine in their problem is that they only need to retrieve the Sun Stone and not fight these demigods.

"I shall give you all these scroll maps that detail the location of the Sun Stones. Please remember that these Sun Stones have been gathering the energy of the sun for thousands of years. This will greatly help in my ascension." The Sun God Ra stated.

Chapter 1388: Collect Sun Stones I
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