Omnipotent Sage
Omnipotent Sage

Omnipotent Sage

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Omnipotent Sage novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Snake Swallows Whale. 897 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Invincible fists, unrivaled hammers!

Junior Leopard, who traveled through time and space, takes what he earns and does only what he needs to do, never undertaking too much responsibility nor being so chivalrous as to do every good deed. His so-called ambitions from his past life to change the world were cast aside.

However, when a forbidden bloodline awakens in his body and his eternal eyes begin to shine once again, he discovers that his iron fists give him the power to force others to follow the truth and to reforge justice!

This is a cultivation legend about a modern man that was thrust into an amazing martial arts world.

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  • Basatancreature

    Everytime I read the title I mistakenly read it impotent sage.

    9 months ago 37 Likes
  • Lazybrainy

    Why is the plot is so slow?

    1 years ago 2 Likes
  • FallenLeaf

    Oh and apparently The MC is just like any other Racist MC who would kill Men but spare his Female enemy because they were cute and jade like beauty...

    1 years ago 20 Likes
    • TimeLab

      I think you thought sexist not racist. . . or you think that the gender's are race's?

      Edited: 09 Jun, 05:58
      1 months ago 2 Likes
    • Kaleopsis

      Ah yes, Racism, the segregation of genders. But yeah, it's super annoying when they do shit like that. You should never leave any loose ends.

      5 months ago 10 Likes
    • lnwUser89609

      Thats y i always look for the ruthless tag

      5 months ago 2 Likes
    • AllPorpuse

      In short, the guy is saying that MC is a simp because he doesn't kill villainous girls that tries to kill him

      Edited: 18 Nov, 12:07
      8 months ago 7 Likes
    • Writecraft

      Yup its probably sexist... it's jot like he kills anything that isn't human for it to be racist.

      2 months ago 0 Likes
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  • FallenLeaf

    DROPPED..!!! The MC is useless and brain dead.. for the first 150 chapters i could understand and cope up with his stupid thinking because he was weak and needed strength...but he continued to be stupid and even helped his future enemy by saving them...He is just a stupid MC you would find in some self proclaimed "Ruthless Mc" "Cunning Protagonist" novel who would kill any non canon character because he felt like it but would spare his personal rivals because it's 'immoral' to act and he is a not a bloodthirsty person...but can kill a weak tribe because he need some reputation and he felt like they were immoral because they were defending their own home...This is the most stupid MC i have seen...He gets a rare Spirit who is decisive and knows what's good and what's bad but The MC won't use his advice and goes for Justice

    1 years ago 17 Likes
  • xrx

    Got boring around chapter 600

    1 years ago 3 Likes
  • IAmJustFoolingAround

    Boring starting for 100 chapters... nothing much happen....I am dropping this one

    1 years ago 3 Likes
  • Fireir

    Is this worth reading?

    1 years ago 1 Likes
    • lnwUser20520

      It's easily one of the best novels to read with great character building and good plot and no harem

      1 years ago 5 Likes
    • McKinley12

      "one of the best novels to read" is a crazy stretch

      6 days ago 0 Likes
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