Only I Am a Necromancer

Only I Am a Necromancer

나 혼자 네크로맨서



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Only I Am a Necromancer novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and School Life genres. Written by the Author Jijumjang. 254 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


It was just one of those ordinary college class sessions when all of a sudden, texts and quest cards started popping up in the air.

While everybody is flustered by the strange situation, all the lights go dark and the lecture room is engulfed in pitch darkness. Panicked, everybody is afraid of reaching out and taking the quest cards, but not the main character, Seong-woo: He instinctively realizes that he has to pick a card to survive, and he chooses to become a necromancer.

Soon after, a tutorial quest appears, and the entire school turns chaotic. Suddenly, goblins pop out everywhere and start slaughtering people. Survivors find it hard to adjust themselves to all the sudden changes, but Seong-woo overpowers one of the goblins by using his necromancy skill and starts to complete the quest given to him.

Seong-woo continues to grow his power and so does a number of his followers. He is surrounded by the forces of death that vow loyalty to him, as well as talented followers and trustful colleagues, but he is challenged by numerous villains in addition to a system that threatens to degenerate all of humanity.

In a world that is facing a change that it has never experienced before, a necromancer destroys everything with his committed forces

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  • ReconLobster

    I haven’t read this yet, but I’d recommend reading The King of the Battlefield. Honestly, I have no idea why this story is so popular but TKB isn’t. It’s a super underrated novel but one of my best reads.

    • ambat

      at first it was really good later it becomes shitty (somewhere near intro diablo arc) its like i lost all motivation to read it it became too boring

      • ReconLobster

        Ya, I actually dropped the novel for a week or so during that arc. Trust me tho, it gets better. Also, if constant action is your thing, I recommend Reincarnator. It’s an older novel on this site but if you haven’t read it yet, I think you’ll really enjoy it. Though there is an extremely boring arc imo, speaking of the one directly after the tutorial.

  • Jopij

    When does this update?

  • Isekai_guy

    to me the summary just sounds like the mc is saying he is overpowered, he understands everything, everyone follows him and he should rule the world. is there anything i am missing? as this mc sounds soooo arrogant

    • 6ussyDestroyer

      I dont understand he is kinda overpowered but its relly enteraing ro read it dont trust this guy people !!

  • Regressor

    Not bad actually.... started like any world end novel.... monsters attacking, people dieing and working for survival.... if only there is no nationalism then it would be a great story.. why authors of Korea Japan and China like to insult each other through novels.....well what ever.... atleast author maintain some respect.... story all over is not that bad

  • 6ussyDestroyer

    Its good u should read it very good dont trust those asshole below me

    • ementalee

      It centrainly isn't best MC is like perfect Machine with no cooldowns no drawbacks and story progres is wierd

  • ifyld123

    i am thinking if i should read its but is the mc anti hero

  • Lolislayer

    The story just seems everywhere. If you want to read it, just read it for the overpowered Main Character.

  • NicoNicONee

    Seems like ORVP but necromancers are great so il give this a try.

  • Shitreviews

    Really generic nothing really sticks out to me and nothing is extrondirly bad from the what I read.

  • xrx

    What with these numbers appearing throughout the chapters?

    • Regressor

      May be auther write novel in lines and put no. To determine what line needs to paste...for example some lines that are commen like flaunting mc's over powerness etc

    • lnwUser36730

      I think its the comments of that paragraph... You know that number at the end of a Webnovel(the site) novel paragraph that shows how many readers commented on that paragraph (*in a whispery tone*)

      • aRsin

        I'm like 99% sure it's this because i cross checked the comment number and they were basically the same lmao

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A história é sensacional do começo até agr e o os personagens que rodeia o MC é muito bom, o passado do MC é curto e interessante e tem muita coisa para acontecer ainda mas é sensacional


Hmm chapter 14 I think I was on
Main character: somewhat smart I think??? He thinks of things differently then others most definitely he does adapt somewhat but he cares about random shit that shouldn't matter which is a bad thing for me for other character you got your generic dumbass seniors and his good friend.

The beginning of the story didnt really hook me it may get better later but I won't be reading the only really in depth thing we got for the story was when it said 34th person in history to get a roulette which doesn't even make sense since this system should of done this around the universe but since they didnt make sense I made another assumption which is that its Ethier a ai sent by a control system (read to much of the Oracle paths) or the history is for this specific planet.


nice story, good characters. writer dont take too long to end an ark and not like other novels you dont have to spend a lot of time to see the end.


Pretty good novel, reminds me a bit of the novel "Sovereign of Judgment". In my opinion the MC is just slightly idiotic and full of himself but there is still character growth. In short this novel is a slight knock off Seoul Station’s Necromancer and Solo Levelling mix.


The story seems very interesting so far. See some links to sololeveling especially with the name sung woo and i can't wait for more! Congrats to the author.


this is not the most unique story but oooo man I really enjoyed this story. I can not wait for new chapters. soo please upload more chapters fast