Overlimit Skill Holder (Web Novel JP)
Overlimit Skill Holder (Web Novel JP)

Overlimit Skill Holder (Web Novel JP)

Genkai koe no "sukiru" wa, tensei-sha ni shika atsukaenai ー ōbārimitto sukiruhorudāー

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Overlimit Skill Holder (Web Novel JP) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Yasuaki Mikami. 367 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


“Every person has an equal amount of 8 skill holder slots. There are normal skills such as 【Physical Strength】 which takes up 1 slot, but there are also rare skills which take up 4 to 5 slots, or even rarer ones which take up all 8 slots.”

Is what old man Hinga taught me at the Orb Mine, where skill orbs are unearthed.

But we “s*aves” could not acquire skills due to Contract Magic, thus s*aves had no future.

On one fateful day.

The noble who owned the mine, that is, our “Master”, came to visit the Orb Mine.

Due to a sudden earthquake, the ceiling collapsed. Rocks fell directly on the noble’s head. And he died.

At that moment, our contract magic disappeared.

The clever s*aves ran straight to the warehouse where the skill orbs were stored.

They absorbed rare skill orbs, and used their newfound abilities and magic to defeat the guards and escaped the mine.

It was a riot.

I was too late to pick up a skill orb.

“–It’s over. I will be forced back into being a s*ave,” I despaired.

But just then, I saw a skill orb that shouldn’t exist.

An orb which used 10 skill holder slots -【All Things In Creation 《World Ruler》】

A non-standard skill orb that would be of no interest to anyone but researchers because no soul in the world could use it.

However, I was able to absorb 【World Ruler】.

Why? That’s because I was a “reincarnated person.”

I had 8 more skill holder slots than an average person, for a total of 16 slots.

The mine is besieged and there is only one exit. A mysterious skill 【World Ruler】 in my hand.

What do I do now?

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  • thepusyexplorer 2

    76 chapters and I can't make myself read it more...aayo!!!

  • JeanDelRosario 1

    Reaching ch. 230. Just... Bruh.

  • DaoistNextChapter -1

    I dont know if its just the translation, or the original writing (most likely the translation), but the writing is so bland "this happened, that happened, then this, I went here, said this" it reads more like a synopsis than a novel. Also the dialogue feels immature, all the characters talk like teenagers. I will just stick with the manga.

  • Traktor_reaktor13e 5

    Very enjoyable Quite interesting Pretty awesome

  • shiiv 1

    umm. . in the tag its written "death of loved ones" so is lark gonna die?

    • Petey 1

      it is probably because of the old man who died in the beginning

  • Frosty3689 1

    This just my opinion but how could a 6 star skill overpower a 10 star skill when fighting a dragon (chapter 30)

  • Onion_violet 1

    Damn most Japanese protagonists are too naive

    • HaremDetector 3

      Idk why but they seem to like the trope of “overpowered naive spineless main characters that does not deserve a h*rem at all because the author is a huge v*rgin”

      • IconicBacon 1

        Yeah I don't know why people like spineless characters however it's nice to have a weak character every now and then so they can eventually progress to become strong. Staying weak and useless is annoying though. Also what is everyone's obsessions with main mc harems!!! I really don't understand why they write in a bunch of unrealistic girls (or guys) just to have them "fall in love" with the mc it makes the story super shallow and hard to read

      • HaremDetector 3

        I enjoy reading weak to strong characters but having them stay with the same mindset from since the beginning of the story (Keeps underestimating themselves or whatever) completely ruins it. I can’t handle that for the whole half of the book.

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  • ProfessionalNigga 1

    Ngl I’m liking this LN so far

  • Questioner 5

    wasn't it over limit skill thing not world ruler skill?

    • Namike 3

      Overlimit basically refers to how it should belong to humans as it is over the limit of 8 slots. Plus it got called over-limit due to old man Hinga only saw it and didn't touch it like Reji did when Lark pulled the 6star shadow king.

  • Greatsaiyaman 1

    The translation is good. The story is average, moving to bad. Seriously, i wonder why japanese authors must make such retarded MCs by default. Fine, he reincarnated into a kid with black hairs and black eyes. And people like him are killed asap. To escape he sold himself as a slave. A genius, LOL. You read this in the prologue, so it's not a spoiler. But here come the BIG question: why giving him memories if they are totally useless? He's already an idiot, a slave with morals is foolish! Even a simple thing like dye his hairs was made by another person, not him. So smart... Btw, giving a noble girl of only 12 yo a 4 stars close quarters combat, when she spend her time looking into a mirror is wise, author? Most important, at the start of book 3 you're still using the name Reiji. Are you kidding me author? There are 2 damn major kingdoms hunting him!