Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN)
Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN)

Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN)

Bring a Hunting Space With You

RANK 141
1331 Chapters 8.28M Views 4.35K Bookmarked Completed Status

Pocket Hunting Dimension (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Blue Sky Washing Rain. 1331 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Lu Ze transmigrated to the interstellar era two thousand years later.
The previous owner of this body had lovey-dovey parents and a cute little sister. Although his cultivation talent was ordinary, his life was fulfilling. It could be said to be a dream start. Lu Ze was very happy.
However, as soon as he slept, he came to a strange dimension.
He almost got taken out trying to fight an one meter tall huge white rabbit. After making the arduous kill, Lu Ze found that things didn’t seem to be so simple.
After killing prey in this dimension, he could get little orbs that could be used for cultivation.
This was going to make him an eternal jungler.
But he seemed to be able to hope for domination of the cosmos and invincibility?

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  • LucielMoonlight 2

    it was a pleasant read, the story was very interesting, I found myself laughing several times, the romance was also good, but the ending... the ending was just disappointing, totally rushed

  • an0nym0us1254 3

    novel is kinda fun till now but the word spasm is overused to an unnatural level

  • RImuru_tempest 8

    I think the novel is pretty average but it leaves a bad taste because of *nc*st 🤢

  • kiwis 12

    *nc*st tag ainoway


    can someone suggest novels like this one..🙂

  • JoaoPaiva 1

    Droped at 538. The novel is good, but for me this "slice of life" that the mc has with the women in the novel is completely stupid. At all times the MC demeaning himself and forced scenes of him with women, it's disgusting. I've read many novels, there comes a time when this type of situation tires.

  • From_Alabama 1

    Is mc is dense ? If yes , plz tell me; I don't want to read it

  • HaremDetector 7

    quite nostalgic seeing this novel again. This used to be on rank 9 when I first made my account on this site

  • BloodHabbit -1

    This novel is quite unique and fun to read. It puts a different spin on the genre and is quite funny at times. The way they did the harem is different then usual and was enjoyable. I feel the story had a lot more potential but the author wasn't able to pull through at times. Overall the story was like a 8/10, the major problems would probably be the ending and the writing. I also felt that they're are parts of the plot that should have been longer while others should have been shorter. Especially the pocket hunting portion, I felt it was quite unique and interesting at first but it was kind of boring and repeated every 15 chapters. After reading a lot of novels I kinda stopped caring about how good the ending is because I know that is pretty difficult to a good ending sometimes. "Its the journey not the destination" type stuff usually dose it for me. Overall this novel is pretty chill and has a nice atmosphere to it.

  • Daoist_Pekkachu 2

    Till around chap 1k it's fine but then it progresses way too quickly.. Ending is kinda forced.. Otherwise it's all good.. Defo read it.. Also the word 'spasmed' is used way too much His mouth spasmed, His mouth spasmed, His mouth spasmed, His mouth spasmed, His mouth spasmed, His mouth spasmed, His mouth spasmed, His mouth spasmed,...♾️🤬🤮