Poison God's Heritage
Chapter 531: Poison God

The clouds dissipated, dispersing before me, unable to maintain their form anymore.


Simple, because I used my Domain to trick the Divine Tribulation, spending two seconds with me inside the Domain of Delusions had sapped hours upon hours from the Tribulation's limited time that it could present itself here in this world to punish me.

And due to that, the Tribulation had failed in its goal, to eradicate my existence, which was as I understood a higher level than this entire world.

I'm not one to look down upon others due to race or origin of birth, but by consuming the blood essence of the Primordial Serpent God, I was able to recreate my body and rebuild it to that of an existence that is unfit for this world. Thus it brought the Tribulation upon me.

And now that I'm freed from the Tribulation's pursuit, I'm free to do what pleases me.

Turning, I saw many faces I recognized, it's been a hundred years for me, but for them, it wasn't a fraction of the time I spent.

Just as I was about to take my first step toward them, something hit my chest. Looking down, it was Yuyu's crying face along with Liang Yu who appeared right next to us, a bright wide smile on her face.

"Guess you missed me," I smiled.

"Idiot!" Yuyu said lightly hitting me, "Why did you have to go and get yourself gobbled up like that, do you know how worried I was?!" she spoke.

'That's cute,' I smiled.

"Sorry to have worried you all," I said as I grabbed Liang Yu in a hug along with Yuyu, she resisted at first but immediately let go, taking in my embrace.

However, this small respite didn't last long, as I frowned at what was happening before me.

Two cultivators of the King Class were coming toward me, their intentions were painted on their faces, and they didn't look friendly.

"Little brother, I would like to ask you some questions," one of the King Class cultivators asked.

"What do you want?" I asked back.

"You see, we came here to investigate the Primordial Serpent Disappearance, you wouldn't mind following us for some…explanation," he said.

"And who might you be? And what authority do you have to ask me of such?" I asked him.

"I'm one of the generals of the Water Lord Sui Tian, you see our lord asked us to investigate and we came here in a rush, and you're the only one who knows what happened," he said.

His words might seem friendly, but his intentions weren't, a general he said, that means he's a man of power and ability, and that was a blatant threat to me.

"I'm not in the mood to entertain such, go on your way, you'll obtain nothing from trying to intimidate me, also, I'm not subject to your lord, nor does his power or position matters to me," I replied.

The man, red-faced for being completely ignored him and his statue seemed to want to lash out as he was about to draw the sword on his waist.

"The moment that sword leaves its sheath, your life will end," I said.

"You dare threaten me?!"

"In case you're an idiot, I didn't dare, I threatened you already, so try it," I said.

"You pathetic fool! I tried giving you face in regard to your fight against the Divine Tribulation, your Qi is already completely depleted and you're barely running on fumes, and you still have the gales to speak to me like this! Fine! Then so be it, today you die!" he said as he drew his curved sword and charged me.

I didn't move an inch as the sword slashed toward my neck, all I did was lightly push down both Yuyu and Liang Yu who were still hugging me while the sword landed cleanly on my neck.

Only for the sword to shatter to hundreds of pieces upon contact.

"Is that all?" I asked the frozen-looking man, shocked and completely stunned. Unable to understand how his sword shattered.

"In case you didn't understand yet, my body was able to fight against the thunder of heavens, what makes you think that your flimsy sword can ever penetrate it. And as promised thus you drew your sword, you shall lose your life," I said.

My words were no longer the ramblings of a fool that the general of the water domain thought them to be, they were clear and loud and sounded like the words of the grim reaper.

He turned an dashed away moving while burning his own blood essence to use blood escape, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles in seconds.

"You're not chasing after him?" Liang Yu asked.

"There was never a need to do so," I replied.

And as they all watched, the man who was running away suddenly stopped, though far away with the abilities of cultivators they were still able to see the man shuddering and shaking, then soon his body began melting turning to goo and scum, he lost his life before ever realizing how.

I opened my palm forward, and soon, the man's belongings including his holding bag all came toward me of their own volition.

I pocketed everything.

After all, I used most if not all of my resources during the hundred years inside the Lord of Lords pagoda. It was time for me to replenish.

The look of the cultivators near us was obvious to the most clueless of begins. The man holding the two women wasn't someone who should be messed with.

The serpent? Screw that, if anyone dared fight against that man, they'll end up dead.

No one ever saw how the general died, he wasn't even hit, wasn't even blocked or parried, he just ran away and died.

"I suppose, you understood the Poison Path?" I heard.

These words were clear for all to hear, they were the words spoken by Dao Shen, the Devourer who all knew who he was.

And seeing him speaking to me meant that I wasn't some background character.

"Indeed I did, I still found it slightly lacking," I replied, "It could be improved upon," I said.

"That is how it was made, the Poison God never meant to give everything to his disciples on a silver platter, but wanted them to seek his knowledge and understand it, then perfect it after him."

Suddenly, Dao Shen went down on one knee and clasped both hands together forward.

"For the New Poison God! Shen Bao! I Dao Shen the Devourer Greet your return! ALL HAIL THE NEW POISON GOD!"

There was no crowd to follow after Dao Shen's words, and his might have sounded solitary and lonely in this vast space.

But for everyone around, this gave them an incredible chill down their spines.

The former Poison God, Du Shen had passed. His corpse location was never discovered but his disappearance meant his death. No one ever dared take the mantle of the Poison God, and now, a new Poison God had been given birth.

The waves it will make in the vast expanse are enough to shake the very foundation of power.

Since obtaining the Title of Poison God meant one thing…power levels be damned.

When the Poison God appears, even Emperors kneel.

"I don't think I deserve such a title yet," I said as I clenched my fist in front of me.

"After all, I'm just at the peak of the King Realm, I've yet to reach the emperor realm. You should know that you're currently in a higher realm than I am, so why bow to me when you're stronger," I said, though it wasn't a question that needed to be answered, but Dao Shen answered it still.

"Once the Poison God understands the path of poison, even at the King Realm, the Emperor realms would still bow to him. I just breached the threshold to the Emperor Realm, and I can clearly see it," he said as his eyes were shining bright.

"The power of your soul, dare I say, is far mightier than even the Queen of the Wind Realm, and thus I know, that if you wish it, you can eradicate the entirety of the Vast Expanse," he said.

"Now you're just overexaggerating, I'm not that capable, but if it's just one or two low-tier Emperor Ranks," I said as I looked at the rest of the cultivators "They're not much."

"Brat!" I heard.

Turning, it was Master Rain who was coming forward toward me.

I clasped my hands to Master Rain and lightly bowed my head.

"You blasted bastard, do you know how much shit we went through, why didn't you notify us when you got out?" Master Rain said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We all thought you were dead!" he said.

I frowned, "How did you ever think I'll be dead? I mean, you literally have a clear indicator that I never died," I said.

Yuyu and Liang Yu both were confused so was Master Rain.

"What are you blabbering about, you got gobbled up by the Primordial Serpent God, which I don't sense anymore, how do you expect us to realize you're alive?"

"Did the Queen not tell you?" I asked.

Everyone was more confused.

I sighed, "Little Cabbage, I shared a part of my soul with him, if I were to die, he too will die, how could you have missed that?" I asked.

Suddenly, everyone around me had their mouth open up and close slightly.

"Sometimes… I wonder what's inside the thing above your shoulders, HAH! Me? Die to a snake," I shook my head, "It doesn't matter, it's all good and well," I said.

"I'm not so sure about that," said Dao Shen.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Death… so much death," he said as he faced the far south.

I spread my divine sense as much as I could, though gigantic it had become it wasn't able to go beyond the wind realm and into the other realms. But I could feel it even from here.

"The Fire Lord…" I said.

"Yes, he initiated an attack…"

Master Rain frowned, "Who's the unfortunate fool that's being attacked,"

"…The whole of the Vast Expanse…" Dao Shen replied…

Chapter 531: Poison God
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