Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer
Chapter 1743: Declaration

At the core area of the clan.

Sam and Jack are standing among the rubble with their swords. Large piles of bodies are on either side of them.

"It seems like I beat you this time. It is rare. I better cherish it."

Jack said as he pointed at the piles.

"What do you mean, you won? We need to calculate the quality, not quantity. I killed people with higher cultivation levels."

"Why does cultivation level matter when you can kill the two levels of people with the same effort and energy? They are practically the same person to kill. So, they should count as the same."

"Whatever you say."

"I never took you for a sore loser. It is a good thing that you don't lose so much. It will just make it much harder to bear if you are like this all the time."

As they are bickering, the clan leader is in the middle of the rubble on his knees as he looked at them in despair.

He is a Divine Plane cultivator, he shouldn't be in this kind of situation. But right now, he is exhausted. He didn't have any strength left. Not just physically, even his spiritual core is drained. His divine energy is gone.

It could be said that Sam had a walk in the park dealing with this guy.

He didn't pose any challenge at all. His strength is barely higher than Sam and it was easily taken care of with Sam's strength in numbers with his beasts and Jack, his tricks and his way of fighting by analyzing weaknesses.

This is not even as tough as the second challenge in his opinion, since all he had to do is directly attack everyone here. It is way too easy compared to the other challenges he faced.

He looked at the clan head and said.

"I don't know exactly what you are, but it is very hard for him to believe that you are a Divine Plane cultivator. The creatures I fight in hell are stronger than you."

"What do you mean? What do you mean creatures you fight in hell?"

"It doesn't matter. You don't need to know about it. All I can say is, I am pretty sure you are duped by your god."

Sam swung his sword and cut his head off.

Both him and Jack walked towards the tower after collecting the loot and memories.

They arrived to see if Habi is finished yet or not.

When they arrived at the tower, they first thought it would be destroyed, but it is still intact.

"It seems like your student is a lot milder than us. I am pretty sure we would have destroyed the tower first."

"Of course, we would have, even if we deliberately didn't, our way of fighting is just showing off our strength, in a way we are just braggarts. I am glad my students are a bit more humble. It might help them when they takeover dusk."

As they are talking, they arrived at the tower entrance, where Habi stood. But when they saw another woman standing beside him, they were surprised.

Sam frowned as he didn't feel comfortable about her presence. If she is here for the reason he is thinking she is, then his initial opinion about Habi should be changed. It would mean that he is wrong.

"What is she still doing here? I thought you would have killed her by now?"

Jack asked without holding back. Unlike Sam, he is a lot more blunt.

Habi looked at Sam and walked toward him.

"Teacher, this is the woman that betrayed me, she kidnapped by buddy and tortured him along with all of her peers. She is saying that I didn't love enough and whatever love I showed her is not true. She is blaming me for not just giving up my beast and letting her have the glory she craved so much.

She is saying that it is my responsibility as her loved on to help her achieve her goals.

Do you think she is saying the truth?"

"It doesn't matter what I think about it Habi, what matters is if you feel the same way she does."

Habi looked at the woman. His eyes are teary. It is clear that he loved her very much. He walked towards her and looked her in the eyes. After taking one more look at Sam, he took out the executioner blade and swung it at her neck.

With a clean slice her neck was cut off.

She looked at him in shock. She believed that Habi had considered her sorrow and thought she would be given a second chance, being killed like this is last thing she expected.

She held the throat as the blood spurted out continuously. There is no way, she could have expected this.

Sam finally smiled at this. He went forward and hugged his student.

"I know you are hurting now. But this is better than the regret and guilt that you would have had to carry if you had given her a second chance.

Most people in love make that mistake. They constantly give second chances to the people they love and they believe that they deserve it.

And at the end of the day, they constantly betray you once again. Once they let you down, it is hard for them to meet your expectations.

She took your words, love and affection for granted and tortured the one companion who stays with you in life and death.

She couldn't afford the same loyalty as a beast, so it is not worth it for you to get hurt again by her. Just go back to Dusk and relax for a while. Take your fellow students on a trip. Celebrate the new changes in your body, brag about the new sword you got from me.

All of you just stop being serious and just act like some rich brats. I am sure I have enough wealth for you to afford it."

Habi cried for a while and finally let Sam go. The Dusk organization members took him and left.

Jack stayed back to talk with Sam.

"I don't know when I will be called back, so I need you to record something for me. I want you to broadcast it among all of the Dusk organization. Every corner of the Dusk organization, every single member of the organization from executives, soldiers, to the lowest level attendants, everyone should get this news."

"Alright, let me just set up."

After a while, they set up a place for recording and Sam stood there. He took a deep breath and spoke.

"Hello, members of Dusk organization.

I am Sam. You must have heard about me.

You might not have met me much since I don't get myself involved in the organization too much, which kind of makes a bad leader. But when I established Dusk organization, I laid down a foundation precisely because of the scenario like this.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to involve myself too much, so I created a system where a new generation of executives and various talents emerge from the organization with time. And I am glad to know it is working.

Now, Dusk organization is one of the biggest organizations there is.

And today, I am here to make a declaration.

I declare, Olympus or anyone affiliated with Olympus as the archenemies of Dusk organization. A passive goal of Dusk organization is now to expand and conquer every territory owned by the followers of the Olympian gods.

From today onwards, we have a purpose to destroy their faith, occupy their lands and resources and if it is not possible destroy their lands and resources.

Everyone who is willingly spreading the faith of Olympus and their gods are our enemies. Wage war against any organization that is serving any Olympian god.

Tackle them with businesses, cripple their finances, bring them down with duels and twisted agreements. It doesn't matter what method you use, bring them down and take over their positons and resources.

All the loot you gain from the members or dead members of these organizations is users. Only organizational wealth has to be submitted to the organization and even in that, there will be a part of it for you as a reward.

Don't hold back and don't show any mercy.

If there are indeed any weak or innocent people that are just involved in this because the leader of their families and weak was coerced into it, then redirect them to Dusk.

Put their energies under control and add them to the civilian sections. Isolate them and send them to the resource points that are not in direct contact with the rest of the organization.

Observe them, put them through the truth and honesty verification protocols and after they are cleared for everything, join them into our society under a few years of observation and finally set them free.

This a war. War against Dusk and Olympus and I declared it not because I am looking for glory, I declared it not because I am craving for wealth, I declared it not because I am looking for fame.

I declared it because I had enough of the arrogance of these gods and their minions. Time and again I had turned a blind eye, I had been captured, tortured and tested by them again and again. But now, they became arrogant enough to go after my friends, my organization and my students.

My patience had hit its limit.

So now, we are retaliating to show what happens when someone messes with Dusk."

Chapter 1743: Declaration
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