Zenith Online: Rebirth of the Strongest Player
Zenith Online: Rebirth of the Strongest Player

Zenith Online: Rebirth of the Strongest Player

Re: Legendary Berserker's Advent

345 Chapters 926K Views 2.44K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Zenith Online: Rebirth of the Strongest Player novel is a popular light novel covering Video Games, Fantasy, and Action genres. Written by the Author ApexPen. 345 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


What if one could defy death and, instead of perishing, be reborn?

Such a situation happened to Kieran Silver after succumbing to his circumstances caused by wicked superiors.

After being reborn, Kieran's desires changed and he considered the many routes.

The route that resonated with him most was Zenith Online, the MMORPG that changed his life initially.

In his past life, he was a bare minimum kind of guy, using the least at its maximum potential. However, his current outlook changed.

Accomplishing the bare minimum? No, he would go above and beyond!

On his path to greatness, creating an immortal legacy that resounds throughout the universe, dethroning his former guild, and other grand feats will become his stepping stones.

To ensure his aspirations become reality, Kieran must walk a path where he becomes an entity prime for destruction.

Magic, destruction, and ancient practices are just a few of the factors that mold his ultimate power. What began as one of the Hidden Classes would ultimately evolve into a one-of-a-kind entity!

The ultimate power isn't given or born, it is manifested.

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  • MagembooX

    D*mn, i seem to love the translators way of releasing chapters now. They stopped before for weeks then released a massive number of chapters to more or less cover a whole ‘powerup arc’ (kieran’s runes, 20++ chapters). Then they stopped for about 3 days then release this altair shadow dancer powerup phase. Not much cliffs, i love it.

  • _ENRYU_

    argh i feel like the story pace is a bit slow but still good enough to keep reading it but so much info dump is making me restless to know more.

  • asura_ken

    before i read the novel, does the power in game can be used in real life?

  • lnwUser61718

    can anyone tell me please if he's a sword user or not ? fed up with swords tbh

    • MickeyCat

      He is a great sword user. I suggest you to try this one as it is A good novel.

  • pengoo

    Yep this is a gold novel

  • Kytsune

    Very similar in some ways to RotSSG but it’s also better in a lot of ways as well.

    Edited: 1mo~
    • HalfX

      very similar.. then Ill guess ill wait a few years to stack chapters

  • Soumya

    Is there really any kingdom building in here?

    • least

      Till chapter 289 not

      • Piratesking

        Wait ... Will there be kingdom building elements in there like territory expansion etc ? // English is my 3rd language 😅😅

      • Story_Guy1

        Probably not for a long while

      • Enoenin63

        That's a shame.It looked interesting but I'm looking for something fast paced rn.Maybe I'll just add this to my list for now

    • View More Replies

    the story has a good appeal but it very slow paced for me

  • RaheemAzmi

    So they renamed Re: Legendary berserks advent huh 🥴

  • Raphael0901

    Does this have romance?

    • _ENRYU_

      not right now, but theres a couple moments when mc flirts a little or female characters get attracted to him slightly, but no direct romance is there.

      • Omengm

        starting to runout of things to read is this one any good?

      • _ENRYU_

        Ya its a good read.

    • View More Replies