Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God
Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

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Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God novel is a popular light novel covering Martial Arts, Harem, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Awespec. 976 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Earth has undergone an odd change. Expanding by millions of times its original size, its population was suddenly split into two halves.

On one side, there was a group of technologically advanced humans. But, on the other, a world of cultivation had grown and pospered.

The secrets that led to this change have been hidden in the darkness for too long... Until there came a day where a boy born on the Mortal side of the world was found to have the talent to enter the Martial side. Having lost both of his parents to a hidden tide, he chose to leave all that he had known behind and enter this land of danger.

What truths would he unveil? What would he learn about what separated the Mortals from the Cultivators? What hidden evils wanted to ensure that his people never rose up and gained power? And how would those evils... deal with him?


This list of things I hate is quite long.

The first is that I hate to be tested the most.

The second is that I hate to be tested the most.

The third also happens to be that I hate to be tested the most.

The ocean's depths are too shallow, the sun's light too dim, the ground too mundane and the skies too small. For those born of this colorless world to deem themselves worthy of casting judgement on me... I can only say that it's laughable.

I am the Nameless Immortal God because even the Heavens themselves are unworthy to name me. Even while I am unaware of my own identity, I will dry the oceans until cracked land is all that is left, I will cast the sun into endless darkness, I will shatter the ground with my feet and sunder the skies with my blade.

Am I too arrogant? What right do you have to think that?


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  • ArekDarek -1

    Boring, Typical, Mc Op, Childish. Rating 2/10

    • Industrial_LB 1

      I disagree, but to each their own.

  • alialmirsenel 1

    Does anyone know where ı can read reaper of the martial world ı cant read after chapter 2460.

    Edited: 6d
  • I3lue 2

    lol i read so many of the comments that i actually forgot on what novel i was on 🤣🤣🤣

  • ErrorSennin69 2

    Why is there Kahn (asura form-Hero of darkness) on the cover!!?

      • Doza 3

        nah, its because he probably read on webnovel and saw the image references for one of his forms. I saw it too but it was in one the the sentences' comments, so not many know aside from those who read in webnovel

  • Dao 1


  • TappityTap 1

    Need someone to write me a spoiler of what makes him nameless and when he ACTUALLY CULTIVATES PLS!!!! also I read that everything is planned in a comment what does that even mean? Not mad just curious cause I got bored pretty fast. Read to chapter 220 and that’s when I dropped this.

    Edited: 1mo
    • KeshavJha 1

      It is nameless because he actually does not have a true name...dyon is his name in this life...not gonna say anything more

      • TappityTap 1

        When does he start cultivating?

      • KeshavJha 1

        After few years...around 200 chapters if I remember correctly

      • HissingWasabi 1

        What the f*ck is he doing for 200 chapters?

      • greencloud 1

        bro what? what does he do for 200 chapters then?

        Edited: 17d
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  • Drifting_moon 1

    Is this worth reading or should I just read the older version because I heard this is like a revised version and I dont really see the point of waiting for releases unless it's worth it

  • Shtern 1

    At what chapter will this character stop being an arrogant *d**t?

  • Sliced_Strife 3

    How is the harem in this novel?

    • Visuel 1

      he should have 3 wives and 2 unofficial wives because although they are his wives his in a trial that's kinda bending realty so they might become real although thats in chapter 730-770 lmao

  • TheBubbleNinja132 1

    I'm about 20 chapters in and I don't really get it. I mean why is he so arrogant? He has absolutely no strength at all. Anyone there could kill him so why does he act like he owns the place?

    • HellboyMC 5

      We will find out later and it's a revised version of author story "Reaper of the Martial World" and it's really a good story. Mc being arrogant and all is for a reason. If u have read author's other works u already know how good this author is .