Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 568: Dark Locks Turned into Fallen Snow

Chapter 568 – Dark Locks Turned into Fallen Snow

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Yin Chongyue’s voice had some barely perceivable trembling, “Then why didn’t you say it before? In this case, why did you bother Yan Tianhen again? If you let him go isn’t that good? Huh?”

Lin Xuanzhi asked faintly, “If I let him go, who will let me go?”

Yin Chongyue was stunned for a moment and asked, “Do you hate him?”

“How could I hate him?” Lin Xuanzhi smiled and said, “Just, whether I still love him, and whether I will be willing to be good to him, there is no conflict between them. I just didn’t think his dependence on me would have turned out to be in this direction again.”

Moreover, he let Yan Tianhen have the opportunity to interact with him for a particularly selfish reason — he wanted to know if he could spend everyday with his former lover, would he be able to feel emotions for him again?

Unfortunately, it was him who overestimated himself and also underestimated the tricks of the Dao of Heaven.

Lin Xuanzhi waved his sleeves, and the invisible barrier suddenly broke, and the heavy rain poured down on Lin Xuanzhi’s body. His long hair, like ink, gradually faded away to its original color and turned from black to white in an instant.

Those whose hair turned white early must have invariably suffered trauma. Yin Chongyue looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s head of long hair like the silver snow on the top of mountains, and his heart ached, like something was stuck in his heart. The feeling was indescribable, and the anguish was hard to relieve.

Thinking about it, in Lin Xuanzhi’s past reincarnation, he watched his beloved die right before his eyes, only to slowly and belatedly understand his feelings. Then, in order to change his life, he forced himself to cultivate for one thousand years in the soul plate.

However long he cultivated was however long he was lonely. However long he was lonely was however long he regretted.

He finally overcame the Dao of Heaven, and brought his beloved back from the dead, resetting everything back to the starting point.

He thought that everything after this would be all right. The two of them felt the same way, getting acquainted with each other and promising each other, and then they would cultivate together and seek the Dao together, but unexpectedly, the Dao of Heaven set another trap for him here.

Forgotten by the world, forgotten by his beloved. When they met again, that person would only say thank you to him and look at him just like they would look at any stranger. Through these repeated heavy injuries, Lin Xuanzhi’s pain was not on the skin, not on the bones, but in the heart and soul.

Yin Chongyue still remembered that day when Lin Xuanzhi came back in a mess and opened up the soul plate. First, he knelt on one knee and pressed his chest to spit out a mouthful of dark red blood, and then he shut himself in the small room, not leaving for a few days.

By the time he came out again, a head of dark locks had turned into fallen snow, and the last hints of dust of the mortal realm on him had disappeared without a trace, as if he had become another person. Lin Xuanzhi is a person; he is not a god, he has worldly desires and feelings, and he can also feel sad enough to vomit blood.

Yin Chongyue thought that he was probably tired, so that was why Lin Xuanzhi told him faintly after he came out of isolation, “I want to go to Myriad Dao Academy.”

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Myriad Dao Academy was the farthest place from the mundane world — the reason why Lin Xuanzhi yearned for this place was nothing more than because he could refuse visits from worldly people and live according to his own wishes here.

Now that Yin Chongyue thought about it, he suddenly understood that in fact, since that time, Lin Xuanzhi probably gave up on the idea of a second time around with Yan Tianhen. However, after he had a stable position at Myriad Dao Academy, he entered the secular world again.

He used all his connections, and set up Reincarnation Palace in a place that no one noticed.

Yin Chongyue was struck by lightning, and he almost wanted to sob.

He asked, “Why must you live so painfully?”

Why must you put yourself in such a position?

Lin Xuanzhi lightly smiled. He laughed, a beautiful scenery of the moon without light. However, no one could see how desolate it is under the surface of the beautiful moon.

Like thousands of miles inside a tomb, the bones were miserable and cold.

“I’m not suffering.” Lin Xuanzhi replied seriously, “It’s really not painful. When I see that he has so many friends, such generously good fortune, a broad path to immortality, a clear and carefree Dao, and when I see him being cheerful every day, I feel that all of this is worth it. Even though I can’t love him anymore, I am still used to pampering him and protecting him.”

Yin Chongyue sighed and said, “You gave him false hints and shattered his beautiful dream. You will still make him unhappy.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyelashes had water drops, and when he blinked slightly, the water drops fell down his cheeks.

“I’d rather let him be temporarily unhappy than let him continue to wait with a hope that will never have any conclusion.” Lin Xuanzhi’s mouth was bitter, but his heart was also miserable. He felt compassion and pity for Yan Tianhen, and he also cherished him, but all he lacked was the most important thing, love.

“Since I can’t give him love, naturally I can’t want his feelings either.”

Yin Chongyue’s heart slowly became as clear as a mirror.

He felt strange before. How can a man with such a temper as Lin Xuanzhi follow the orthodox Dao and care about what everyone else thought?

If he really wanted to be with Yan Tianhen again, he would have already tried every means to get close to Yan Tianhen. How could he possibly have been hiding in Little Penglai for all these years, while never once bringing up the lover in his heart?

He understood now. So it turned out to be like this.

They were wrong to worry about how they could maintain the balance between the orthodox Dao and the mundane world when Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen actually got together, and how to block the rumors about it.

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Actually, from beginning to end, the problems between Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen were never external. The only thing that can make Lin Xuanzhi give up on Yan Tianhen was Lin Xuanzhi himself.

Only himself.

Yin Chongyue’s thousands of words finally ended up being released in a deep sigh.

“I couldn’t persuade you before, and I can’t persuade you again. No matter the time, you always have your own ideas.” Yin Chongyue pressed his hand on Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder. He looked at his white hair and said, “But I still wish you wouldn’t give up. After all, you and him are both still alive. As long as you are alive, there is still hope. Your heart’s barrier is hard to solve. What you have to do now, Is to find a way to solve this problem, the other things are not important.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “If there was a solution, I would have already solved it.” Naturally, having too much experience will change the mind.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Under these circumstances, when you think of Xuan Lou, do you regret sending him into the cycle of reincarnation?”

Yin Chongyue’s body froze slightly, “I never think about the ‘What-if’s for acts that have already been done. You also shouldn’t be drenched in this rain for too long; venting a bit should suffice. This rain has evil energy and is cold; it’s not conducive to your cultivation.”

Lin Xuanzhi took a deep breath. With a wave of his hand, originally, it was raining heavily all over the world, then it completely disappeared. In the soul plate, the setting sun hung on the horizon, and the sea of clouds surged in like a tide. Those vibrant Spirit Plants hung with water beads, swaying in the spiritual herb fields, which was very cute.

Yan Tianhen was once the person he could not pursue, no matter how much he wanted to, but now he had become the person that Lin Xuanzhi could not love. The so-called cruelty of Heaven was nothing more than this.

“You want to go into seclusion again?” Gu Ruyu blocked Yan Tianhen’s path, frowned and said, ”You have only been in the academy for three months, and you went into seclusion twice, like this. Going into seclusion this frequently, you don’t want your normal grades anymore?”

Yan Tianhen showed a bit of helpless emotion. “I don’t want things to be like this either. However, since I received so many contribution points from Senior Martial Brother Shi Yi before, I naturally want to refine the medicinal pill for him. The deadline that we agreed on is coming soon, I haven’t refined it yet, I’m in a hurry. If I forget and break an agreement the first time, in the future no one will ever make a deal with me again.”

Gu Ruyu said with a cold face, “Say less things like that to me. This medicinal pill is not easy to refine; you also made that clear to him afterwards. The agreed deadline is still quite wide and negotiable. Moreover, right now people are anxious, and new things are happening every day. Why are you choosing this time?”

Yan Tianhen blinked his eyelashes and said, “This time is a good time. Recently, this Prince is in the limelight and needs to lie low.”

Gu Ruyu’s expression changed and said, “Those people in the Alchemist Division are talking behind your back again?”

Yan Tianhen nodded and said, “That’s right, They don’t say shit to my face but are sarcastic to my back. The people who don’t know what happend, would think I killed their whole family and didn’t even let their chickens live.”

As soon as Gu Ruyu heard this, he became angry, “Those people are owed a lesson. Why should you pay attention to them?”

Yan Tianhen showed some irritation and said, “If there are too many flies buzzing around, even I will feel troubled. I just don’t want to see them. Besides, the matter with the Fiends hasn’t been resolved yet. I’ll be in seclusion at this time, so you should rest assured that I won’t go out and mess around.”

Gu Ruyu, “….”

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That’s true.

However, if Gu Ruyu could be fooled by Yan Tianhen so easily, then he wouldn’t be Gu Ruyu anymore.

The eldest Gu Young Master had a pair of discerning eyes; he could see through every clue at a glance.

Gu Ruyu stared at Yan Tianhen and asked, “Why haven’t you gone to Little Penglai these days?”

Yan Tianlang said with a calm expression, “These days Huarong Sword Immortal needs to cultivate in peace. I don’t want to disturb him.”

Gu Ruyu said, “You are talking shit. During these days, Huarong Sword Immortal is busy with matters relating to the city patrol every day, where does he have time to even cultivate in peace?”

Yan Tianlang looked at Gu Ruyu and said, “Little Yu, you unexpectedly learned how to swear. As your elder brother, I’m very disappointed with you.”

“Who are you acting like an elder brother to?” Gu Ruyu said, “Don’t change the subject, what happened between you and Huarong Sword Immortal?”

Yan Tianhen pouted, “Do you have to insist on getting to the bottom of things? I’m actually suffering in my heart. Can you not lift the pot lid?”

Gu Ruyu squinted at him and asked, “You didn’t dare be brave and confess to him, right?

Yan Tianhen held his head and said, “Not only did I confess, but I also took advantage of him, and then I was naturally rejected.”

Gu Ruyu, “…..”

Gu Ruyu suddenly had a brand-new understanding of Yan Tianhen’s bravery, and he almost admired this guy who was not afraid of death.

“Amazing.” Gu Ruyu tutted and said, “You can still leave Little Penglai in one piece. It seems that Huarong Sword Immortal is really quite generous, so that’s why these days you have been having the appearance of the living while dying — because you were rejected?”

“That’s definitely not right.” Yan Tianhen said, “I already knew that the road of love would be long. Huarong Sword Immortal only rejected me once, but it doesn’t mean that in the future he will keep rejecting me. I’m just sad that all these years, he has kept a guy who has ignored him in his heart. I feel sorry for him.”

Gu Ruyu suddenly had an expression of epiphany and said, “It turns out that he has a beloved already.”

Yan Tianhen hung his head sadly and said, “It is still an unreliable loved one. Do you think that Huarong Sword Immortal’s tastes aren’t normal? It’s not normal to not want me — a tall, stately, and handsome man who is heroic and brave, has both money and power, and is caring and attentive to him — and instead like someone unreliable. This is really unusual.”

The corners of Gu Ruyu’s mouth were pulled, and he was afraid Yan Tianhen had some serious misunderstanding about himself.

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However, Gu Ruyu was still considered kind. Instead of exposing Yan Tianhen’s self-intoxication, he spoke following his direction, “No one can say anything certain about the matter of love, so don’t be too sad.”

Yan Tianhen sighed.

Gu Ruyu said, “Since you haven’t given up, why don’t you strike while the iron is hot and go back to Huarong Sword Immortal; why did you take the opportunity to enter secluded cultivation instead?”

Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 568: Dark Locks Turned into Fallen Snow
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