Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 571: Banquet at the Top of the Tower

Chapter 571 – Banquet at the Top of the Tower

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“Of course, I don’t know how many people in the Nine Lands are preaching this.”

Lin Zhan involuntarily showed the longing in his heart, saying, “First, you competed with swords. Kun Mountain shattered and stars fell. Then you competed with music. A million birds turned gloomy for one, and a million ghosts cried and howled for the other. Then there was a game of chess. The sun rose and the moon fell, but the victory was difficult to distinguish. Finally, you discussed the Dao. For every day that you two talked, you would drink a single jar of Thousand-Year Wine. You climbed up to the ninety-ninth floor of the pagoda in Kun Mountain with one person playing the flute and the other dancing with the sword. The sun, moon, mountains, and rivers were dim in comparison. Finally, the two of you attracted the West Phoenix Monarch over to dance with you.”

This kind of picture was as bright as the sun and moon. It was like looking up to the mountains, but unable to match it.

Xuan Wushe suddenly raised his lips and smiled. This smile was like the breaking of a silver vase or disintegrating frost, bringing with it a spring breeze and the rejuvenation of ten thousand trees. “You only know that Feng Jingyu was attracted here by us, but you don’t know the first sentence he said when he came.”

Lin Zhan asked curiously, “What is it?”

Xuan Wushe said, “Feng Jingyu’s heart was in extreme pain. Looking at the Kun Mountain Pagoda that was destroyed by us and was about to collapse, he couldn’t wait to spew fire at us and burn us to cinders. He said, What evil did Laozi’s Kun Mountain create that it actually attracted you two careless little bastards who don’t care about anything? If you don’t fix this place and return it intact, not a single one of you will leave my West Land alive!“

Yan Tianhen, … Hahahahaha! Maomao is mighty and domineering!

Lin Zhan was stunned at first, then he became happy and couldn’t help but laugh. “So did Sovereign Xuan and King Ye stay to repair?”

Xuan Wushe snorted softly. “This Sovereign is not someone who dares to do things but dares not to take responsibility. Naturally, he had to repair them before leaving. It was nothing more than a stupid pagoda; did he really have to care that much?”

Yan Tianhen shook his head. “It must be because you two couldn’t beat Maomao at that time that you succumbed to his bullying, otherwise you would have definitely run away.”

Although the mouth said so, it was the teenagers who wanted to be romantic, which made people yearn for it.

Lin Zhan was obviously obsessed with Xuan Wushe. He said with a smile, “The Sovereign is naturally right in everything he does, and the relationship between the Sovereign and King Ye really makes people desire it. If I could get a confidant in life, I could die without regret.”

Xuan Wushe’s eyes fixed on Lin Zhan. “If one day, between this Sovereign and him, only one could survive?”

Lin Zhan was stunned. “Then Sovereign must be the one who survives.”

Xuan Wushe smiled gently and took Lin Zhan into his arms. “The prophet family, who generally divine the secrets of Heaven, said that within a hundred years, the Xuan family and Yan family will have a life-and-death battle. The winner will become the ruler, and the loser will become nothing. Yan Zhonghua and I are destined to be enemies and not friends since birth.”

Lin Zhan moved, looking at him with burning eyes. “The prophets did not name your Majesty and King Ye, so maybe it will be someone else?”

“Who else would it be but the direct successor? The first-ranked heir, except for Yan Zhonghua, there is no one else.”

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“Maybe it’s the son of the Sovereign.” Lin Zhan blinked and said, “Sovereign doesn’t have to force himself to do something for the sake of this illusory glimpse of Heaven. King Ye has always treated Your Majesty with sincerity.”

No matter what Xuan Wushe thought, his expression was relieved.

Yan Tianhen knew a little about the matters of the previous generation, but he didn’t know more about it. He didn’t know whether the scene in this dream was true or not, and he didn’t understand why he was seeing these scenes.

The manager came again and bowed respectfully to Xuan Wushe. “The guests are waiting under the tower.”

Xuan Wushe said, “Invite them to come up.”

Before long, all the young and spirited disciples of the noble families came. They were dressed in luxurious clothes, embroidered with various lines, every single one looking better than the other. This was the future of the Nine Lands and the hope of Daoism.

Yan Tianhen saw Yan Zhonghua standing in the middle at a glance. His gentle and quiet temperament made him stand out from the crowd.

“Brother Wushe.” Yan Zhonghua said gracefully.

Next to Xuan Wushe, there was a table arranged in rows. With a wave of his right hand, he said, “Brother Zhonghua, please sit down.”

Yan Zhonghua sat in the position after smiling at Xuan Wushe. The others just sat down one by one. Even if they were all Divine Clan disciples, they were different in respect of each other.

Xuan Wushe was the highest-ranked among his peers, as this was the East Land. Because he was the host, he naturally sat in the dominant position. Yan Zhonghua was the first heir to the Qianyuan Dynasty, and no matter where he went, he would naturally sit in the main seat.

However, one person made a fuss.

A young man with a beautiful face looked at his position. Then he got up discontentedly and went to Yan Zhonghua to sit down cross-legged. He looked at Xuan Wushe cheerfully. “East Sovereign will not care about this shallow etiquette, will he?”

Yan Tianhen held his cheek as he stared at his dad, You Ming, who had started to make a fuss.

A woman sitting on the lower left side of Yan Zhonghua furrowed her brows and glared at You Ming. “You Ming, your position is over there. Why do you have to squeeze together with King Ye?”

You Ming raised his eyebrows. “Shuiyun Nishang, His Highness King Ye hasn’t even spoken yet. What’s your problem?”

Yan Tianhen suddenly realized.

It turned out that this delicate and charming woman was the South Land’s Sovereign. Over the years, this woman’s name has fallen a lot from You Ming’s mouth–

“That Shuiyun Nishang ah. When I chased your father before, this little girl always wanted to develop something with your father and gave me a lot of trouble, trying to sabotage me, but I didn’t give a shit.”

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“Why? That’s the South Land’s Sovereign ah!”

“You’re asking why? With your father’s coquettish temperament, a person had to be super invincible and shameless to chase him successfully. Shuiyun Nishang was too thin-skinned to grab your father’s attention.”

Yan Tianhen gave You Ming a big roll of his eyes at that time.

He really didn’t know whether You Ming was insulting himself or Yan Zhonghua when he said this, or whether You Ming was insulting the both of them together. Now, however, Yan Tianhen understood what You Ming meant by “Shameless and thick-skinned.”

Xuan Wushe glanced at You Ming and said, “There is one seat for each person. Why do you have to squeeze with him?”

You Ming winked at Lin Zhan, who was sitting next to Xuan Wushe. “Isn’t there still one sitting beside you?”

Xuan Wushe lightly responded, “He is my bed warmer, so he should sit with me.”

You Ming whistled and looked as if he’d seen a ghost. The other noble family children also displayed their shock. Xuan Wushe had a bed warmer!?

And so openly just like that, he let this person sit in the dominant seat as well?!

This was the biggest gossip of Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital!

Originally, people secretly stole glances at Lin Zhan, but now they looked at him more wantonly. There was no doubt that all of these aristocratic disciples would like to know what’s special about those who can enter Xuan Wushe’s arms.

However, Xuan Wushe’s eyes were full of warning as they swept past everyone, and the people immediately converged. Hehe, he was quite protective.

Xuan Wushe didn’t like others breaking his rules the most and said, “You Ming, please.”

Instead of getting up, You Ming rubbed his ass against Yan Zhonghua, sticking to his arm with Yan Zhonghua’s. He said in a loud voice, “Then I’ll be the boy toy of His Royal Highness King Ye. In any case, when I look so beautiful like this, I’m clearly going to be a man’s pet.”

“Pfft” It was unknown who gushed out a mouthful of water. “Ahem…” There were people choking on their saliva.

Yan Tianhen couldn’t bear to watch this and facepalmed instead. You Ming really was…someone who would die if he didn’t say anything shocking for even a moment.

Yan Zhonghua finally couldn’t endure either. He looked at You Ming, who had no shame, and said, “You are a core disciple of Fuyao Sect’s master. How can you talk so recklessly?”

You Ming blinked at him with a smile. “What is reckless? Do you have to worry about face if you like someone? I just want to sit with you. If King Ye doesn’t refuse me, I naturally won’t be reckless. I’m a well-behaved person. Even if I’m with King Ye, I’ll still progress our relationship based on love and I won’t take advantage of you.”

Shuiyun Nishang slapped the table and said angrily, “Get lost, You Ming. Can’t you see that King Ye has stopped talking to you? Wrapped around him like a dog skin plaster. Do you not know that you’re deliberately climbing the dragon and supporting the phoenix. People will think that your Fuyao Sect is improper. Even if you don’t care about your face, you have to care about Fuyao Sect’s!”

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You Ming looked at Shuiyun Nishang with his chin propped up and head tilted. “I’m just carrying out the principles of my sect. When I take a fancy to someone, I’ll chase him. If I can’t catch him, I’ll snatch him. But if I can’t snatch him, I’ll have to fight, cry, make trouble, and threaten to hang myself to get him. Life is hard to begin with. If you can’t do whatever you want, won’t it be even more difficult and tasteless?”

“You’re acting all eloquent, yet you’re just making stuff up!” Shuiyun Nishang said but You Ming just looked aside.

You Ming smiled at Xuan Wushe. “East Lord Sovereign, my present status is King Ye’s boy toy so I’m not breaking your rules.”

Xuan Wushe obviously could see through this kind of cheeky person. But he thought You Ming was very interesting, so he said, “It’s okay. After all, King Ye doesn’t seem to drive you away.”

Yan Zhonghua turned his head and looked at Xuan Wushe.

Xuan Wushe looked at him for a moment, then turned his head with a little pride.

Yan Tianhen could swear he saw Yan Zhonghua’s mouth twitch a few times just now. His expression was full of speechlessness.

At the next dinner party, You Ming seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. He would repeatedly fall on Yan Zhonghua who would straighten his body and calmly tell him, “Sit well.”

Yan Tianhen squatted in the corner against the railing and looked at the people from a distance, who were all bickering, joking, drinking, tasting tea, enjoying music and watching a dance. He saw that they were youths full of vigor and vitality, the kind that would be scolded by people.

The banquet came to an end at the dawn of the night.

Some people were hearty, some people were reluctant to part, while some were still making appointments with Xuan Wushe next time.

“If you travel to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital in the future, I must do my best to entertain.” Yan Zhonghua raised his glass to Xuan Wushe.

Xuan Wushe responded, “Good.”

Then two people looked at each other and drank.

Yan Zhonghua left, and You Ming naturally followed him. Everyone else has left the tall building.

When the scraps were full, Xuan Wushe took Lin Zhan, who stumbled a little, and got up and walked towards the fence. They stared at the horizon facing the sunrise and Xuan Wushe said, “Yan Zhonghua should know clearly that as long as this Sovereign doesn’t take the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital, he will not step foot into the Yan clan for a day.”

Lin Zhan was a little tipsy. His collar was slightly open, and the corner of his eye was a bit red. “Sometimes, not seeing each other is better than meeting. The Mandate of Heaven is destined to return to Sovereign Xuan. In fact, you don’t need to use that position to showcase the sovereign’s talents. Look at all the mountains and rivers. There are all kinds of beautiful scenery. In fact, as long as you look at them, they are already in our pocket. Why do we need to put a label of possession to it?”

Xuan Wushe’s eyes were slightly cold. Looking at Lin Zhan, he said, “You are drunk.”

Lin Zhan chuckled and said, “Yes, I’m really drunk, but I won’t dare say these words to you if I’m sober.”

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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 571: Banquet at the Top of the Tower
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