Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 572: Being Pregnant

Chapter 572 – Being Pregnant

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Xuan Wushe said, “What do you want to say? You might as well say it all while drunk. I’ll forgive you for those words.”

Lin Zhan grabbed Xuan Wushe’s sleeve, looked at him, and chuckled. “Everyone has something that they love or seek, but cannot obtain. Sovereign, your heart is full of the world, and you are almost overwhelmed by the pressure brought to you by your clan since childhood. You might as well think for yourself. Do you want to seize the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital because of your own will, or just because the elders told you that the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital should be owned by the Xuan clan? The Yan family is a thief, stealing the country. Do you have the responsibility to drive the thief away for the Xuan family?”

Xuan Wushe’s pupil shrank slightly. He looked at this guy whom he could crush with one finger and suddenly thought, How dare he say such a thing? Later, he thought, maybe it was because he promised to forgive him just now.

However, Xuan Wushe had also said these sort of words to other people, but they weren’t the same. They were submissive, weak, and dared not speak out anymore.

In the back, Yan Tianhen was stunned. He was worried about Xuan Wushe several times. He thought Xuan Wushe might suddenly grab Lin Zhan’s arm and throw him from the tower to let him die.

What was Lin Zhan’s status now?

He was just Xuan Wushe’s bed warmer.

What made him think he was qualified to teach Xuan Wushe?

Therefore, after being silent, Xuan Wushe asked, “In what capacity do you dare talk to me? First of all, do you have the qualifications?”

Lin Zhan didn’t like that. He leaned back against the railings and propped his elbows on them, his wide sleeves billowing like clouds. Although his appearance was not stunning, he had a kind of ethereal spirit as if he were a wind fairy drifting in the air.

“If the Sovereign says I have the qualification, then I have it. Since the Sovereign asked me to say what I think, then naturally I said it. You haven’t told me which of the two is the reason why Sovereign insists on snatching the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital.”

Xuan Wushe replied, “It doesn’t matter which one.”

Lin Zhan said, “Of course, it’s important. If it’s the former, then even if I, Lin Zhan, will be shamed by the entire world, I’ll still be obliged to try my best to win the position of Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital for the Sovereign. If it’s the latter, I will put every effort into making the Sovereign only love beauties, not the country, and eliminate the ideas that don’t agree with your true intentions.”

Xuan Wushe curled his hands into fists at his side. “What makes you say such a thing? Why are you so confident?”

“Why not?” Lin Zhan looked at him gently and smiled. “It’s just a matter of the heart. I know the bitterness of being unable to obtain what you love or seek for, but I hope that the person I love will never experience such bitterness in his life.”

There was a storm in Xuan Wushe’s silent eyes as he looked at Lin Zhan’s face. It was as if the clouds outside were dying, the golden light not as dazzling as Lin Zhan.

Xuan Wushe finally took a few steps forward and looked at Lin Zhan with their faces just inches away. “I had an older brother.”

Lin Zhan was shocked.

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“He was more talented than me.” Xuan Wushe spoke slowly and faintly, “He was only fifteen years older than me, and his temperament was gentle, innocent, and straightforward. When my mother gave birth to me, I absorbed her cultivation. I didn’t know how much she aged overnight; There were so many beauties in the world, and my father was not a long-lasting lover, so my mother fell out of his favor starting from that day.”

Xuan Wushe looked at Lin Zhan with neither sadness nor joy in his eyes. He said, “He was the second heir to the reign of the Qianyuan Dynasty at that time. Later, when I was twelve years old, he was assassinated. His Dantian was ruined and his meridian veins were broken. Even his soul was refined into the dust of heaven and earth and returned to primordial chaos.”

Lin Zhan’s posture became unstable, and he hunched in on himself, his expression one of shock. He looked at the seemingly unemotional Xuan Wushe.

“My eldest brother was killed by the Yan family, together with several Divine Clan families. Because his talent was too strong, he was always an enigma. His cultivation was always higher than those of his peers. At that time, Yan Zhonghua was still young. Although he was appointed as the first successor at birth, his talent was not obvious and he was not as popular as my brother. So the Yan family was anxious to kill him before he successfully became Emperor.”

At this point, Xuan Wushe showed a sarcastic smile. His lips were smiling, but there was no laughter in his eyes. It was a smile that made people feel cold.

“I wanted that father of mine to get justice for my elder brother, but he equivocated, saying that only in this way could the Xuan family not be suspected by the Yan family, and the Yan family wouldn’t always think of looking for trouble with the Xuan clan.”

Xuan Wushe continued, “I truly hated him, and I hated those dull, cowering rats of the Xuan clan!” He slammed his palm on the railing, and Yan Tianhen was so scared that he trembled.

“What I hate even more are those who killed innocent people.” There was a burning golden color in Xuan Wushe’s eyes, like a rolling flame. “After that day, I swore in my heart that I would avenge my elder brother. I will have the Yan family kneel in front of his grave and kowtow ten thousand times every day. All those who hurt him would suffer by the separation of their wife and son. I’ll make them pay the price.”

Lin Zhan placed his hand on the back of Xuan Wushe’s hand. He looked at Xuan Wushe. “Everyone in the land says that you took the throne by killing your father and brother.”

Xuan Wushe sneered, “I did indeed kill my father, but I never killed my brother. It’s because my father, who had rotted away from the family line, actually wanted to do what the Yan family wanted. He wanted to send me to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital as a concubine in exchange for a beauty of the Yan family.”

“As an imperial concubine?” Lin Zhan was surprised.

Xuan Wushe said, “When I was young, I looked like Empress Yan.”

Lin Zhan did not close his mouth for a long time.

How ridiculous.

Xuan Wushe was a proud man from birth. When his brother was killed by others, it was already an extreme moment that he couldn’t bear. Now his father wanted to send him into his enemy’s family to be a wife for the sake of a beautiful woman. Xuan Wushe couldn’t tolerate this, no matter what.

So he chose to kill his father.

Actually, it wasn’t that hard to kill people.

Lin Zhan looked at the tall man and couldn’t help feeling a pain in his heart. He hugged Xuan Wushe’s waist from behind.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. No matter how the world judges you, I think you have done nothing wrong.” Lin Zhan put his face on Xuan Wushe’s back and murmured.

Xuan Wushe replied, “Now, who can easily judge my right or wrong? But, why don’t you tell me whether the reason I want to seize the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital is because I’m following my heart or because I was forced by the clan?”

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Lin Zhan shook his head and was silent for a moment before saying, “I misunderstood too much. The Xuan clan is already in your pocket, and none of them can force you. What you want to do is because you want to do it.”

Xuan Wushe turned around and put his hand on Lin Zhan’s head. He rubbed his head gently and said, “I can’t turn back, not anymore.”

With those words, he left with great strides.

Only Lin Zhan was left to ponder in secret, sometimes with his eyebrows furrowed and sometimes with his eyebrows stretched.

Yan Tianhen seemed to have seen a big play; he was shocked for a long time. Xuan Wushe killed his father because he was named as an imperial concubine in a harem for the Emperor?

Was the Purple Emperor’s brain kicked by a donkey? Did he ask the heir of the Xuan clan to be a concubine in the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital?

What was more, the former Sovereign Xuan was too much. This was his own son, so how could he just throw him away like that? If it were him, he might have killed his own father too!

He finally knew why Xuan Wushe developed a twisted and cold nature.

Yan Tianhen sighed. He walked around in front of Lin Zhan and because Lin Zhan couldn’t see him, he reached out to poke him on the cheek. It was like he was being held in Lin Zhan’s arms. When he was a child, he always liked to kiss his face and grab his hair.

However, just after two pokes, Yan Tianhen’s restless hand was caught by Lin Zhan. Yan Tianhen got a fright and almost jumped up.

Lin Zhan turned to look at him with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, saying, “Little Ah Hen, after listening as a spectator for so long, you even got to watch a live spring show, yet now you still want to take advantage of me. Isn’t it about time you paid the ticket?”

Yan Tianhen, “!!!”

Yan Tianhen’s face turned white with fright, and he stammered, “Daddy… Daddy, how can you see me? I thought you couldn’t see me.”

Lin Zhan never acknowledged him from beginning to end.

Lin Zhan let go of his hand and sat down in Xuan Wushe’s position. With a wave of his sleeve, the golden cloud outside turned into nothingness, and Yan Tianhen’s chin fell to the ground.

Lin Zhan hooked his fingers and motioned for him to come over.

Yan Tianhen came over and sat down beside Lin Zhan.

Lin Zhan said lazily, “This is my dream and my past. Here, I am the master. Others are just passers-by. They can’t see you, but I can.”

Yan Tianhen nearly fainted. “Daddy, what are you doing here? Why do you want to dream so often?”

Lin Zhan had some headaches and said, “Xuan Wushe has already put out the idea of winning the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital, but somehow, there are signs of resurgence in recent years. I want to stop it, but I can’t make a plan, so I want to go into the previous fragments of my past and see if I can find clues and change his mind.”

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Yan Tianhen opened his mouth wide. “No way? My adoptive father doesn’t seem to be interested in Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital.”

Lin Zhan rubbed his forehead and said, “I know that I have made him think nothing of it before, and since your father lost his succession, he never mentioned the attack on Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital. He’s only been thinking that you can inherit the Yan family, and then we can coexist peacefully. It’s just…”

Lin Zhan paused, as if wondering what to say next.

Yan Tianhen said in a wronged voice, “Daddy, do you have to treat me like such a stranger? Have you forgotten the days when we were living together in the Lin family?”

Lin Zhan, “…”

Lin Zhan knocked on Yan Tianhen’s skull. “You little playmaker. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to tell you, but don’t tell anyone else.”

Yan Tianhen immediately nodded his head to guarantee.

Lin Zhan said, “I’m pregnant. After the Sovereign woke up from a dream, he kept saying that there were people in the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital who wanted to harm me and his son. I asked him what he had dreamed of, but he didn’t say. However, he was determined to overthrow the Emperor.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Yan Tianhen was suddenly surprised. “Daddy, you have a child now?”

Lin Zhan said, “Oh, I said don’t make a fuss, especially for your father and them. Do you know if you can keep it a secret for the time being?”

Yan Tianhen nodded and said, “But isn’t this a good thing?”

Lin Zhan coughed gently and said with slight embarrassment, “I haven’t told your adoptive father about this yet. If your father and You Ming find out, then Wushe will also know.”

Yan Tianhen paused. “Why didn’t you tell adoptive father?”

Lin Zhan sighed, “When I was about to tell him, he said that someone was trying to harm me and his child. At that time, he didn’t even know I was pregnant, so I don’t dare tell him even more.”

Yan Tianhen replied, “I see.”

He looked at Lin Zhan with great sympathy. It seemed like things were also very difficult for Lin Zhan.

“But you can’t keep this from adoptive father forever. Sooner or later, this thing can’t be hidden from him.”

Sarah: wait so is Lin Zhan pregnant again or…. ??

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Ea: So Lin Zhan remembers LXZ because of the biological father-son bond, but yes LZ is pregnant again. Xuan Wushe doesn’t remember LXZ. Also just a note “adoptive father” is Xuan Wushe since it’s kinda confusing.

Sarah: *gasps happily* LXZ is gonna be (an actual) big brother. *sniffs*

Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 572: Being Pregnant
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