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So, when the Emperor arrived, Gong Yimo had already sunken into her own thoughts and fell into a daze.

The way she sat on the threshold held no sense of threat, only confusion, and helplessness.

Even so, the palace people around her didn’t dare to say a single word and just stood quietly on one side, while the Empress Dowager’s servants were clustered around her. None of them dared to look at Gong Yimo and just stared nervously at the Empress Dowager, scared that something would actually happen. If something did happen, then she would become the first Empress Dowager in history to be scared to death by one glance of a princess!

The Emperor was at a loss for words. Seeing the Empress Dowager like that, he wasn’t about to go over and given trouble for nothing, so he went to Gong Yimo to ask instead.

Gong Yimo wasn’t the kind of person to add fuel to the fire, so he believed she would tell the truth.

“What happened here? What’s in the fire?”

He looked so serious that the palace people who had come to from shock were frightened again!

When Gong Yimo saw that the Emperor had arrived, she stared dazedly at him for a while before standing up and saying a little aggrieved.

“The Empress Dowager wanted me to send Long Hanyan off, so I burned Long Hanyan’s body. That is all.”

O-Only that?!

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Gong Cheng suddenly felt a headache! Staring at Gong Yimo, he was actually speechless for a moment!

She burned Long Hanyan! Inside the imperial palace, in front of the Empress dowager, and in front of her own palace?!!

Suddenly, Gong Cheng felt that these flames were not casting heat on him, but coldness!

It took him awhile to find his voice.

“You! Why would you do this?!”

He was simply shocked beyond belief! No princess in all of history has been as brave as this!

Absolutely none!

Gong Yimo was asked, why did she do it? Because she didn’t want to make things hard for Gong Jue, or because she couldn’t be bothered?

Yes. She couldn’t be bothered.

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The Empress Dowager repeatedly finding fault with her made her feel suffocated every time she had to compromise with her.

She didn’t have freedom in her last time, hobbling with difficulty while chains bogged down her body, but still, nobody forced her in such ways! When she was in power, not a single person dared to do anything that wasn’t to her liking.

In this life, she didn’t care about power, and she wasn’t cruel to people either. She didn’t expect that she would be treated even worse than what she experienced in her last life. So, it really was suffocating.

So, when the Empress Dowager kept advancing on her, she just burned Long Hanyan’s body with fire. No matter what the consequences, she’ll be able to take it anyway!

Gong Cheng looked at her, and he felt the need to sigh…

At that moment, the Empress Dowager seemed to have sobered up! And she came rushing over! She hid behind the Emperor and stared at Gong Yimo, eyes full of fear and reluctance.

“Your Majesty! You have to speak up for me! She killed Yan’er and burned her corpse in the palace! Quickly, kill her! Kill this witch!”

In the end, she was still scared even if Gong Yimo had clearly done nothing to her, but the way she looked at Gong Yimo was as if she was looking at some demon! How could there be such domineering pressure in the body of a normal woman?

Really, the Empress Dowager had to give in.

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“Dare I ask what palace rules I broke?”

Gong Yimo’s cold, clear voice overshadowed the Empress’ question directly.

Gong Cheng had to think about it carefully.

Even though Gong Yimo’s act of burning a corpse in the palace was a violation of a taboo, there wasn’t a single palace rule that could hold her accountable.

So, after creating such a scene and scaring so many people, did she actually commit a crime?

This question was directed to the Empress as well, who was looking somewhat blankly at the people behind her. Then, she gritted her teeth.

“She has no respect for the destruction of the corpse of a member of the royal family! She will offend the gods! She is also guilty of arson in the palace!”

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