Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 1006: Kana The Pest Exterminator Part 1

"Head East." Eie was currently giving Kana directions to where the insectoids were located.

To Kana, everything looked pretty much the same in the area she was in since she had never been to this place before. She slowly flew over the dry desert, looking out over the endless sea of sand. "Stop!"

Kana came to a sudden stop and hovered in the air. She sent her senses down into the ground, and sure enough, she had arrived at the right spot. "They are quite deep."

Kana cracked her knuckles and her neck before wrapping her body in a cocoon of nothingness and slowly lowering herself into the ground. The sand disappeared around her as she continued downward. For an earth mage, this would not be an easy feat, but for Kana, it was simple since anything that came near her would vanish on contact of her cocoon of nothingness.

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When she hit the solid ground under the sand, she continued down, cutting through the earth of the land. Even when she hit the solid rock, it disappeared the same as everything else. In ten minutes, she had found herself a large city that was frozen in time. If it was not for the glowing red dots all over the place, Kana would think that the whole place was empty. "Eie, how is it? How many were there?"

"It's hard to get a complete number. But I think a few million insectoids, but I am not sure if any of those insects that consume everything are down there or not." Eie replied.

"It's fine. I plan to make this whole place the same as above ground, with nothing living on it. The insectoid race already planned to attack the people on the surface and even consumed many lives during the process, so there is no reason not to deal with this in the same manner." Kana was only talking to herself at the end because she had to justify her own actions to herself more than anything.

After taking a deep breath, she flew down to the ground and landed in the middle of one of the streets. The insectoids who were roaming about quickly spotted her and, like a tsunami, rushed towards her in a huge wave. Kana only snorted and opened her mouth and blew out a black flame that filled the streets.

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In another location deep in space, an eye that was sitting in the darkness suddenly opened up before closing again. Seconds later, the large figure that had just been floating aimlessly turned into a stream of small insects and flew towards a small planet not too far away from their current location.

"Kana, it seems to be working. The deep space array is picking up billions of objects headed towards the planet." Eie suddenly announced.

"Good. I will finish things up here since these bugs decided to ruin my home. I will finish everything off in one go." Kana announced as she stopped her stream of fire, and with a wave of her hand, the entire city and all the insectoids in it disappeared. The same went for all the tunnels and other cities on the entire planet. Kana did not let a single speck of dust off as she cleared everything out. She wanted no trace of these insectoids to ever appear again.

With that set, Kana went back above ground and turned an area into a sea of energy. She wanted something for the bugs to snack on when they arrived. She made herself a throne made of vines and trees and sat down on it as she lazily propped her head up with her hand and looked up towards the sky. "Eie, let me know when they enter the atmosphere."

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"I will. They are quite quick, they were a few light years away, and they are already entering the solar system we are in. They should only take about ten minutes to enter the atmosphere." Eie really wondered just what this race truly was for it to be able to travel so fast without any kind of technology.

"I do not care how fast they are. They destroyed my home world. I will not let it slide. They were the cause of my sister and sister in law's death and billions of other people who live in this world. Just keep an eye out for the numbers once they all enter. I will seal this world off so they can not escape." Kana's eyes flashed with a murderous light. Kana planned to use a barrier maid of nothingness that would completely block off any chance of escape. Only when they were all stuck on this planet would she sweep across it and make them all disappear, just like the insectoids that lived underground.

A loud buzzing sound could be heard in the air as the sky suddenly darkened. Kana looked up and coldly smiled as she waited for the insects to make their way to her. The whole area she was in was rich with life force and energy. It was a perfect homing beacon for these insects, and sure enough, they all made a b-line right for Kana. It was only that as soon as they came within a few feet of her position, the insects began to disappear. The sky was completely covered with billions upon billions of these bugs, but every one of them that tried to get near the dense source of energy all disappeared.

"Kana, they are all in!" Eie informed.

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Kana smiled as she raised her hand. The entire planet was suddenly surrounded by a barrier. The insects seemed to have sensed something was wrong and began to rush toward the sky, but just like the bugs that went for Kana, they disappeared instantly. Kana smiled as she stood up from her makeshift throne and floated in the air. "Dear invaders who dared to touch my world. Revenge is best left for last so that you can all feel the fear and panic as you realize you fell into a trap."

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