Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 1135: An Unknown Past Part 2

"Little girl I am sorry, but I have never had a baby with that man." Kana was very sure of this. She had only had Creige, no one else.

"No, Mama, maybe not now, but…." The young woman did not know how to explain. "Before any of the mortals of this realm were even alive before this lower plane was created, you did….."

Kana gazed at the young woman and felt a little conflicted. But she knew one thing was for sure. "Even if, in one of my previous lifetimes, I did have a relationship with this man, that means nothing to me now. My Handsome Husband and the family I created with him are things I can never tolerate being harmed. If he was truly a man from one of my past lives then he should know this as well. Because no matter how many times I am reborn, there is no difference in how I would act.

"I know this by the way you address me." Kana's gaze fell on the young woman who was now crying. The look of longing and love in the girl's eyes was something Kana could not miss. This girl really thought her to be her mother. "Come here…."

The young woman floated down and came to stand in front of Kana. She had her head lowered. She was unsure of what she should say or do. "Mama…. Please don't kill Papa…"

Kana looked at the young woman and then at the man, who had a complicated expression on his face and snorted. She coldly glared at him and said: "Leave now. If you dare to do anything to my family I will wipe your existence into nothingness."

The man looked very reluctant. He clenched his teeth and fists. He wanted to go down and pull his beloved into his arms, but he knew if he tried, he would only anger her at this time. "I will retreat for now."

The man went to open a tear in space but paused his hand. He did not turn around to look at Kana, but he did say: "Nalia when you finally remember who you truly are. Where you truly belong, I will be waiting. All this time, I have been waiting." After saying these words, he disappeared.

Creige, who had been protected by his wife, had never felt so weak in his entire life. A man who was many times more powerful than him had suddenly appeared and seemed to be someone Kana had a past relationship with. She even had a family with him. He looked at the young woman who was nervously picking at her fingers with her head lowered and felt many complex emotions.

Kana knew things were very awkward at this time. She sighed, turned to Creige, and hugged his waist. "Creige, no matter what, I will only ever love you. Our souls are tied together, so even if we are to die and be reborn, we will always find each other."

Creige looked into Kana's worried eyes and sighed. He hugged her back and kissed her lips. "I know. Our lives are bound together."

"Mm…." Kana smiled and kissed Creige back.

The young woman did not wish to disturb them, so she took a few steps back. She knew that her mama was not the same mama from her memories. While similar, there were bound to be differences. Her mama grew up and lived in this lower plan and had been reborn multiple times. They had searched for her for so long, even breaking the rules of her plane and coming to these lower realms in search of her.

This lower plane had been created by her and was bound to her soul. So every time she reincarnated, it would be within this place. But they never realized just how immense their mother's powers were. This lower plane could be seen as an oddball compared to other lower planes. Mainly because of how big it is and with how many alternate versions there were. It was unlike anything anyone had created before.

"Kana, you should handle things on your end. I will go back to my training." Creige, now more than ever, wanted to train harder. He did not think that man would be back any time soon. He had to grow in strength and make it so that man admitted defeat. This had become very personal.

Kana could only see Creige off before turning back towards the girl. "What's your name?"

"Nia…. I was named by you." Nia replied with a smile. "Mama…. I know you do not remember me. I know this. But just know no matter what, I will always love you. Papa and I have been searching for you for tens of trillions of years. We only noticed a trace of your old power just recently. Mama… don't hate Papa…. Even if you do not love him, it's fine. But please do not hate him. He has always missed you…."

"Nia, I do not know how I was before, but in this life, I have many children. Most of which were adopted. But if it is true that I am your mother, I will welcome you with open arms. As for your father, well… I am sorry. I love Creige. Our souls are bound. I bound them so that we can only ever love each other in all our lifetimes. There is a time when you meet your soul mate. Creige is that soul mate. So, no matter how much your father tries to get me back. I am sorry. I will never return to his side.

"But let me make this clear. If he ever hurts even a hair on my family, I will make him disappear." Kana wanted to make sure this was said upfront. She did not remember her past with this man. Nor did she care to learn about it. She only knew one thing and that her love for Creige was eternal.

Chapter 1135: An Unknown Past Part 2
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