Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System
Chapter 401: More Questions Than Answers

"If all five of them worked together with their power in just an hour or so." Diablo answered and then asked: "Are you thinking Azengrade did something to the undead to make them the way they are now?"

"Yeah, it would only make sense. If there is a massive battle going on at the capital, then that only means something has happened in this kingdom. Luckily I did not act on my earlier words…." Now that things seemed to be falling into place, I couldn't help but curse myself for having such thoughts before. But then again, if this was not the case, then what would I have done? Would my emotions take over? Would I have really annihilated the undead kingdom?

When we arrived at the capital, undead were fighting undead. But there was a distinct difference in the organization. The ones attacking the city seemed to be in a berserk type state, while the undead within the city was organized. But the thing about the berserker undead as they seemed to have something protecting them from damage.

"Diablo, I am going to teleport us in." I grabbed both Diablo's and Freidinia's hands and used dimensional transfer to move inside the barrier without destroying it. I then waved my hand and put another barrier around the kingdom of the undead.

"Who are you!?" A skeleton with thick black armor yelled out as he stepped on air and came over to us.

"I am the Empress of the Cyrilia Empire. Earlier, millions of your undead attacked my empire with the Altorians, or should I say the people with purple lines." I explained.

"Those bastards!" The skeleton seemed truly angered. Even his bones were shaking. "Your highness, on behalf of the undead Kingdom, I apologize. My name is General Tur. I will bring you to his Majesty. As you can see, we have a crisis on our hands."

"Thank you. And I now know it is not your kingdom's fault, so do not worry about it. I should apologize for destroying your kingdom's barrier. I put a new one up to replace it." I scratched my chin. I destroyed it out of anger but now…. Well, I guess this makes us even a bit….

"It's fine. His Majesty will not hold it against you. Please, this way." General Tur did not seem upset at all over my action.

We followed General Tur to the castle. The castle looked like a giant church. I can tell now why they call it the citadel. It was very grand and gothic looking. It had tall peaks on the towers and large stained glass windows with strange depictions on them.

We were led right to the throne room, where many other undead were in a meeting. "General Tur, what is the…. Who is this?"

"Your Majesty, this is the new Empress of The Cyrilia Empire. Our…. People attacked her empire…." General Tur answered.

I looked up at the man, that had gray skin and long white hair, and nodded my head. This man was what was called a Lich. He was the ruler of the undead kingdom. "I am Empress Cyrilia, Undead King. I came to find out why your people had attacked my lands with the Altorians, but it seems I might have let my anger get to me now that I see what is happening in your kingdom."

"It is my pleasure, and I am truly sorry for what my people have done. As their leader, I am ashamed to say I have no control over the actions of the undead outside my citadel." By citadel, I guess the entire capital was considered his citadel, which made since the main building resided in the middle of the city. "I am the Lich King Drandla. If I may ask, who are these Altorians?"

"They are the people with the purple lines on their bodies. A parasitic race that invades worlds and takes over their people." I explained lightly. "May I ask if you have come in contact with such people?"

The lich king sighed as he nodded his head. "As you know, we Lich are immortal. I built this kingdom in order to allow other liches like myself to have a place where they will not be shunned or killed. At first, when the Altorians, as you call them, showed up and offered us an incentive to trade, I thought it was time to try to open our doors to the outside world after so many years. And I hoped that the world would accept us, but I never thought…..

"I spoke with someone named Azengrade who wanted to trade and suggested we test it out on one of the border towns first to see if the living and the Lich could coexist. I felt like this was a good plan, and so I allowed it, but…. It was only a few days later that reports began coming in about the humans having their life force sucked away. It was then that things spiraled out of control. Every soldier we sent was turned into a mindless undead. They were no different from the scourge. They were brainless and only seemed to follow a single command. I am not sure what happened to them, but as you can see, the result is the war outside." The lich king had a bitter smile on his face. He seemed helpless in this situation.

"Hmmm… I wonder why Azengrade decided to use your people in such a way. The same goes for the way Teladeadja was trying to control the dwarves. If they only need to produce more parasites and inject them into their host, why are they going about things in a roundabout way? Is it some kind of game?" I really did not understand their actions. The only action I know makes sense is their attack on the capital because they seemed to have noticed Trinity. But I am still confused as to why they are playing games, I guess you can say, with the other kingdoms.

Chapter 401: More Questions Than Answers
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