Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble
Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble

Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble

The Lazy Prince Becomes A Genius

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Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Doip. 389 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.

The novel is translated by Sky Demon Order.
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Irene Pareira is a boy who sleeps to run away from reality.

People mocked him, calling him a ‘deadbeat’, but he had no wish to change.

Until one day, he dreamt of a swordsman… It was a dream about a talentless man who had been training by swinging his sword for decades.

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  • Anagapesis4 1

    This novel is peak All character are amazing I love Ignet

  • UnbrokenSin 6

    How's this?

  • Healer20 10

    stop at chapter 83 cause - there's no fight - there's a lot of cut - slow pacing - too focus character development and nothing else I mean there's no mention of the worls(except when only needed)

  • Yutaa 2

    where do I continue from after reading chapter 86 ?

    • Snailman 1

      Pretty sure chapter 86 of the comic is around chapter 177 of the novel

    • Veldanava 1

      I would like to know the same thing

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  • lnwUser76779 1

    My boy grew up

    Edited: 1y
  • ValiantSoulz 1

    chapter 52 manga is around chapter 93 novel

    Edited: 1y
  • Raons_applepie 5

    Does anybody know what chapter the novel is after chapter 52 of the manhwa?

  • Zeus17 3

    This concept of weak to strong got me hooked from the beginning... Now that I'm at 107, I can't help but say- it's getting a little too philosophical. The plot must take foreground while the character dev happens... Else it's not much of a novel.

  • FleecingFool 11

    Why are the fights just skipped

  • FleecingFool 11

    The Drama tag didn't lie, but it's just very petty