Reincarnated as an Energy with a System
Chapter 1067: Illarian

<The Energy System has been reactivated.>

<Trying to reinstate all skill>



<Restoring the system. Please wait.>

The consciousness was surprised by the random sounds coming from nowhere that it could somehow understand. It didn't even know what words were being spoken, but somehow the meaning was being passed along.

<System has been restored.>

<Energy cap has been restored to what it was before you were captured>

<Unfortunately, all skills, knowledge, and memories have been removed. Would you like to buy them again?>

The consciousness heard the system, but it didn't respond at all. It wasn't sure it was supposed to respond.

<Would you like to buy your skills, knowledge, and memories again?>

The consciousness heard it once more, but it did not answer.

<Please reply 'Yes' or 'No'. Would you like to rebuy all the skills, knowledge, and memories that have been removed during the restoration?>

The consciousness finally understood what it was supposed to do. "Yes…?" it spoke, out loud in fact. That surprised the child that was holding him.

The child was surprised and they threw it at the wall. Whatever the consciousness was in crashed onto the wall, making everything in the wall fall to the ground.

<You do not have enough Energy to buy everything right now. Please request once again the required energy.>

The consciousness didn't understand what that meant, so it stayed silent this time around.

A woman ran into the room quickly and looked at the situation on the wall. Everything that had been kept on the wall had fallen to the ground and was now a jumbled mess.

She spoke to the child that had brought her along and asked something that the consciousness did not understand at all.

<Would you like to buy the language?>

The consciousness thought for a second. "Yes?" it spoke. This time again, the voice came from the material it was in.

<You only have enough energy for Intermediate language. Would you like to buy that?>

"Yes," the consciousness said once more.


<You have bought Intermediate Illarian Language>

"Which one was it?" the woman from outside the room spoke up. "I am sure I heard it just now."

"I think it's that one," the child pointed to a random piece of item on the floor, which wasn't consciousness at all.

The woman picked it up and spoke to it. "Is this you?" she asked. "Are you awake? Please speak if you are awake."

The consciousness was very surprised to hear words that clearly made sense for the very first time. It was not a random bunch of gibberish that it had to make sense of, but was rather words that held meaning to it.

Of course, it only held as much meaning as the consciousness could give to it, but that still was quite a lot to its mind.

"Please speak," the woman said to the thing that she was holding onto. The consciousness failed to realize that she was speaking to it, and continued to keep quiet.

After a few seconds more, the woman dropped the item. "No way this is it," she said. "Are you sure you don't know?"

"No," the child said. "It said 'System Activate' and I got scared."

"Hmm," the woman thought for a bit and stood up. She stepped back a bit and spoke out loud. "Say System Activate."

The consciousness was alerted when it heard that. It knew what it was supposed to do when those words were spoken in that order. It was supposed to remove the first word and say, "System Activate."

The woman heard it clearly this time around. She looked at the pile of objects from where the sound was coming and honed it towards it.

"Say System Activate," she said again.

"System Activate," the consciousness repeated, although it was wondering where that voice it had been hearing all this time had gone to.

The woman pulled out a few things from the pile and scattered them around on the open floor. Then, one last time she asked again, "Say System Activate."

"System Activate," the consciousness repeated.

The woman finally grabbed onto the object where the consciousness was in. "Finally," she said with a bright smile. "I found you."

The consciousness observed her face with a confused mind. It did not understand what she meant at all.

The woman stood up and started walking out of the room with consciousness in hand. "Nigel will be very happy to know that your system has been activated finally. She's been waiting for you for a very long time."

The woman walked through somewhat familiar hallways. The consciousness remembered the children bringing it out on occasion. But there were so many items in that room, that it rarely got to go out at all.

The woman took consciousness through the side of a window, through which the consciousness got to see the beautiful blue skies. It wondered what the massive, round things floating in the blue were.

"She's awake, guys," the woman said to some other women that were walking through. Everyone who heard that followed her.

She soon had a small gathering of people following the woman, and the consciousness couldn't help but wonder what was going on at all.

Down a set of stairs, the group of people arrived at some sort of dark room that the consciousness assigned with nighttime because of the chill and darkness.

They all walked over to a table that was not really a table, but rather some sort of box. The consciousness watched as they all opened the box and inside was another child, seemingly not moving at all.

The consciousness expected the child to speak, but the child did not even make a single sound. That was a new experience for the consciousness.

A few of the women brought the child out and some red and orange stuff was started around the girl, which made the consciousness think it was day again.

"Switch bodies with this," the woman said as she placed the object on the child's body.

The consciousness wasn't aware of what she meant at all.

"Say 'System, switch my body to this'," the woman said.

"System, switch my body to this," the consciousness spoke.

<Understood. Switching bodies>

Chapter 1067: Illarian
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