Reincarnated With The Strongest System
Chapter 64: Traveling Together [Part 2]

William listened to the old man's stories about his adventures and the cities he had visited during his younger years.

"Mr. Herman, do you know anything about the Central Continent?" William inquired.

"The Central continent? I've stayed there for a few years," Herman replied. "That place is where the elites of the various continents gather. Why? Are you interested in going there, William?"

"I don't know." William shook his head. "However, there is a possibility that my Master will ask me to go there once I grow older."

"Your Master..." Herman narrowed his eyes as he glanced at the collar on William's neck. He already noticed the slave collar on the young boy, but he didn't say anything about it.

Although the Hellan Kingdom is not supportive of the Slave Trade, it didn't make any moves to abolish it completely. Even in the capital, slaves were being sold as well. Herman just found it a pity that a boy like William had become someone's property.

"Ah, this?" William touched the collar on his neck. "This is just an accessory. My Master gave it to me as a present."

"I see…" Herman felt complicated. He wanted to curse William's master for tricking a child to become their slave. From what he could see, William didn't resent his Master. In fact, Herman could tell that the boy genuinely respected him.

"Lad, what is your master like?"

"Master? She's the crazy kind of craz-- I mean, a very amazing person. She treats me very well."

A snort was heard from inside the carriage. Suddenly, the voice of a woman reached William's ears. It was filled with disdain and made William think that she was currently having her period.

"I bet your Master enslaved you because you are a Half-Elf," the woman inside the carriage said in disdain. "Perhaps she will make you her boy toy once you grow up. A good looking boy like you will definitely sell for a high price at the black market."

"It is true that I am very good looking," William replied with a smile. "Thank you for your praise, My Lady."

"I'm not praising you!" the woman snapped. "I'm telling you that you are stupid for being enslaved!"

William scratched the side of his face while feeling helpless. He also didn't want to be a slave, but the circumstances were special. As for becoming his Master's boy toy…

William gulped at the notion of Celine stepping on his back with her slender foot…

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'Ah Pei! What am I thinking?! I'm not a masochist!' William swatted the perverted images on his head.

"Nana, please, don't be rude," a voice that seemed to belong to a young boy reprimanded the woman. "Please, forgive her outburst. She's not a big fan of slavery."

"I don't mind," William replied. "I'm, also, not a big fan of slavery."

These were the last words they exchanged with each other as they continued their journey. The awkward silence along the way made Herman sigh internally. He still wanted to continue to talk to William, but he was embarrassed by his colleagues' earlier outburst.

"Meeeeeeeeh!" Ella bleated as she told William her thoughts.

"Oh? There's a clearing up ahead, Mama?" William asked.


"Mr. Herman, there is a clearing up ahead," William said with a smile. "It is a good place to take a rest. How about we stay there for lunch?"

"Sounds like a plan." Herman nodded his head.

Half a minute later, they came to a clearing where a river flowed at the side. The goats happily trotted towards it to have a drink of water. William followed behind them and refilled his waterskin

He wasn't aware that a pair of clear, light-brown, eyes were watching his every move from inside the carriage.

"He's an interesting boy," Est said as he closed the partition on the carriage. "You're too hard on him, Nana."

"I'm sorry, Young Master," Nana apologized. "I'm just annoyed because those slave traders are getting out of hand. Even enslaving a child as young as him!"

"Do you really think that is the case?" Est asked.

"Young Master?"

"The collar on his neck was made of Mithril. Don't you think that using pure Mithril to make a slave collar is a waste?"

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"Now that you mention it…" Nana had to admit that having a mithril collar was too luxurious for a slave. Even though William was a very good looking Half-Elf, having a collar of that caliber was unheard of.

In fact, this was the first time Nana had seen a collar made from pure Mithril.

The twin boys, Isaac, and Ian, who were seated by Est's side looked at him in confusion.

"Young Master, is there something unique about that slave collar?"

"Young Master, does a slave collar made from Mithril have special characteristics?"

"I don't know if the collar is special or not." Est shook his head. "All I know is that William's Master may not be a simple person. This is the first time I've seen a slave collar made from Mithril, and I can tell at a glance that it is of very high quality."

Nana and the twins quieted down and observed William from the carriage's window. Herman had also gone to the river and was currently catching fish with his spear.

"The old fool took a liking to the boy." Nana snorted. "He's really weak when dealing with kids that are the same age as his grandson."

"So you say, but haven't you taken a liking to him as well?" Est smirked. "William is a good person. Even I feel attracted to him."

"Well, as long as he doesn't hinder us on our journey, I don't mind if he travels with us." Nana closed her eyes. She pretended that she didn't hear Est's question.

Suddenly, the carriage started to shake.

"An earthquake?!" Nana snapped her eyes open. "Isaac, Ian, don't leave the Young Master's side!"

The twins nodded their head and unsheathed their daggers. Nana stepped out of the carriage in order to get a better idea of what was going on.

Herman stood guard outside the carriage and gripped the spear in his hand firmly. The moment he felt the surroundings shake, he immediately ran towards the carriage in order to protect his Young Master.

William, Ella, and the rest of the goats took a battle formation with William at its center. The young boy sat calmly on Ella's back as he focused his attention to his surroundings.

It was then when two mountain trolls, the size of a small hill appeared in the clearing. They were carrying tree trunks in their hands and brandishing them like weapons.

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"Trolls," Nana narrowed her eyes. "I'll take one, you deal with the other."

"Understood," Herman replied.

Nana unsheathed her sword and charged towards one of the mountain trolls. Herman ran alongside her as both of them engaged the trolls to ensure that they stayed away from the carriage.

The two Mountain Trolls were considered to be on the upper tier of Level B threats, and they were very hard to kill. Their skin was as hard as rocks and their incredible strength makes them very lethal juggernauts. Also, these particular Mountain Trolls also have an annoying regeneration ability that made fighting them a headache for most people.

Also, Nana and Herman were getting headaches because they wouldn't be able to kill the trolls unless they use fire or acid. The only thing they could do was to hurt them until the monsters thought that fighting them was not worth it.

While the battle was taking place, another troll burst out towards the clearing while letting out a mighty roar. It ran towards the carriage carrying its giant wooden club with the intention of smashing it into pieces.

"NO! Young Master!"

"Young Master!"

Nana and Herman lured the trolls away earlier in an attempt to prevent them from attacking the carriage. What they didn't know was that the trolls had the same strategy as well. They sensed the presence of the two powerful warriors, so they decided to split up and lead them away from their prey.

The third Mountain Troll was only five meters away from its target, when the carriage door suddenly opened. Three figures jumped off the carriage and ran towards William.

Seeing its prey run away, the Mountain Troll decided to pursue. It's strides were larger, and faster than the children so it overtook them with ease. Est, and the twins could only watch in horror as the Monster slammed the giant wooden club towards them without any shred of mercy.

Nana and Herman wanted to go back to save their Young Master, but the two trolls blocked their way.

"Young Master!" Nana screamed. She felt regret and helplessness as the monster bore down on her Young Master. "I'm sorry, My Lady. I'm sorry!"

Herman gritted his teeth and roared in anger. Desperation could be seen on his face as he watched the tragedy that was about to unfold.

It was at that moment when a two meter-tall goat jumped over the three children. The large goat faced off against the giant club that was about to descend upon them. On her back was a boy with hair so red that it resembled a blazing fire. His wooden staff was poised to strike like a spearman riding his warhorse.

Est's beautiful brown eyes watched as the small boy, who was the same age as him, created a miracle right before his very eyes.

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