Reincarnated With The Strongest System
Chapter 87: Rankings And Professions [Part 1]

When William opened his eyes, he found himself buried within Ella's embrace. He felt so comfortable, and warm that he didn't feel like getting up. Since that was the case, he decided to start the day like he always did.

< Daily Quest: Drink Milk has been completed! >

< Rewards: 6 Exp Points. >

Everyday since he had arrived in Lont, he never failed to drink his Mama's milk. It had already become a habit. After having his fill, Ella licked the side of his face like she always did to bid him a good morning.

"Good Morning, Mama."


William kissed the side of Ella's face as he reluctantly sat up. He then raised his hands, to do a bit of stretching, before looking at the sunrise that was slowly basking the land with its light.

After crying for an entire night, William felt lighter. Although the problem he was facing was still there, it didn't feel as heavy as it used to.

William bid Ella goodbye as he entered his Master's house. As her disciple, Celine had tasked the red-headed boy to do the house chores and cook for her. William didn't mind because he was used to doing these kinds of things.

Back in the orphanage, he would also wake up early to help in the kitchen. He would assist the aunties in cooking breakfast for his little brothers and sisters because they were short handed.

An hour later, Celine lazily came down the stairs and plopped herself in a chair at the dining table. The smell of William's cooking had woken her up from her sleep.

"Breakfast will be ready in five minutes, Master."


Celine watched William as he busied himself in the kitchen. When she had just taken him as her disciple, she decided to ask him to cook for her because she was feeling lazy. She never thought that William's cooking was on such a high level.

Since then, William had officially become her personal cook. The food that William made were dishes he was familiar with back on Earth. Although he was lacking in ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments, he was still able to bring out the delicious flavors on the food.

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Celine was even tempted to find an artifact that would help William gain a Cooking Job Class. Her thoughts were quite simple. If William could already make something this delicious, wouldn't it become more delicious if he got some skills that would boost his culinary skills?

Unfortunately, there was no such artifact in Lont, so Celine had to put her dreams of turning her disciple into a Professional Chef that would cook exclusively for her on hold.

Five minutes later, the table was filled with the dishes that William had cooked.

"Our breakfast for today is William's special fried rice, William's pancakes, William's sunny side up, William's sandwiches, and William's honey-cured bacon," William said with a smile. "Master, what kind of accompanying drinks would you like to have? Coffee or tea?"

"Just plain water will do," Celine replied as she piled up some bacon and eggs on her plate. Unlike other people, Celine liked to eat meat during breakfast.

William nodded his head and fetched a glass and pitcher of water for Celine. After making sure that she had everything that she needed, William sat on his chair and began to eat as well.

The two ate their meal in peace because Celine didn't like to talk while eating. When they finished their breakfast, Celine went back upstairs, while William cleaned up the table, and washed the dishes.

When his chores were done, he returned to the goat shed and took the goats to the river to take a bath. As he floated on the water, William thought of the things that he must do for the day.

His first priority was to find a way to increase his job levels. William had already decided to brush up on his martial skills and focus on the basic job classes like, swordsman, archer, spearman, monk, and fighter.

Among the non-magic Job Classes, these five professions were the foundations of all martial arts in the Southern Continent. The battle against Kingsley made William realize that he was lacking in battle techniques.

The battle style he had been using had evolved in fighting against monsters. However, fighting against humans was trickier. They were more intelligent and their means of fighting was vastly different from wild beasts.

"System, can you tell me how the people of this world become stronger?" William asked.

< To answer the host's question, would you like the simplified version or the detailed version? >

"The simplified version, please."

< Understood. >

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< There are two ways on how people grow stronger in this world. One is through cultivation, the other through repetition. >

< In the path of Cultivation, the way to get stronger is to gather as many resources as you can. Host, do you know that everyone born in this world had a Talent Grade? >

"Yes," William replied. "Talent Grades are E, D, C, B, A, S, and Perfect Grade."

< Correct. I will be giving an example first. For a magician, the fastest way to raise their magic power is to use Magic Crystals. The power rankings of magicians are called Circles. The lowest is the First Circle, while the highest is the Tenth Circle. >

< Each Circle has ten stages. Only after the magician has managed to breakthrough to the tenth stage would they advance to a higher circle. Host, are you following me so far? >

"Yes," William replied. "Bring on the info dump."

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< The lowest talent Grade E, allows a magician to reach up to the peak of the First Circle. Unless they find a way to raise their grade, they wouldn't be able to advance to the Second Circle for the rest of their lives. >

< Grade D talent allows the magician to break through up to the Second Circle, Grade C talent allows them to break through to the Third Circle. Grade B talent is a little different because it allows them to breakthrough up to the Fifth Circle. >

< Grade A gives them a chance to break through the Seventh Circle, While S, allows them to reach up to the Ninth Circle. As for Perfect Grade Talent allows them to break through to the 10th Circle. >

'Wow, doesn't that make my Ex-Fiance a lucky girl?' William thought.

< Of course, the speed of breaking through the ranks will depend on resources. If you have a steady supply of High-Grade Magic Crystals then becoming a top-tier magician is within reach.

Sadly, not everyone has this opportunity. Only the members of royal families, the nobility, and Sects who have vast resources have the ability to groom future Archmages and Archons. >

"Where do you get Magic Crystals?" William asked.

< Magic Crystals are mined from the Earth. Some of these mines appear near Ley Lines where magic and spirit power are concentrated. >

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< Now, let's talk about the basic Job Classes like swordsman, and archers. These Job Classes can also grow through cultivation, but they rely more on repetition. An archer will only become an expert if they practice shooting their arrows everyday. As their experience accumulates, they also gain Skills. >

< These skills gain a level or improve the more the archer uses them. It is similar to gaining a higher proficiency as your master a skill or technique. Most Martial Classes get stronger in this manner. >

< The same could be said for the swordsman. In order to become an expert, they needed to continuously hone their techniques and gain experience through battle in order to become stronger. Cultivation is more like a secondary support to them to make their bodies stronger. >

< Unlike Magicians, Swordsmen and the other Martial Classes doesn't rely on Magic Crystals in order to strengthen their bodies. They rely on Beast Cores that are taken from the monsters that they have slain. >

"Um? Beast Cores?" William remembered the two Millennial-Grade Beastcores in his possession after slaying the Thunder Horned Wolf and Terrorhand.

< The Power Rankings for Martial Classes are different from Magicians, their ranks are measured by the Adventurer's guild, Hunter's Guild, and other corresponding organizations, like the Holy Temples, scattered around the continent. >

< The rankings for the martial classes are Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mithril, Adamantium, Black, and Saint. >

"How do they determine the rankings?" William asked. "Do they increase their rank if they finish missions like the ones in games?"

< Yes and No. Unlike magicians who have a proper measuring tool to check their magic power, the power level of Martial Classes varies from individual to individual. Just like the Host, those who specialize in Martial Skills are able to upgrade their profession once they meet its requirement. >

< For example, an archer could choose to become a ranger, hunter, or a sniper. In order to do so, they must undergo a trial in a temple like what the Host experienced in the Pantheon of Courage. Only by succeeding will they be able to upgrade their professions. >

< An Archer of the Gold rank would always be inferior to a Sniper or Ranger of the same Rank. Host, do you know why this happens? >

"Is it because of Skills?"

< Yes. >

< Also, once a person decides to upgrade their profession, they have the option to choose a deity to follow. For example, a ranger that worship a deity would gain additional boost to their strength. They could either worship the God of the Hunt, God of Marksmanship, God of Nature, and other Gods that align with their profession. >

< Each God has different blessings and specialties. >

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"So temples are also used as places to change someone's profession."

< Yes. Some temples only worship a specific God, while others allow the worship of multiple Gods. This is why there are several temples scattered not only in the Hellan Kingdom, but in all continents of the world. However, there are some individuals that also chose not to worship any Gods, and just advance their rank as they see fit. >

William wanted to know more about the world, so he decided to learn more information from the system. He believed that understanding how the professions work in this world would allow him to gain some insights on the path he had to choose.

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