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Reincarnator novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author ALLA. 492 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Humanity has been gradually transported to the Abyss by a bored god to compete against other races and monsters.The problem is… humanity failed. In a last desperate push the strongest survivors chose a comrade to travel as far as possible back in time.

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  • lackadaisical
    Feb 10, 2021

    Well written. Kudos, I do recommend it =)

  • Commoner
    Aug 10, 2020

    Highly reccommended one of the best novel i read so far :)

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Good story about Time Travel in an interesting setting a la super gêne where mc goes through challenges on different floors if a "tower" using his knowledge to get op items and fighting solo. Decent fight scenes, side characters are well they exist I guess but they can't keep up with op mc.
He's a little naive in the 1st part but it's well explained I think and later in the story there are some changes so a kind of development for mc
A big problem is the later chapters, around chap 250-300 or so it feels like some parts are missing in the dialogue or translation. It's very weird and hard to keep reading and following

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Overall, it's a great book. Some parts of the plot felt a bit muddled/ confusing, I think it was due to the way it was written and also the large number of characters. Though some may not like mc's personality, I personally loved him and reading about his thought process.

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Only on chap 298 but man this is different from other novels.
Story is a 10/10; not the cliche you see in other reincarnation mc novels (I wont spoil but trust me, it only gets better)
Character development: 9/10; Side characters get good development but then they don’t appear much anymore and new side characters are introduced. Mainly because mc is solo. MC doesn’t seem to get much development by oh boy does this change. I won’t say why he doesn’t, but there’s a really good plot twist.
I think this may be favourite novel. Hope you guys stick around for entire thing and enjoy it as well!

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It's got an interesting premise. But I'm only in the first 100 chapters and I'm already dragging myself to read this. The trials/dungeon were interesting and its more of a solo adventure but I would have hoped for other earlier characters aside from the Punisher to show up more. Like Minhee.

I know its not like the "nakama" adventure type where you journey with specific friends the entire story but I enjoy interpersonal relationship between characters more over the action. Maybe its filled with too much external description and a lack of internal description from the MC that I actually liked the Punisher better?

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I mean the novel is okay but I personally dislike the main characters personality. What a shit head lmao if it was me I would take everything but what's done is done. Its like the main character is being a idiot letting people take advantage of him I kind of expect something good where he saves the world but still solos it like Solo Leveling however I clearly expected to much from this author.

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This novel is just, wow. I still have goosebumps from the last chapter. Unlike most novels where the mc goes to the past from the future is the mcs character and attitude towards his goal and people around him. He an mc that is alot better and deff more mature than most. Awesome read if you want something a bit serious with a touch of darkness. Give it a try its one of the only novels where the mc comes back in time that i finished:)

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