Rise of The Anti God (Web Novel)
Chapter 0: Glossary

In the world of 'Rise of The Anti-God', cultivation is a journey where one pursues strength or ethereal strength by following the 'Ethereal Way' to become more powerful.

The ethereal core is situated at the center of the chest just below the heart. It holds and helps channel ethereal energy throughout the body.

There are 47 ethereal core points spread out in the body from head to toe. When someone starts their cultivation journey, their ethereal core points absorb ethereal energy from the air and this energy is collected together to form an ethereal core which converts the raw ethereal energy into a different form of ethereal energy that they can manipulate. The ethereal core then serves the purpose of helping to channel ethereal strength throughout the body.

Afterwards as they cultivate, the ethereal core points absorb the ethereal energy from the air and feeds it to their ethereal core where it is converted and assimilated to increase their cultivation.





The Ethereal Cultivation system can be separated into Nine different Realms in the mortal plane. Each realm are divided into ten minor realms which goes from Level 1 to Level 10 with Level 1 being the weakest.

1. Initial Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

2. Nascent Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

3. Spirit Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

4. Earth Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

5. Sky Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

6. Heaven Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

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7. Profound Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

8. Noble Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

9. Prime Ethereal Realm [Level 1 - 10]

The Levels 1 to 10 can be categorized into four, (P.S Most of the time only levels would be mentioned rather than category, so rest easy ;) )

Levels 1 to 3 would be categorized as Low Level;

*Example,->Third Level of the Initial Ethereal Realm can also be said as Low Level Initial Ethereal Realm

Levels 4 to 7--> Mid Level or Middle Levels;

Levels 8 and 9 --> High Level

Level 10 --> Peak Level

The Soul Cultivation system can be separated into Six different Realms in the mortal plane.

1. Origin Soul Stage

2. Nascent Soul Stage

3. Soul Transformation Stage

4. TBD

5. TBD

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6. TBD

Each realm are again further divided into 4 minor realms.

Early Stage

Example, --> Early Origin Soul Stage< Middle Origin Soul Stage < Late Origin Soul Stage < Peak Origin Soul Stage


Continent - Rising Sun Continent under the rule of four empires is surrounded by water bodies. It is rumored that no one has ever been able to leave the continent. Those who tried, ended up back to where they were before.

Rong Empire, Xeton Empire, Lancaster Empire, Gale Empire


For commoners and for buying basic necessities,

1 Gold coin = 1000 Silver coins

1 Silver coin = 100 Copper coins

For cultivators, Spirit Stones are used which itself is a kind of cultivation resource due to which it is rare and has high demand. There are different colored Spirit Stones based on their purity.

1 Green Spirit Stone = 100,000 Gold coins

1 Yellow Spirit Stone = 10,000 Green Spirit Stones

1 Blue Spirit Stone = 1,000,000 Yellow Spirit Stones

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Pills - Ranked from 1 to 9; with 1 being the lowest.

Medicinal Ingredients - Medicinal herbs or plants used as ingredients to concoct pills.

Each Pill are further categorized into four; depending on their rarity.

Example, Low Grade Rank 1 Pill < Medium Grade Rank 1 Pill < High Grade Rank 1 Pill < Peak Grade Rank 1 Pill

Medical Ingredients are also categorized as follows,


1. Common Grade herbs --> Low Level Common Grade Herbs < Medium Level Common Grade Herbs < High Level Common Grade Herbs < Peak Level Common Grade Herbs

Common Grade herbs are used to concoct Rank 1 and Rank 2 Pills with Low and Medium Level Common Grade herbs used for concocting a Rank 1 Pill while High and Peak Level Common Grade herbs are used for concocting a Rank 2 Pill.

Low and Medium Level -> Rank 1

High and Peak Level -> Rank 2

2 .Earth Grade herbs - Follows same categorization as above ^^ - Used for concocting Rank 3 and Rank 4 Pills.

3. Sky Grade herbs - Follows same categorization as above ^^ - Used for concocting Rank 5 and Rank 6 Pills.

4. TBD

5. TBD

6. TBD

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