Rise of The Anti God (Web Novel)
Chapter 769: She Will Train Me?

Now Damien understood what his aunt was hiding. She was clearly worried about this matter but didn't want him to know to not involve him.

But he wasn't someone who was going to sit still and let his aunt face all the difficulties in her path alone. He was determined to become her support before things could get harder.

The meeting was soon over as there were no other important matters to be discussed.

Mira didn't even realize when the air inside the chamber got so hot. Now that she had stopped focusing on the things happening outside, her mind focused on the warm body pressing against her back.

But her eyes trembled in confusion when she felt something thick, long, and warm subtly pressing against her lower parts. She didn't like how it was making her feel strange and nudged him, "You! Put your blade back in its rightful place. It's poking me."

"Oh…" Damien grimaced as he didn't even realize when his unruly little dragon got out of its cave and became feisty. No wonder he felt quite comfortable upon feeling something soft and squishy. But since he was busy watching the meeting, he didn't pay it much mind.

Was he unconsciously that thirsty? He felt like he dodged a bullet as she misunderstood it and quickly circulated his ethereal energy in a certain way to make it go down.

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But since his height was towering over hers, he could clearly see her enticing cleavage, and the titillating scent of her skin was putting his blood into chaos.

"Tch, tch, you still have yet to get used to your draconic blood. Unless you plan to bed every girl you meet, you have to train your little dragon to control itself. I can't believe you are still not satisfied after marrying those four heavenly beauties," Luna said with a shake of her head.

"Hmph, my Master isn't that easy to satisfy. Someone like him can even bed all the beauties the universe has to offer and still seek more. Maybe…a goddess might be able to satisfy him," Kalypso said with an impish smile.

Luna's expression darkened as she suddenly chased after Kalypso, "Come here! This goddess will teach you a good lesson to put you in your place."

"Master, help! She is going to bully me!" Kalypso cried out as she flew around his soul space to evade her.

Damien didn't even hear most of their conversation since he was busy focusing his body and mind to not get distracted by his primal instincts caused by his own bloodline.

"Let's leave. Everybody has left," Damien inwardly sighed in relief as he was able to get out at the right time. He got a little worried that he could have lost control and jumped on Mira. If that happened, he might surely end up with a bruise on his cheek, considering her nature.

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But he did hear Luna's first few words about learning to control his primal instincts and decided to do just that.

Mira let out a frustrated sigh as she had to stand in such a closed space in an uncomfortable position because of his squeezing. She was still feeling a weird sensation down there, and it was just annoying her even more that he was the cause of it.

However, as she came out, her thoughts reeled back to what she saw during the meeting, and she fisted Damien's arm, "Hey, you saw everything, right? Now, do you understand how much you can't afford to lose? She has a lot of burden on her shoulders, and my Master cares too much about you, more than I like to admit. So if you end up dead after the duel, you will only be putting her in a miserable state."

Damien sighed as he nodded, "I know that. But you don't have to—"

"And that is why I decided to train you for the duel," Mira said with crossed arms and raised chin, making Damien blink his eyes.

She harrumphed and said, "No need to look so surprised. I have to do this for the sake of my Master and do my part. If you simply rush in head first, you will get owned before you know it. I can teach you how to handle your opponent."

Damien didn't expect her to actually help him out, considering how much she disliked his presence. As expected, she must really care about her Master. She didn't seem to be as bad as he thought when thinking about it.

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However, Mira wasn't finished as she added with a spiteful look, "Lehron had named his human slave as the 'Flayer'. He is a nasty filth who would skin anyone he fights alive. That sadistic dog would have been dead already if not for having Lehron as his Master. Under Lehron's authority, he gets to practice his sadistic tendencies as he pleases, especially in slave fights which happen daily."

"Daily? So this is like an entertainment sport?" Damien imagined that this was kind of like gladiator fights…fighting to the death for the enjoyment of the audience.

"Yes. You have no idea how much people here will pay to see you die a miserable death. I would have paid too if not for you being my Master's nephew," Mira said with a peevish look.

Damien softly chuckled, though he was glad he was going to get some help. Even if he was confident in his fighting skills, he had no idea about his opponent, and maybe he might get to learn something new from her as well.

"Thank you, Mira. You are very kind," Damien said with a charming smile as he patted her head, making Mira's body suddenly become stiff as she blinked in confusion.

"I will go and check on my aunt and see you later," Damien said with a wave of his hand before she could say anything.

"Did he just…" Mira touched her head and couldn't believe she simply stood like a statue as he patted her head, like some pet. But why wasn't she feeling angry about it and instead feeling good about how he thanked her to the point of even calling her kind?

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No! I shouldn't get fooled by his flattery. Hmph! Nice try, Damien. You almost got me there….Mira inwardly harrumphed as she walked away.

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