Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 31: Radiant Shield (I)

Li Xin voice trembled with anger: “Last month? You dare speak about last month? If my father and Uncle Lin had not arrived so quickly, I would have killed you with a single slash.”

Lin Jia Lu sneered: “If my father had not protected you, I would’ve turned you into an ice statue.”

Li Xin disdained: “If you have the skills to beat me, then don’t use any magic equipment.”

Lin Jia Lu contemptuously rebutted: “If you have the skills, don’t summon your unicorn mount.”

Seemingly not able to stifle her anger anymore, Li Xin moved her palm towards her back, drawing out one of her two swords she challenged the other girl, “Let’s go outside. This time I will not summon Rose, let’s see if you can do anything against me.”

Lin Jia Lu then handed her wand to the warrior apprentice next to her, “Well then, I will not use my wand either, I’ll let you see this lady’s casting speed.”

“Young ladies, the Head Officer and the Minister have already warned you that if the two of you were to raise a ruckus again,then both of you will be getting detentions.” Cold sweat broke out the warriors’ face as they stood between the girls who showed forced smiles mixed with frustration, having no choice but to agree.

Upon hearing the word ‘detention’, Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu immediately showed signs of restraint, once again a “Hmph” escaped their lips.

Li Jia Lu sneered: “Consider yourself lucky this time.”

“Lucky? This lady is a seventh ranked knight, unlike someone here who’s only a sixth ranked mage. I’m not sure who’s the lucky one here. Are you looking for a fight? Alright! Lin Jia Lu, would you dare make a bet with me?”

Lin Jia Lu grunted and said: “What bet?”

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Li Xin pointed at Long Hao Chen standing behind her, “This is my little brother, he’ll go for me. You also send someone from your side. Since we are not duelling directly, the problem of getting detention does not rise.”

Long Hao Chen had been hidden by Li Xin’s body before, but now that Li Xin had moved aside, Lin Jia Lu could finally see him. Up on seeing the boy, Lin Jia Lu’s eyes sparkled. Long Hao Chen had a beautiful, near-perfect face and a unique pair of rare clear golden eyes, it felt like he had some more imperceptible qualities that were enough to make her dumbstruck.

Looking at Long Hao Chen, then at Li Xin, Lin Jia Lu toned down a bit, asking Li Xin: “Is she a girl crossdressed as a guy like you?”

Long Hao Chen’s face twitched, he dropped his hair and his brows wrinkled: “I’m a boy.”

He thought to himself, why can’t you people stop being like that?! Why does everyone see me as a girl? Can’t you people not see that I have an Adam’s apple? Can’t you have a little common sense?!

Li Xin triumphantly said: “So? My little brother is handsome, right? Have you ever seen anyone as handsome as he is?”

Lin Jia Lu, curling her lips, said: “So you have this kind of hobby. You like them younger, eh? However, you are much older than he is. Don’t you have any shame?”

“You…” Li Xin angrily said: “Tell me, do you want to bet or not? Let me tell you the truth: my little brother is also from Hao Yue Hall. He just joined today.”

Lin Jia Lu was somewhat surprised, “Aren’t you making a mistake? You want to send him out? How old is he? Is he even fifteen years old?”

Li Xin said: “Don’t worry about that, just tell me if you want to bet or not. If you don’t dare, quickly go away; don’t ruin your Aunt’s 1 eating mood.”

“Whose Aunt? Let’s bet if it’s what you want. Isn’t he just a little kid? Xu Tiankong, you go.” Lin Jia Lu didn’t know herself why she and Li Xin were always at odds; it was obvious that they could not stand each other’s provocation.

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Li Xin said: “Let’s duel outside so as to not affect other people’s business. Also, since it’s a bet, let’s put something at stake.”

Lin Jia Lu said: “What do you want to bet?”

Li Xin who had clearly decided long ago what she wanted to bet, pulled out a white-colored crystal and said: “I’ll bet this magic crystal from the light-element fifth ranked beast Elegant Gold Tiger against the Radiant Shield from your house’s business.”

Lin Jia Lu fretted, “Are you crazy?” She also vaguely felt that something was off. An Elegant Gold Tiger’s magic crystal was fairly rare. Among the fifth-ranked magic crystals, it was one of the best ones. Even though the Radiant Shield was good, its value was not as high as this magic crystal at all. So why was she so confident?

The magic crystal kept bouncing in Li Xin’s hand, she looked at Lin Jia Lu and sneered: “If you are afraid to bet, then get out of my sight and from now on, remember to take another path when you meet me.”

“What is there for me to be afraid of? Fine, Let’s bet.” Lin Jia Lu impulsively agreed.

Long Hao Chen had been standing next to them, without saying anything. He did not know what caused the tension between Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu. But he realized that even though these two were really noisy, they still had managed to keep their cool, and they were not really enemies either. Li Xin had been very nice to him. For the sake of his Big Sister, he could not refuse.

The group then got out of the restaurant together. Li Xin, pulling Long Hao Chen’s arm, whispered: “Lil’ Bro, I’m so sorry for making you do this even though you haven’t eaten yet. However, you have to try your best! Sis did it with good intentions, you must win.”

Long Hao Chen clearly saw there was some slyness in Li Xin’s eyes, so he quickly nodded: “Big Sister, I’ll try my best.”

On the other side, Lin Jia Lu was also cheering her own attendant: “Xu Tiankong… this little kid seems to have some skills, but you have to win. If you win, I’ll give you a good sword. However, remember not to hurt him.”

Xu Tiankong helplessly said: “Miss, can you promise me that after the duel ends, regardless of the outcome, you won’t cause problems with Miss Xin’er anymore? Otherwise, I will have to report it to the Head Officer.”

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Lin Jia Lu impatiently replied: “I know.”

In front of the restaurant, there was an empty lot reserved for parking carriages; at this time, there weren’t many carriages so there was just enough space for them to hold the duel.

Long Hao Chen stepped forward with a heavy sword already in his hand. On the other side, Xu Tian Kong also moved forward. Long Hao Chen looked at Lin Jia Lu and said: “Sister Lin, I’ve never faced a mage. I’m looking forward to your guidance.”

“Huh?” Both Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu were stunned.

Li Xin quickly said: “Lil’ Bro, calm down.” She had seen Long Hao Chen fight. She knew that his fighting experience was not bad and his spiritual energy ranking wasn’t low either. Lin Jia Lu’s two guards had, at best, just reached the third step as warriors. If the two had not mastered any sacred skills, it would be difficult for them to win against Long Hao Chen. However, Lin Jia Lu was completely different. She and Li Xin were considered prodigies of Hao Yue City.

Looking at Li Xin, Long Hao Chen said in a serious tone: “Big Sister, my father told me that first hand experiences, in many cases, are more important than training. I want to try dueling a mage. So please guide me well!”

Lin Jia Lu went around the puzzled Xu Tian Kong and suspiciously asked: “Kiddo, you want to duel me? If so, your sister Xin’er will surely lose.”

Long Hao Chen slowly lifted his heavy sword, shook his head, and replied: “One cannot know if one does not try. Big Sister Xin’er, may I?”

Li Xin looked at the calm and decisive posture that seemed to belong to someone much older than Long Hao Chen. She then smiled: “Good, that’s my Lil’ Bro! Show her how strong you are. Lin Jia Lu, don’t cry when you lose.”

“I’m gonna lose?” Lin Jia Lu stared at Li Xin, without taking out her wand, she pointed at Long Hao Chen and said: “Then come.”

“Sister Lin, please.” Long Hao Chen spoke, lightly tapping his heavy sword on his right shoulder, exercising a knight’s salute, pointing his toes downwards; he started charging towards Lin Jia Lu.

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Not retreating, Lin Jia Lu quickly and quietly recited her spell,. There was a layer of pale-blue light spreading out from her body. Pointing her right index finger at Long Hao Chen, an [Ice Ball] was shot straight at him, all of this happening in less than a second.

1. 姑奶奶gunainai; a Chinese way of speaking, to insist on the fact she’s superior

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