Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 59: The Dragon Rises and Sets Sail (III)

Compared to humans, the most frightening aspect of demons was their innate fighting capabilities. Every one of them, without exception, could fight since birth. Their innate talent in this regard was far beyond comparison with humans’; even without undergoing any form of training, they could still become formidable warriors.

The innate peculiarity of the members of the Luke clan was that they had four stinger-shaped hands. Their frontal fighting strength was not too high, but they were experts at mounting sneak attacks. With their four arms simultaneously held high above their head, they were capable of drilling underground with a high speed comparable to sprints. Their attack arrived suddenly from underneath, causing people to be taken off guard and leaving them unable to defend effectively against it.

At this time, Long Hao Chen’s group of five was surrounded by 16 or 17 Luke Clan soldiers. Some among them were, at this moment, lying on the ground. They had clearly perished from being repelled directly to the ground because of Long Hao Chen’s counter.

These Luke clansmen had burst out from the ground, and immediately rushed at Long Hao Chen’s group of five. The warriors looked incomparably tyrannical with their thick and sharp stingers that gave off a cold feeling.

For the reason that the enemies came from all directions, with the exception of Lin Jia Lu, each of the others turned to a different direction to face the incoming storm. Deep inside, they were a little nervous, but having reached the fourth step of their vocation, they had enough experience to know to not immediately rush into action. They kept their formation, each one brandishing his weapons, protecting Lin Jia Lu in the middle.

The first who acted was the one at Long Hao Chen’s side, Hao Yue. His two heads pointed in opposite direction. Little Flame gathered a small blaze in his mouth and shot forth a fireball. Little Light showed no moment of weakness and shot a very fast bolt of light, even faster than the fireball.

Because each of Hao Yue’s heads could think independently, Long Hao Chen gave them different names according to their attributes, Little Flame and Little Light.

The light arrow that Little Light fired was a third of a meter long, and extremely fast. It was directly aimed at a warrior from the Luke Clan. It did not even have the time to react when, with a Pu sound, its head was already pierced and its four stingers fell down on the ground.

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Immediately afterwards, with a Boom sound, another Luke clansman tried to use its stingers to block the fireball and stopped it, but was sent flying away by the explosive force of the fireball.

There was a total of about ten enemies. Long Hao Chen was only facing four of them, and in addition, two of the enemies had already been subdued by Hao Yue, so naturally he did not feel the slightest bit of pressure. He chanted a kind of muffled chant at lightning speed, and lifted up the Light Sword in his hand with an exaggerated motion. A fantastic symbol shone at the top of his head, and as if it was contagious, this symbol immediately split apart, appearing atop the heads of the other four. Immediately following, a golden ring of light undulated under the feet of the five people in its range, causing a faint golden radiance to appear around them.

Before Long Hao Chen completed these two holy magic spells, the two Luke clansmen had already dashed in and arrived close to him.

He held up the Light Sword, but there was also the Radiant Shield in his left hand, and with two peng peng sounds, the sharp stingers of the two Luke clansmen were blocked by the Radiant Shield.

A golden mark appeared at the top of his head. It was the Guardian Knight ability, [Guardian’s Favor]; when the enemies attacked, [Guardian’s Favor] would immediately increase his defensive capabilities, reducing the attack power of the enemy to a certain extent.

The golden ring turned the nervousness in Long Hao Chen’s group of five into determination, this was the [Faith Halo]. Just like [Guardian Favor], it was a Guardian Knight’s support skill.

While these two abilities were activated, the Light Sword in Long Hao Chen’s hand had started to shine, and a third of a meter long edges of blade made of light penetrated them, easily beheading the bodies of the two Luke clan members. Little Light and Little Flame, who shot once again a fireball and a light arrow, completely getting rid of the two last Luke clansmen. The four enemies Long Hao Chen and his companions were facing were entirely wiped out just like that.

Lin Jia Lu, located at the middle of the formation, had completed a magical spell at the same time; Long Hao Chen was so young that she naturally wanted to take care of the enemies at his side first, but just as her magic was completed, Long Hao Chen had already finished the battle. Not only that, he had also used two area effective assisting skills on everyone.

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“[Ice Spear].” Four blue rays were unleashed in the air, falling like meteorites and transforming into four two meter long ice spears that were aimed at four Luke Clan soldiers that immediately fell to the ground, their eyes becoming lifeless.

In the next instant, the enemies on Li Xin and Chen Chen’s sides were also wiped out; as a Shield Warrior, defense was Chen Si’s specialization. However, the aid of Lin Jia Lu’s spears had already settled the fight.

The Luke Clan soldiers’ fighting capability was weak: they were, in fact, like second step first rank human warriors. Without the opportunity of launching a surprise attack, how could they be an opponent for these four formidable fourth step youths?

Seeing the corpses around them, everyone let out a breath at the same time. These enemies from the Luke Clan were just too unexpected. Although they did not have high fighting capabilities, they had mounted a sneak attack from underground, so if they had not reacted at time, Long Hao Chen’s group would have been bound to have had great casualties.

“Little brother Long, thank you.” Lin Jia Lu told Long Hao Chen with a somewhat pale face. She was a mage with a weak defense; in the case that they did not discover this sneak attack, the most likely to have died would have been her.

The way the two brothers Chen Si and Chen Chen looked at Long Hao Chen completely changed. Although Long Hao Chen had Hao Yue’s help in the previous fight, it should not be forgotten that it was not only him who discovered the enemy, but he had also used three holy magic spells, one more than Lin Jia Lu did as the mage of the team.

[Divine Light Mantle], [Faith Halo], and [Guardian’s Favor]; even though they were all skills used by second step Guardian Knights, he used them in an extraordinary way. In addition, he had also used two clean [Lightning Cuts] to get rid of two enemies. Seeing such a quick link speed, Chen Si and Chen Chen could not help but gasp in admiration. Without a single doubt, Long Hao Chen was already quite strong, he was a Grand Knight and not simply Li Xin’s attendant.

A fourteen year-old Grand Knight! Just by thinking about it, the two little brothers of the Chen family felt a chill in their hearts.

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The forte of a Grand Knight was not the continuous use of his skills externalizing his spiritual energy. Although Long Hao Chen did not have this kind of ability, he had, just now, continuously used and combined his skills to the extent that his strength could not be doubted the slightest bit.

While everyone was looking at Long Hao Chen, flabbergasted, Long Hao Chen’s complexion suddenly changed and he shouted once more, “Be careful!” A light glinted: it was another [Divine Light Mantle].

However, this time, the [Divine Light Mantle] was instantly smashed to pieces right after it appeared, and at the moment it was smashed to pieces, everyone could see a lightning fast silhouette appear at Lin Jia Lu’s side. A thick ray of light went straight toward Lin Jia Lu’s neck, about to pierce it.

A surprise attack!

Lin Jia Lu was located at the center of the four-man formation: as her role as a mage, she was the central point of protection of the team. However, at that moment, her partners did not expect this faintly discernible figure to break the [Divine Light Mantle] so suddenly; it had already penetrated the formation, passing through the small gap between Chen Chen and Li Xin.

The speed of this enemy was really too high, the majority of the people here could only stare blankly in reaction. Using the [Divine Light Mantle] was already the most Long Hao Chen could do in this situation: in terms of distance and speed, he had no way to come to the aid of Lin Jia Lu in time.

“JIA LU— —” Li Xin shouted out. But no matter how anxious she was, she needed time to attempt to save her. How could she make it at time?

A cold, sharp blade arrived at Lin Jia Lu’s neck and finally reached her trembling skin; from the moment when Long Hao Chen shouted loudly to be careful, she could already feel this cold feeling. Omitting the fact that she was a Grand Mage, she was, before everything, a vulnerable mage; in such circumstances, there was no way to save her.

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Had the time of her death come? At this instant, Lin Jia Lu could not feel anything: no joy, no sadness. Only endless denial. It seemed as if this sharp blade had already cut her throat apart, and all that she could feel was her soul leaving her body…

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