Sign In Buddha’s Palm

Chapter 79: A Bit Boring.

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Chapter 79: A Bit Boring.

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“This is absolutely impossible!!”

The phantom was shocked to the core.

How rare is an Arhat? Even with his innate talent and aptitude, it took him a hundred years to barely step into this realm.

And this is also considering that Arhat Pao spent a lot of resources on him, and even used Blood Essence to shape his Body. Hence why he was able to achieve Arhat.

But what about Su Qin?

The Demon Buddha knew very well that this generation of Shaolin Temple does not have an Arhat. Ever since Arhat Pao passed away 900 years ago, the Shaolin Temple has never given birth to another Arhat.

In other words, Su Qin relied entirely on himself in achieving Arhat.

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Thinking of this, the Demon Buddha couldn’t help feeling cold.

Ten years ago, when Su Qin was strengthening the seal, the Demon Buddha was quite sure that Su Qin’s age, judging from the age of his bones, was definitely not more than 30 years old.

And he should only be 40 years old right now.

A 40 years old Arhat?

The Demon Buddha felt his scalp tingle.

He had been suppressed for 900 years, he abandoned his Body, and was struggling at death’s door; he was already extremely weak.

If Su Qin was still a Grade 1, then the Demon Buddha was confident that he could take care of him, and at the worst, he can just retreat.

But an Arhat…

“Master, if you have something to say, since you let me out, there must be a need to use me. As long as you say it, I’ll do it…”

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The Demon Buddha didn’t dare to continue to call himself “this Deity”. He was temporarily surrendering, to save his life.

“No more nonsense.” Su Qin was too lazy to continue these shenanigans.

Suddenly, a small square seal appeared in the sky.

This small seal was completely black, with traces of blood still remaining at its corners.

It was the Demon Suppression Seal.

Su Qin obtained this from the Demon Subduing Tower a whole ago. It is known as the Demonic Path’s nemesis.


As soon as the Demon Suppression Seal appeared, it continued to expand, covering most of the sky, and then slowly moving towards the Demon Buddha.

“This is?” The Demon Buddha’s eyes showed extreme fear.

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When the seal first appeared, the Demon Buddha already felt that his strength was suppressed by half. As it got bigger and closer, this suppression was increasing.


The Demon Buddha roared again and again, instantly using dozens of life-saving Secret Techniques to try to break free from the Demon Suppression Seal.

But unfortunately, all were useless, just like a gentle breeze blowing on a big tree.

Soon, the Demon Buddha completely collapsed. The hole that he walked out of was also crushed into a powder by the Demon Suppression Seal.

“This thing is convenient…” Su Qin glanced at the Demon Suppression Seal and was quite satisfied.

Although Su Qin can raise his hand and solve the Demon Buddha himself, but with the Demon Suppression Seal, Su Qin does not even need to lift his hand.

Of course, the Demon Buddha has been suppressed for 900 years, and his strength was already near exhaustion. Moreover, the Demon Suppression Seal’s ability to restrain the Demonic Path is very much OP.

After retracting the Demon Suppression Seal, Su Qin returned to his original position and sat cross-legged.

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Since the Demon Buddha had completely fallen, the strength of the Seal made from Buddha’s Palm left in the Back Mountain, was naturally absorbed by Su Qin.

“Pure Land In One’s Palm?” Su Qin slowly felt the strength of the Seal.

900 years ago, Arhat Pao used [Buddha’s Palm 3rd Form: Pure Land in the Palm] to suppress the Demon Buddha.

At the same time.

Outside the Back Mountain Forbidden Area.

Abbot Hui Wen and the Court Head’s eyes were wide open and they couldn’t believe it.

“The aura of the Demon Buddha has disappeared.”

“It has disappeared completely…”

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The Court Heads and Abbot Hui Wen, had similar expressions of pure shock.

Just now, they felt a strong Demonic Aura coming from the Back Mountain Forbidden Area. This was the same aura of the Descendant Of The Demon Buddha more than ten years ago.

When such strong Demonic Aura appeared, whether it was Abbot Hui Wen or the Court Heads, their complexions had greatly changed, because they realized that it was probably the Demon Buddha escaping the Seal.

However, before Abbot Hui Wen and the others could speak any further, the aura had completely disappeared.

This kind of disappearance is not the kind of disappearance because of a suppression, but instead it was a complete disappearance.

“The Demon Buddha calamity has been completely solved…”

The Martial Monk Court Head was in disbelief.

In the birth of the Demon Buddha 900 years ago, the Shaolin Temple was almost destroyed. Although he was finally suppressed by Arhat Pao, his Descendants would appear every 100 years and thereafter consume the Shaolin Temple little by little as time passed by.

And at this time, the aura of the Demon Buddha suddenly disappeared?

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Once the Demon Buddha disappears, the Descendants of the Demon Buddha will naturally no longer appear.

In other words, starting today, the Shaolin Temple no longer needs to go through a disaster every 100 years!

“Venerable, it is because of the Venerable’s grace!”

Abbot Hui Wen looked at the Back Mountain in awe.

The other Court Heads also looked towards the Back Mountain with great respect.

They don’t even remember how many times Su Qin has helped Shaolin Temple. All they know is that without Su Qin, the Shaolin Temple would have been destroyed long ago.

Su Qin had rescued Shaolin Temple many times, and now he has helped the Shaolin Temple solve the Demon Buddha problem. It was no different than rebuilding the Shaolin Temple. So how can Abbot Hui Wen and the Court Heads not be in awe?

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Back Mountain.

Su Qin was sitting cross-legged.

Regarding wiping out the Demon Buddha completely, although it may be grace for Abbot Hui Wen, the Court Heads and even to the entire Shaolin Temple, but in the eyes of Su Qin, it was nothing but a little effort.

It’s not much.

Su Qin even felt it to be a bit boring.

The Demon Buddha was solved by the Demon Suppression Seal and he did not need to raise any hand.

Next, Su Qin returned to his usual peaceful life again.

Except for daily Sign Ins and giving occasional pointers to Xuan Ku, Su Qin was basically Cultivating.

After obtaining the Millennium Bodhi Heart, Su Qin’s perception of Heaven and Earth has made rapid progress.

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Together with [Past Amitabha Sutra]’s refinement of the World’s Essence Qi and an ample supply of Glazed Golden Cores, Su Qin’s Cultivation Base has grown so fast that he was almost close to his speed of Cultivation when he was till Grade 9.

Soon, one year passed in an instant.

On this day, Su Qin slowly opened his eyes.

“Finally, Peak 2nd Heavenly Layer.” A smile appeared on Su Qin’s face.

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