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Supremacy Games novel is a popular light novel covering Sci-fi, Action, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author MidGard. 1753 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Welcome to Supremacy Games! The greatest entertainment platform in the universe that was created specifically to entertain and ease the boredom of the commoners all around the universe.
The platform was made out of tens of formats, each containing hundreds of deadly games that allowed the use of elemental abilities.

Sports format had games, like football, rugby, track running, and many more of such sports.

Battles format had games, like battle royals, bounty hunt, points collection...etc

There was even a lifestyle competition format, that had games like potion concoctions, fishing...etc.

As long as a game was well received by the spectators, it would be added to the Supremacy Games platform.

The Universal Virtual Reality that had 100% realism, made it easy for those games to be hosted inside it, and watched on a daily basis by every spectator in the universe.
Whether live by entering the UVR and attending the stadiums, or through a live stream.

Felix Maxwell was just an average joe, who wasn't really a popular player nor had a fanbase to support him in the games.
He was just like the majority of the players. Add on, whose role was to make famous players shine even brighter.

However, his fate was completely changed after joining a clan mission with 54 other clanmates. The mission was completed successfully. But, on their way back to the clan, their spaceship radar picked up a large amount of energy coming from a destroyed planet.

His fate flipped upside down inside that said planet. What happened exactly on it? How did he end up after leaving it? Did he even leave it in the first place?

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  • 001mac 7

    Currently been stacking for the last 200 or so chapters after feeling like the novel experienced a drop in quality. The first 1200 chapters or so were amazing but man, these latest chapters just feel a lot more tedious. Maybe I'm just burned out but I still plan on waiting till the end and see how the story wraps up before deciding whether or not to actually finish it.

    Edited: 12h
  • Teexlol 9

    Just Realized That Selphie doesn't have any chance with mc (Author Mentioned No Harem), although I knew it still hurts.

    Edited: 23h
  • SeeingThrough 2

    Is it truly the end? bc newest ch said (the end) at the title

    • Declan97 27

      No, it refers to XIV meaning part 14 is the end of its mini-arc.

  • Raytundra 8

    Miss the times when PEAKgard was doing his thing

    • Gooffy 13

      Honestly for me the whole story went downhill after the Universal Supremacy Games since the was like the whole essence of it all. I mean, sure its great that he was able to become leagues stronger than before but it just doesn't feel the same anymore man. But I guess its all for the plot.🤷‍♂️ P.S. I made this comment being at CH1572 and currently stacking. I don't know of there have been any major changes that contributes to the story's excitement but I am gonna wait till its really completed before savouring this femme fatale... oops, I mean gyatt... no I mean cherry on the top. Yeah the cherry on top...

      Edited: 12h
      • Raytundra 8

        You right but did bro js say gyaat unironically 😔

  • DarkDragula846 18

    Will check it out , when it is over.

  • Ice37f 1

    Novel starts out as worth reading, but around chapter 1140 the arcs and MC were going downhill fast. Had to drop it around mid 1300 chapter mark.

    • MonoLock 16

      I will finish it

  • jackfrostyyfrost 2

    Don't get jebaited. This story deserves a 3/5 at best, maybe a 3.5/5. The story starts fine and continually rolls down hill, at a surprisingly fast speed. Maybe it gets better later but why waste so much time to get there? Edit: many inconsistencies and filler-bs writing after the 100 chapter mark. A little before but it gets worse over time. Very unfortunate as the premise was fine

    Edited: 7d
  • niceguy555724 5

    this deserves top 10 bro

  • Nytri_Vespira 11

    why did it drop so far? it was 13th last time I checked.

    • EggyHasan 14

      Every one is probably stacking after a major arc. Ive been stacking ever since he entered the place where all the brings like asna are

  • Defying_Demon_Flys 22

    This seriously deserves top 15 if not top 10 why are all good novels rank is dropping? I think the platform is giving space to new ones while removing old ones

    Edited: 10d
    • Arondight 10

      Maybe there's a lot of people like me who is currently stacking chapters. I've stacked almost 200 chapters so far.