Supreme Harem God System
Chapter 246: Teacher Evane, can you help mewith it?

"I said you cannot do it.

You cannot kick me out of this school, no matter how hard you try.

You do not have the power to do so."

Candice raised her head and glared at Teacher Evane.

"Do not forget Teacher Evane, a single teacher cannot kick a student from the academy.

Also, don't give me all that surname bullshit.

I very well know that you are a Skyfall. The Princess of our Kingdom.

However, my Teacher is a Skyfall as well.

Therefore, no teacher will side with you even if you use your Status because in the end, compared to a talented 22-year-old Master Stage Cultivator and the Future Pillar of the Kingdom, no one would be stupid enough to choose an 80-year-old Grand Master Stage Cultivator who has used up all her potential and can't bring any value to the Kingdom other than teaching a few Advance Stage Cultivators!"


Candice spat viciously and Teacher Evane turned silent.

This time, the Students in the classroom frowned.

If it was anything else, they would support Candice, the Queen of the Royal Academy with all their heart, however, this time, she was against their Teacher.

And not a normal teacher, but the nicest teacher.

Although Teacher Evane was a princess and had a very high social standing compared to all the students, she has never been arrogant about it and treated every student gently. She treated students even better than other teachers do.

The students respected her a lot as well.

Therefore, now that the Queen of the Academy was standing against their teacher, they like it one bit.

A thought that Nux shared with the rest of his classmates.

"The teacher you are talking about, is it Teacher Arvina Skyfall?" Nux questioned as he walked in front of Evane.

"Huh? You are rather well informed huh…" Candice smiled.

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"Yes, I am well informed about certain things, therefore, I want to ask, are you sure you want to involve Teacher Arvina Skyfall in this mess?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Candice frowned.

"First, you barged into Teacher Evane's class, then, you blamed one of her students and challenged her decision.

As if this was not enough, you even dared to point your finger against Teacher Evane and called her 'someone who has used all her potential' and mocked her job as her teacher.

Does that mean you feel the same way for your teacher as well?

Do you feel that your teacher, an Expert Stage Cultivator isn't bringing any value to the kingdom other than teaching a bunch of children?"

Nux questioned, he then walked towards Candice and narrowed his eyes,

"Are you sure you want Teacher Arvina Skyfall to hear this?"

"I-I never said anything like this! You are just moulding my words!" Candice stepped back and pointed her finger at Nux.

"You may have not said anything about Teacher Arvina, but doesn't your words already tell what you think about all the teachers in general?

To be honest, I pity Teacher Arvina, she went as far as to take you as her personal student, however, this is how low you think of her.

Dissapointing indeed."

Nux shook his head and sighed.

"Alright, let's do this, let's call Teacher Arvina here and have a big, lengthy discussion about what happened."

Nux suggested and then he turned towards Anna,

"Anna, can you please go and call teacher Arvina here."

"Y-Yes, right away!" Anna nodded and just as she was about to rush out of class, Candice shouted.


Anna paused.

Candice then completely ignored Nux and walked towards Teacher Evane,

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Then, she bowed her head and apologized.

"Teacher Evane, I apologize for what I said in a fit of anger.

I am still immature and would request you to be a bigger person and forgive me.

I promise you that I will learn to control my emotions and keep my words in check.

I really did not mean what I said before, again, I apologize."

"Alright, I forgive you. You can leave my class now, I need to continue with my lecture." Evane sighed.

Did she forgive her?

Of course not.

However, she had to teach.

She doesn't have any time to waste on a 20-year-old child.

"Yes, Teacher Evane. Thank you very much."

Candice bowed her head again and then she walked away.

However, before she left, she glanced at Nux, who just smiled at her provocatively, she gritted her teeth in annoyance and then left the classroom.

Today, she had taken a big hit on her pride.

She, Candice Water, the Queen of the Royal Academy, the Future Pillar of the Skyfall Kingdom, had to bow her head in front of an entire classroom.

A shameful act indeed.

And this was all because of one student.

One puny Advance Stage commoner.

Earlier, she just wanted him to pay the price for attacking her subordinate, however now, now everything is personal.

Candice wasn't planning to let that boy go with just a lifelong debt.

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Now, everything would be a lot worse than before.

"Keep an eye on that student named Nux Leander.

As soon as he makes one single mistake, report it to me." She ordered the boy who had joined her after she left the classroom.

"Yes, Lady Candice."

On the other side, Teacher Evane continued with her lecture, however, with how she was delivering her lecture, it was clear that Candice's words have affected her in some way.

The students, however, couldn't do anything about it and just look at each other helplessly.

The class continued for more and then,

"Alright, this will be it for today, we will continue this from tomorrow. Have a good day ahead, everyone."

Teacher Evane muttered with a small smile on her face.

However, just as she was about to leave, Nux raised his hand.

"Teacher Evane, I tumbled into a problem when I was using Fire Burst Skill yesterday, can you help me with it?" Nux questioned.

"Hmm? You learned it already?"

"Of course, I used it against Myrill yesterday, did you forget?" Nux answered with a smile.

It was only then that most of the students realized what had happened.

'This fucking monster… he learned a 2-Star Skill in just 2 days…

This is absurd!'

Even Teacher Evane was shocked still.

"Teacher Evane, can you help me with it?" Nux questioned again.

"A-Ah, sure. Come to my office, I will help you if I can."

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 246: Teacher Evane, can you help mewith it?
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