Taming The Villainesses
Chapter 1.2

(EP-1.2) Flower Aira

001 – Evil Flower Aira #1

"Hmm-. Yes. In fact, that's what I was thinking too.”

“Indeed, the great and wise Queen Aira knows best that this impromptu execution is not a good show of example.”

I’d said this over and over again like a martyr.

Not only did my voice have to be loud, I also must have a clear pronunciation. It was awkward at first, but after a year of doing so, I got better.

As I said so, I observed Aira's expression.

Aira folded her arms and nodded her head, holding the sword away.

“Hmm, indeed. That's right. Even I, too, thought a simple beheading was too merciful. So, Tae-oh, continue to speak the thoughts you read in my mind.”

What did you mean I read your thoughts? You blank-headed chick!

I was furious, but didn't swear. I paused for a moment until the boiling simmered down.


The point here was to break the momentum.

When dealing with Aira, I needed to increase my speaking ability by having everyone's attention and focus on me.

It took me a whole year to figure this out.

Glancing around, I could feel everyone's grim looks.

They probably thought I was licking the Queen's feet to gain her favor.

However, I couldn't care less. I had no intention of dying.

If I died here, there was no guarantee that I would return to the body of Lee Seong-eum in the 21st century.

So, in order to live, I said.

“Respected Queen. This Tae-oh brought Miss Clara, Belmott's daughter, to the Court.”

“You brought Belmott’s daughter!?”

Queen Aira excitedly asked, as if she was in a gold rush. It was the first time she’d heard of this. Obviously, she played no part here.

At that time, I snapped my fingers.

Then from some place, men in black robes dragged a slender girl with blonde hair in, tearing her clothes left and right.


“Oh, Clara-!”

Seeing this, the apathetic look on Belmott's face instantly contorted.


It was like he had been thrown from heaven to hell in an instant.

He wouldn't have thought that his precious only daughter would be dragged here.

He was prepared to die, so he made sure to hide his family beforehand.

However, I already knew that the hideout was located near the Southern Desert City of Kel'thas because I read it in the novel. It might be scummy, but what could I do?

Belmott was smart, and by this time he should have realized that his daughter had been taken hostage by me.

He was afraid of what Tae-oh, who was called a demon, would do to his daughter that would be left behind once he was dead.

Fathers could endure a blade being pointed at their neck, but they would foam at the mouth when it came to their child.

Then, in the end, Belmott would apologize to the Queen and avoided the death penalty.

This was the conclusion I’d come up with in the last few days, after pulling all my hair out.

And that was what was actually happening.

Right now, in this Court, I was the one in control of people's emotions-!

With this, the death flags hanging from my neck would also disappear.

It was my victory!

I grinned insidiously and shade the joy I was feeling.

Aira put her sword on the floor and started clapping.

“I see, that’s right. Tae-oh, you exactly read my thoughts! So, you would like to see both Belmott and his daughter Clara indulge in the act of incest in front of everyone, correct?”


No, I didn't think of that.

“As expected from you, Tae-oh. You are the only one who understands me. You know what I want!"

What you wanted? Hey, f*ck this, let's pause. I didn't think that far.

━Commit incest-?

━Right here-?

━This is terrible-!

I could feel everyone's eyes on me.

They probably noticed it.

Aira had no idea, and the fact that I was tempting her like this…


I felt like pulling my hair out.

I tried to keep Belmott alive, but Aira just kept on fanning the flames.

“Aira, you crazy woman, that’s your death flag!” I wanted to cry out loudly, but couldn’t.

Why were you so eager in sprinting towards your death!?

Could it be that the future the wheel of fate set for the characters was inevitable?

Just as the heroes in myths could not avoid the absurd oracles, couldn’t we mortals avoid fate no matter how hard we tried?

Even if I, an ordinary person (mortal), used all my wits, was Aira still destined to become a villain?

If so, then what about the bootlicker next to her named Tae-oh? What would happen to me if Aira was executed?

No, there was no point in asking. It was certain that I would be torn to pieces by the angry crowd.

I was pissed.

F*ck fate!

I wouldn’t stand for that.

There might be those who laughed at my misfortune and threw stones at me, but I would outlive them all and be the one who gets the last laugh.

I then busily began to think about the next moves I should take.

There must be a way. Come on, you’d persevered for a year now…

"Your Majesty…”

However, fortunately or unfortunately, Belmott, who was embracing his daughter, bowed before the Queen in tears.

“Your Majesty, Queen Aira-. Please have mercy on this old servant. I have indeed committed a mortal sin-. But, my daughter…”

“Ah, Father…”

The sight of an old father and his naked daughter hugging each other while crying was enough to make the eyes of many people wet.

The Queen's Guards would viciously steal candy from a crying child and beat them up if it was Queen Aira's order, but even for them…

━I can't stand it.

━Me too. When are we leaving work?

━We just got here…

At this pitiful scene, they secretly averted their eyes while wearing bitter expressions under their helmets.

It was only Aira who was smiling.

“Ah, what shall I do? The crime of opposing the Queen is grave~. How should we do this~."

It was as if a little child was asked to choose a gift by their parents.

At this moment, it was once again my turn.

“Tell me, Your Majesty the Queen, what's your take, Tae-oh.”


Aira asked for my opinion. She only listened to me, a gardener, and not the other people present.

Looking at it, I once again felt the same feeling I had every day for the past year.

I became the servant of the wretched Queen.

No matter how much I thought about it, I…

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Chapter 1.2
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