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After the Sword King left.

Sitting on his dormitory bed, Hajoon picked up Maharazu and called out to Philaten.


-What is it, my King?

He had always been curious about something.

Where did those kings come from, and how did a being not even mentioned in the game suddenly appear?

Believing there was still something unknown to him, Hajoon decided to ask her.

"Tell me how many of the remaining 'kings' are there."


As Maharazu emitted a faint light, Philaten appeared, kneeling in front of Hajoon.

She slowly lifted her head and continued.

"The King of Humans Zahart, the King of Elves Hermorus, the King of Merfolk Orgon, and finally, the King of Giants Gigantmakia. Among them, be wary of the King of Giants. His power was equal to that of the past Dwarf King Horton."

"Where are they now?"

"I'm sorry. It's currently impossible to determine the kings' locations. Their status conceals their presence, making detection impossible."

"Is that so?"

Hajoon had asked Philaten, but somehow, he had a hunch about where they might be.

Including the Water King Bekarudon and the Fairy King, they existed in the Abyss. He guessed these beings were also hiding somewhere in the world in the Abyss.

"I'll have to search for them myself soon."

At his words, Philaten simply bowed her head.

However, despite her calm expression, Hajoon could feel a slight excitement in her emotions.

"You've decided to kill the kings."

"There's no reason to spare them."

"Then I will assist you with all my heart and sincerity."

With those words, Philaten showed a smile.

Meanwhile, Anna was in a vast library within a dimensional dungeon.

In a space filled with towering bookshelves and countless books, Anna sat at the center, quietly enjoying her reading.

"Hmm… Have I read most of them?"

Closing the book she had been reading, Anna looked around for a moment.

It was a fascinating space.

The ceiling was so high it seemed endless, and the books she had just read and placed on the floor fluttered back to their places as if they had wings.

Although she was now the owner of this library, the phenomena occurring here were still unfamiliar to her.

She didn't understand the principle behind it.

Not that she was particularly curious or cared about it.

Anna stood up and approached the bookshelves again.

As she contemplated which book to read next, her eyes fell upon a peculiar one.

A black book emitting a faint magic.

Driven by curiosity, Anna approached the shelf and reached out for the book.

That's when it happened.



Startled, Anna stumbled backward and fell to the floor with a thud.

Surprised and trembling, Anna stared at the book.

Just as she was about to pick up the book, a hand appeared out of nowhere, attempting to grasp her wrist through the book.

“What, what is this?!”

“Long time no see.”

A familiar voice then came from beyond the bookshelf.

Anna’s eyes widened in shock.

“Uh... Sage Choi Jungwon?”

As Anna spoke, the owner of the hand emerged through the bookshelf, revealing himself.

It was Choi Jungwon, whom she had heard was in a coma at the hospital.

“How is this possible…”

“It’s the residual thoughts of my magic. It’s not really me.”

Anna stared blankly at Choi Jungwon, realizing that his body was semi-transparent and made of magic.

Curious, she asked, “Well, uh...”

“I left this residue just in case. I thought you might choose a book you shouldn’t. That’s why I’m here to warn you.”

“A dangerous book?”

Choi Jungwon nodded slowly.

“It is dangerous, but the choice is yours. I'm here just to warn you, in case. The book contains a part of a sage's power. Once you open it, regardless of your will, knowledge that you may not be able to handle will be absorbed.”

Anna remembered something Hajoon had once said. Knowing everything could make everything seem meaningless.

“There's nothing more unhappy than knowing everything.”


“I know what you're seeking. I can’t force you to choose, but in my opinion, you don't need this book for your revenge.”

“Then why is this book here? Didn’t you put it here for someone to read?”

Choi Jungwon just smiled enigmatically.

As Anna looked puzzled, Choi Jungwon continued.

“In the past, Master Rokia used the knowledge from this book.”

“So that means…”

“However, Master Rokia always retained a human heart, despite embracing that knowledge.”

“How is that possible…”

“Hmm... I don't really know either. But perhaps he left it here thinking someone else might use this knowledge. I couldn’t find a way to do it without risks.”

Choi Jungwon looked at Anna earnestly.

“Or maybe that person could be you.”


“Yes, the potential of a sage’s power is infinite. You can manifest magic beyond your imagination. So…”

As he spoke, Choi Jungwon’s form started to fade even more.

His already semi-transparent body began to disappear.

Before vanishing completely, he left Anna with a final message.

"Choose wisely. Whether to read it or not is entirely up to you."

These were Choi Jungwon's last words echoing in Anna's ears.

After he vanished, Anna's gaze lingered on the black book for a moment.

She was deep in thought.

'At least not now…'

She concluded that now was not the right time to delve into that knowledge.

Surely, Lord Rokia didn't recklessly absorb such knowledge either.

'Alright, let's find a way.'

With that resolve, Anna picked up some unread books and sat down on the library floor with a thud. She started reading each book from the pile she had built.

There had to be a way.

And the hint for that method was surely among these countless books.

It would take a long time, but fortunately, it seemed it wouldn't be a dull time.

Late at night, near the East Sea beach in Ulsan.

The area was cordoned off with 'No Entry' signs by heroes and agents of the Association, who were guarding the vicinity.

The agents were busily moving around, all because of the detection of an unbelievable amount of magical energy from far across the sea.

"It certainly seems like Haesu," one of the agents remarked.

'Haesu' referred to threatening magical beasts that inhabit the sea. Their exact species were still unidentified, making them as dangerous as the beasts residing in the mountains.

"Has a dungeon under the sea broken through? It's impossible for this number of Haesu to suddenly move towards the land."

"It seems like the only explanation."

"Fortunately, we detected the Haesu moving towards the land in advance. We can at least prepare."

"Ah… well, that is fortunate, but…"

With that, the agent started gazing out at the distant sea.

Although there were relatively many Haesu, they had detected their presence in advance and had heroes, including the agents, on standby.

Unless something unexpected happened, there shouldn't be any significant problems.

"They are coming."

That's when a hero spoke up.

Following the hero's remark, the agent checked the detector for the location of the Haesu.

Near the beach.

Soon they would emerge from the sea.

Fifty mid-level heroes, thirty-five high-level heroes, and finally, one top-level hero – a total of eighty-six heroes were prepared to face the approaching swarm of Haesu.

That was when it happened.

"…What is that?"

"A person?"

Contrary to their expectations of a massive onslaught through the beach, a single woman appeared, emerging from the water.

Instead of an anticipated attack by numerous Haesu, just one woman showed up.

As the heroes and agents looked on in bewilderment, Kim Donghan, representing the top-level heroes, approached the woman.

"…Excuse me?"

But as Kim Donghan got closer to the woman, he realized that she did not look like an ordinary person.

The night sky was dark, but as Kim Donghan approached, he could see the woman's features more clearly.

Her skin was a shade of blue that could hardly be deemed human. Scales sporadically adorned her arms and legs, harmoniously matching her deep blue hair. Her amber eyes, unlike any human's, belonged to a beast.

Being closer, he realized this woman was not human.

Yet, since she bore a human form, he cautiously tried to communicate.

"Excuse me… can you understand what I'm saying?"

At that moment, the woman's gaze shifted towards Kim Donghan.

She simply responded to his question with her own agenda.

"Who are you?"

"Uh, well..."

"You stand too tall."

"Excuse me?"


That was the last thing Kim Donghan said.

Suddenly, a trident made of water formed in her hand, and she swiftly swung it towards him.

In a blur, her hand moved horizontally.


Kim Donghan, now headless, collapsed to the ground.

"What the…!?"

"Prepare for battle! Everyone, draw your artifacts!"

Witnessing this, the other heroes, who were observing from a distance, all drew their artifacts and began charging towards her.

The woman, now identified as 'The King of Merfolk' Orgon, watched them with cold eyes. She smiled chillingly at the sight of the moths rushing towards the flame.

"Are these the inhabitants of the land you live in, Horton?"

As she spoke, numerous Haesu emerged from behind her, walking towards the beach.

These Haesu, with their bizarre forms, menacing claws, and teeth, roared at the reckless assailants rushing towards their king.

And King of Merfolk Orgon, calmly observing the scene, spoke with a hint of weariness.

"Utterly insignificant. Almost makes me want to wipe them all out."

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