The Dark King

The Dark King

Hắc Ám Vương Giả

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The Dark King novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Ancient Xi. 594 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Civilization is destroyed and records lost. Only Dudian survives in a cryogenic sleep. Three hundred years later, Dudian wakes up and must become Dean to survive. Who can he trust in this world overrun by monsters without and within?

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  • Azazel1
    Nov 27, 2020

    The small comments by the author are pretty nice. The age and height of the ms and side characters are pretty confusing but it's getting better, they were a few places I noticed that did match the over common sense. 1. The tech level isn't even in the steam age, in their 300 years of survival they didn't use the resources of several abandoned cities to further their tech level. It's a little confusing about his age because before the nuclear holocaust he was 12 but after waking up from cryo he is now 7. Makes no sense, age regressing from cryo sleep? or is it the body matter and cells shrank causing his bone age to degrade back to a 7ya? Something must have happened during his 300y sleep or I'm wrong and he wasn't 12 before the holocaust.

  • Azazel1
    Nov 26, 2020

    So far so good, I'm in chapter 7... A little slow but its understandable. Nothing interesting but we're still in the background phase.

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Bro... The story isn't bad. Incredible in fact... My main issue is all these spelling errors in these early chapter... I keep getting immersed only to have it ruined by errors. Fix it dammit, try to keep the vibe consistent. These mess ups is just ruining my impression of it. It's a good story tho..

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