The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 348: An Audience With Emperor

Alex thought that the meeting would take place in the garden filled with warmth but contrary to his expectations, he was taken to an old dilapidated place which had lost its splendour and glory.

The place was as big as a castle along with a huge garden that might have basked in blossoming flowers.

Alex could feel that this place might be grandiose and filled with Majesty a decade ago but now it was nothing but a dilapidated building giving one the impression of the Cold Palace used for the banishment of Royals.

The garden hadn't been taken care of and there were weeds all around and rarely any flowers blossomed here still Alex could feel an ethereal feeling that was drawing his attention to this place making him curious about its past and about the person who lived in here.

"We are here."

Alex was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the call, he was startled for a moment cause he seemed to have lost his sense observing the place.

'Something is wrong with me. Why does this place feel so nostalgic?'

'Wait don't tell me, this is the place I had lived before I was thrown out, but this place is the quarters for the wives, not Princes.'

Alex didn't ponder any longer and entered the huge doors.

The inside was quite gloomy and as dark and the door closed as he entered.


Strong and cold winds whacked Alex from all sides pushing him backwards.

Alex raised his arms trying to resist but faint drag marks appeared on the ground.

An overwhelming force seemed to hit him trying to push him out.

Alex looked up to see two pairs of eyes staring at him like a predator as if warning him and telling him to be aware of his position.

Alex felt suffocating inside and felt as if the role had been reversed and stared straight into the two pairs of eyes and his eyes became blank as if his soul had left his body.

The pressure was too strong for Alex to bear and Alex couldn't match it with his aura.

Alex felt as if he had been pulled abyss of darkness and before him was a huge wall which couldn't be overcome

Alex stared at the sturdy wall and scoffed.

"If I can't overcome the wall by jumping then I will just break it."

Alex's figure that had been hovering in the blank space before a wall suddenly flickered.

A strong ripple emanated from his body and a huge sword appeared. He shot the sword towards the wall.


"Haaaa!" Alex breathed heavily and coughed.

'Did this man just pull me into a soul battle? I hope he mightn't be wounded as I controlled my strength. Still, how is this possible? I can't enter a soul battle at this rank.'

"Old man, have you gone senile," Alex shouted angrily.

A moment of silence lingered.

"Senile...Maybe I have become a bit senile due to old age."

"But let me tell you something, if you couldn't even resist this much, you wouldn't be worthy enough to enter here and I would have thrown you out and this wasn't a soul battle rather the work of the necklace I am wearing which check one soul strength."

'Though it's regretfully broken by you.'He spoke with tears.

"Hello, Sir Emperor, for your kind information let me tell you something, you are the one who called me here."

"And second, this much is enough to kill even Mythic rank. Luckily, I was able to survive."

Kevin sighed and stood up from the seat.

"That's why except you no one has stepped in this place."

"By the way, even the Academy couldn't fix that rotten mouth of yours."

"It depends on the type of person I am meeting. You need to earn some respect to get respect."

"Respect my ass. Do you want an Emperor to beg you to get some respect?"

"Do you want to die?"

"Can you even kill me? Why don't you try me?" Alex glared at him.

Kevin raised his brows.

He could imagine the words of someone telling him, one day your son would speak your tone.

"I know you think that I am using you as a pawn so do you think just because you have so much use I wouldn't cut the pawn? There are many pawns out there for me to use."

"Ooo!" Alex's lips curled with a surprised expression and then he burst into laughter.

"Is there any pawn better than me by the way let me tell you something."

"I don't know why you have forced my wives to marry me but I am grateful for it. I am enjoying a good married life."

"I wish everyone's father would be generous enough to give their son a wife or some wives before throwing them out."

"Your example of benevolence would be written in golden words throughout history."

A thick vein bulged on Kevin's forehead hearing Alex's words.

'Isn't this boy crossing the limit of shamelessness? How are his wives handling this? Don't tell me he had become a scoundrel?'Kevin started to reevaluate Alex and looked from head to toe.

'Seeing his looks, he is surely a lady killer like me. And the way he talks, really makes me doubt whether he had become a playboy. I should send some men to keep an eye on him.'

'I don't want him to stain our blood and spread seeds here and there.'

Alex who saw Kevin contemplating for a moment silently felt a shiver down their spine.

If only he knew what Kevin was thinking, he would rush ahead and try to fight him to death and scream that he is not a playboy and he loves his wives with all his heart.

"Hmmm..." Kevin coughed to clear the awkwardness and asked Alex to follow him.

Alex noticed that they were in the hall with a single big throne present at the centre.

Alex just stole a glance at the throne and his jaws widened out as he saw various precious jewels on it.

It was laden with gems and jewels from all around and the design was quite feminine as if it was designed to keep a woman in mind.

"Your Majesty!"

Kevin's steps almost faltered as he heard Alex addressing him properly for the first time and thought that Alex might have been possessed.


"Why is such a precious throne lying there rusting in the dust? It is clearly for a woman. Is it for Empress?"

Kevin didn't speak for a moment and then looked at the throne for a moment.

A hint of nostalgia appeared in his eyes.

"Alex, what kind of person do you think your mother was?"

Alex felt that he was struck by lightning as soon as he heard Kevin's words and his heart became a mess.

Chapter 348: An Audience With Emperor
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