The Legendary Mechanic (WN)
The Legendary Mechanic (WN)

The Legendary Mechanic (WN)

Transcendental Mechanic

1464 Chapters 26.7M Views 14.9K Bookmarked Completed Status

The Legendary Mechanic (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Chocolion. 1464 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love?

What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC – you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched!

What will happen when our protagonist’s two realities coincide?

Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past life’s knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel.

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  • Davosk
    Reader KP:9

    HE HAS A-A B-BEARD NOW??????? NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIU please someone erase my memories tyvm 😀🔫

    9 hours ago Reply
  • EpicXenon
    Reader KP:6

    Can someone give me a novel similar to this? Just finished it and I've got nothing to do.

    yesterday Reply
  • Kay6557
    Reader KP:26

    Can someone please explain the history behind Silver Shadow's title 'Wh*r* of beyond grade A's '😭

    2 days ago Reply
  • Kalisto_JK
    Reader KP:2

    one of the best novels I've ever read, fantastic, wonderful and everything else, truly divine, so good that I even cried at the end because it ended 🥺🥺, I highly recommend it, I just hope for a continuation, because it's very good, I finished it a while ago but I needed to try to get through life without han xiao for company (he didn't die). sorry for the late feedback.

    4 days ago Reply
  • Davosk
    Reader KP:9

    Am I the only one that says Enos instead of Enas? Like it sounds so much better and my brain already reads it that way 😀

    6 days ago Reply
  • BritneyBello
    Reader KP:335

    I'm pretty excited to read this one...high expectations!

    7 days ago Reply
  • LostFromLight
    Reader KP:59

    this is one of the best I have ever read, little bit of a rushed ending, but absolutely amazing otherwize

    7 days ago Reply
  • Dragoth
    Reader KP:116

    Most novels I drop are usually because things start going too smoothly for the Mc. Doesn't make the novel bad but I personally just lose interest. I'm currently around chapter 140. Does this change?

    7 days ago Reply
    • Davosk
      Reader KP:9

      It goes smoothly because he already knows what's gonna happen next. I'm at chapter 590 and yea everything it's still very favorable to him but sh*t is about to go down cus he's made enemies that are far stronger than he is and also the butterfly effect is getting bigger and bigger so I'm expecting that very soon the future he knows won't repeat itself so it won't be easy for him. I'm looking forward to the trouble he gonna face 😁

      6 days ago Reply
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  • ismanu
    Reader KP:126

    is there a romance?

    7 days ago Reply
    • MartinHarot
      Reader KP:2

      actually there is romance but not muhc and not very accuented. It's also not clear until the end (like past 1000 and you don't see the progression or what led to it, just the result. (like oh they spent time together, oh they f*cked etc.)

      7 days ago Reply
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  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:266

    One of the best novels I have read. I enjoyed every single chapter (ending was a bit rushed) Truly a classic

    8 days ago Reply
    • NullConstellation
      Reader KP:40

      yup its sad the author had to rush the ending but it is what it is

      6 days ago Reply
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