The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me
The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me

The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me

내게 주인공은 살인이다

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The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me novel is a popular light novel covering Action, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Backstage. 259 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Regressor, Reincarnator, Possessor, Traveler, or Predestined. I will hunt down the protagonists that exist in the countless worlds and absorb their abilities.

Here lies the protagonist.

The continent’s hope.
The hero who will save the world.
The hero who currently has a hole through his chest!

With the Spirit of Earth, freed the Dwarfs and gained their trust.
Purified the contaminated Forest of Spirits and became the Fairies’ benefactor.
Resealed the Ancient Stone statues found in one of the ruins.
Exterminated the giant sea serpent that emerged from the sea.
Defeated the 47th Demon Lord of the underworld…

“Aside from assaults and murders there were other death related incidents as well as vandalism, arson, and etc…”

“S-spare me…”


This was the protagonist.
But now he has died by my hands.

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  • Cutegrow321 1

    Hello but can I ask if the Mc can stop time or smt? The tags say time manipulation so I hope but does it have? Also, other than the academy tim stop player, is there other ln with Mc that can stop time? ( Not Chinese ones pls the names confuse me T^T )

    • 0LordOFMysteries0 8

      If your looking for time related stories read mother of learning and prefect run. Although mother of learning isn't about controlling time it's great. Also if you found some other stories about time control notify me please.

  • ImmortalCatSage 1

    It's a good read if you can handle the hypocrisy. But if you can't handle the hypocrisy then d*mn it's bad. Two ratings. Those who can handle hypocrisy- 7.2/10 Those who can't handle hypocrisy- don't read it. Waste of your time.

    • LunaticHaven 6

      What brand of hypocrisy? The flavor matters, though I do thank you for the warning. Edit: At just before 100 now, see what you are talking about, but still an enjoyable read so far.

      Edited: 2mo
    • Rouneri 9

      Thanks saved me head Ace

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  • Sobrevivente 1

    To enhance your novel experience, imagine the protagonist as Toji from Jujutsu kaisen

    Edited: 4mo
  • OniiChanUWU 6

    Now I cant see a story in a fun way really This novel made me realise the "f*ck*ng protagonist correction" and what it does? When u really think In a iskeai world with 10000+ history with 100+ wheat food but they don't make bread It's a questionable thing Due to "protagonist correction" just for protagonist

  • Lord_Of_Mystery 29

    Good story, ending is uhh, don't know what to say about it.

  • Jade2307 7

    Good story, but a fair warning: !!! Reading this almost 100% will ruined the next few novel you read !!! This novel will de-construct entire genres, cliches, so the next novel you read, just bookmark it and re-read after a few months off. This happen to me and I can't really digest most novel anymore :(

  • LonelyVader 8

    Time to poison test Wish me luck buddies !

    • WubbaLubbaDubDub 11

      bro didnt make it 💀

    • wizzy21 11

      Honestly i really thank you for your sacrifice in not only poison testing this novel but many other ones... So dear poisoj tester care to tell me whether it is worth it😊

    • Last_Cogwheel 3

      You still alive bro?

      • TheUnworthyOne 11

        Legends say He was never seen again

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  • lnwUser64589 1

    Fight of chapter 128 really sucked. The plot took a sharp dip. Such a lousy fight scene like hero wasted 6 months and what he learnt? To bind him for 10 sec? To adapt himself against a SSS opponent? ( whats the result or gain of that) being able to fight for 4 min some sh*t. Non of it mattered or gave him much advantage with respect to the time he had. And he hid his armour and other things, why? Nobody knows about them ill do that one better , nobody knows if they have skills attached. 6 f*ck*ng months!!!! Just go to some dimension and learn swordsmanship or magic. There are more plot holes.. such embarrassment

  • KoreanCastellan 7

    This seems interesting, is it similar to I Hate Systems?

  • Lichtqilin 13

    Pretty good to kill some time, 7/10 ig

    • heedkneesnshoulders 17

      I think more of 8 than a 7 maybe 7.5