The Rebirth of an ill-Fated Consort
The Rebirth of an ill-Fated Consort

The Rebirth of an ill-Fated Consort

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The Rebirth of an ill-Fated Consort novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Fantasy, and Mature genres. Written by the Author Qian Shan Cha Ke. 284 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Crying blood and tears, she pledged a poisonous vow. The gods did not fail her. She was sent back to a decade ago. The legitimate daughter of Jiang family returned from hell.

Forget it, whatever! Since they already claimed that she was a temptress that wrecked the country, she shall overturn the world into complete chaos starting with her beguiling sister, her malicious stepmother, her cruel lover and her heartless family. Let her end the lives that Yama refused to end.

She was a pawn in her past life. In this life, however, the world was her chess board. With an alluring smile and a charming figure that enchanted the entire nation, the red-clothed woman wrecked chaos among the lands. She was a vengeful spirit from hell, determined to make those who wronged her pay in blood.

“I want those who owe me a life debt to hold their hearts out in front of me. I want those who looked down on me to only be able to admire me. I want Lord Zhong Zi to shiver when he sees me. I want to step on this splendid river and mountains!”

— — —

“You are a temptress and I am a thief.” His robe was as dark as the night and his gaze was as cold as the Northern Star. “A perfect match.”

Her red dress was akin to fire, but her heart was the coldest ice in the winter.

He was stoic in his black robe, yet he was willing to warm her frozen heart.

In this life, the elegant man seemed like a snowy bamboo grove with tall, chilly mountains, walking step by step towards her like an unstoppable force.

“Ruan Ruan, if you hate the world, then I shall conquer the lands with you.”

“What if I love the world?” She asked.

“I am the world, so you can only love me,” he answered.

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  • minimidi8 1

    The story is well-written but the editing needs a lot of work. A lot of the chapters are duplicated or completely out of order, so it pulls you out of this awesome story because there's missing chapters early on. I'd recommend it more if it wasn't so confusing to read, especially the two part chapters. Authors/editors should re-check the posted chapters and fix them, it's such a good story it'd be a shame to have it suffer due to such a simple oversight that could be easily remedied.

  • SaraForbidden 3

    The 'part 2' of the chapters are missing, there's actually supposed to be a part two, but it just shows the first part of the chapter, smh

  • Fangyue 2

    The only issue I have with this so far is that the order of these chapters do not make sense. It pulls you out of the story because often times the next chapter is a repeat of the last chapter

  • Ssa_Is_Ass 2

    The synopsis is interesting But the tags kinda scared me...i'm gonna dive in, so wish me luck

  • GreatOldOne 17

    D*mn the synopsis is good