The Rise of the Black Plain

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MahmudulHaque 4
Chapter 120 6 months ago

So far so good. Been liking it. Like how the main character gets stronger and love how he manages his city. Those who are wondering whether to read it or not. It's worth giving it a try.

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Adamkancy164 4
Chapter 786 6 months ago

The story has a lot of ups and downs, such as dragging out conflicts/not focusing on them enough by focusing on more minor things for a dozen or so chapter before finally focusing on the main things. This is the biggest problem in my opinion The ntr with the kingdom of ends queen in not for me personally because although the king is a *ss he still is a loving husband/king and loves his family greatly, so he does not deserve that in my opinion. The last thing is disliked about this novel (so far) is the slow start at the beginning, and how minos was a little to cold/emotionless but that got fixed in less than 50 chapters though The good things about this novel are the character building, relationships, conflicts(although it took awhile fot minos’s revolution to go in his favor), This is what i like and dislike about it and this it up to chapter 960 which is the chapter i am on

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catgu 4
Chapter 506 6 months ago

Great read at the start. Like how Mc good at management. Started to get boring around the middle and started to skim through chapters for SS.

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aaghoghos 4
Chapter 215 9 months ago

people said it has slow pace at the beginning of chapter. but for me it neccesary for world building plus the element of kingdom building, it can make the story quite enjoyable.

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TikTyk 5
Chapter 1080 10 months ago

I love the city management in this novel, it's not something revolutionary majority of people gonna saay that it a big solide 3 but for me i love city management so im gonna give a 4.

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