The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines
Chapter 1: I Became The Villain Who NTR’d The Heroine.


For people living in society, how much freedom does one have?

Of course, most people have a busy life with next to no free time.

Because of that, there weren’t many hobbies I could enjoy after work or on a golden weekend.

So, I gave up badminton, which I used to play until I got a job, and now I enjoy reading novels while relaxing at home.

As long as the atmosphere doesn’t reek of BL, where two men would rub their butts against each other, netizens can genuinely enjoy reading romance fantasy that has wholesome shoujo vibes.

“No? Fuck…… This can’t be real.”

But even for me, there exists a seizure trigger.

No, for most readers, this element was bound to be a typical seizure trigger.

That’s right, NTR.

“…… ”

Yes, the novel’s atmosphere was grim from the beginning, but for an inexperienced author, it was quite good, and it was fun to follow even after paying for the chapters. But I almost ended up spurting out blood.

In particular, the meeting with the heroine evoked the novel’s atmosphere, which was dark and tragic but at the same time mellow/sweet.

‘Ha… ‘

Even an abandoned heroine, who is meant to sacrifice herself for the protagonist’s growth, would never be treated like this.

When I stretched out my trembling finger and clicked on the comments window, which initially had at most 10 comments, were now overflowing.

Even though it was the author’s first novel, wasn’t he aware that such a development would not only destroy the story itself, but he would also face a severe backlash from the readers?

What the hell was the editor doing?

Maybe because the novel isn’t that popular, so did he allow that scenario to gain more attention before ending the serialization sooner?

I don’t know.

I’ve no idea…

Even a netizen like me has no choice but to grit my teeth at such a development.

Because I felt too betrayed to just stay silent about this.

Maybe he is aware of this.

Because, unlike any other time, today’s writer’s review column was just a blank space with nothing written on it.

In general, even if something bad occurs, many readers would just wait until the .

No matter how the author changes things, he will release the as it is and will express his intention to lead the story.

But I didn’t want to wait for the .

When his first work was unexpectedly popular and became a paid novel, I saw the comments of a naïve writer who didn’t know what to do. And I always encouraged him not to give up.

When my salary came in, I gave a small donation, and I cherished it like a treasure, as if I was treating my own little novel.

As of today, I wrote a 5,700-character long article in comments, forums, and book reviews, but in truth, I just used this as an excuse for my pent up anguish as if I was thinking of the author as an emotional punching bag.

Occasionally, he would thank me and even reply to my comments in the review, so the author probably remembers my nickname.

‘He can’t possibly know.’

I wonder if he could understand even a bit of the reader’s miserable feelings after reading this NTR. After seeing the readers who always encouraged and supported him, now pelting him with stones.

“phew…… ”

I lay down on the bed with an annoyed sigh and closed my eyes to forget about this and calm my sour mood for tomorrow’s work.

* * * * *

Ten days have passed.

In the meantime, the of the worst-ever novel ‘Struggling to Survive Together’ showed no signs of release.

There is no Hiatus notice, and considering that it’s his first work, I thought that maybe he would go into hiding like this.

‘okay…… ‘

Rather, it would be much better for the author to take this experience as a lesson, then change his pen name and start a new novel.

The stigma of an author who NTRed the Heroine is probably just as bad as of an author who turns the novel into BL in the middle of a year-long serialization.

* * * * *

“Ugh…… ”

On a Saturday, after having a drink with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, I returned to my bedroom and fell asleep with my drunken body on the bed.

I sincerely hope that this fricking hangover will be a little easy on me the next morning.


Fortunately, my wish came true, and when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t feel a single headache from the hangover.

But I could not describe the shocking sight I had to witness with that vivid and clear mind.

A green-haired woman reminiscent of spring was lying underneath me, struggling to look indifferent, as she shed faint tears without making a cry.


I wonder if the memory of returning home last night was nothing but a delusion, and in fact, I had committed a sex crime!

As I was trying to picture what happened in my mind, I tried to get away from the woman, but my body couldn’t move for some reason.

Synchronization Progress – Currently 11%」


And then, along with a strange sound in my ear, my body started moving regardless of my will. Walking to the window, I put a cigarette in my mouth and lit it using the lamp’s heat.

“Euphemia El Lauren Louerg.”

I leisurely Inhaled and exhaled the smoke.

My mouth moves as if it has a will of its own.

‘This… ‘

Is this a dream?

And when I realized that Euphemia El Laurenne Louerg was supposed to be the woman who was lying ragged on that bed, I decided that the current situation was most likely a dream.

Because that’s the full name of the Heroine who appears in the novel ‘Struggling to Survive Together.’

Synchronization Progress – Currently 38%”」

‘But… … ‘

Aren’t you supposed to be able to move as you like in those lucid dreams from the moment you realize you’re dreaming?

Moreover, no matter how dreamy it is, having to watch the post-NTR scene of the poor and wasted heroine lying naked in the bed makes me annoyed.

As if this is both my body and not at the same time, and this guy smoking cigarettes is probably the villain who NTR’d the heroine──Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein.

No, since I married Euphemia and succeeded the title Count of Louerg, I would become Ferzen Von Schweig Luerg.

Synchronization Progress – Currently 64%”」

‘…… ‘

Even if I try to ignore it, the constant audible noise related to the synchronization process is getting on my nerves.

What happens when you reach 100%?

It doesn’t seem to imply waking up from a dream. Will I be able to take complete control of Ferzen’s body?

If I can do that, I’ll open the window right now, jump out, commit suicide, and then wake up.

“Are you being rebellious for hugging me like a doll? Why didn’t you act till the end then?“

Ferzen was described as a nobleman, and his voice has a clear, solemn tone.

“A doll doesn’t cry.”

He spat out those words, turned his head to the window, and continued smoking his cigarette. But I have to say, the reflection in the window was damn impressive.

How can simple black hair that’s untidy and disorganized look so stylish, as if it’s a fresh hairstyle?

Synchronization Progress – Currently 83%」

In terms of appearance alone, it was at a level that Ferzen wouldn’t lose even to the Main Character.

Did that author have some conscience, or did he think it would be too much for a fat ugly bastard to do the NTR?


If he had a conscience in the first place, he wouldn’t have even considered the option of NTRing the Heroine.

Synchronization Progress – Currently 91%」

“People say that they have the most thoughts when they lie in bed.”

Synchronization Progress – Currently 98%」

“So, after thinking quietly there to yourself, surrender. The reality is that you now belong to me.”

Simultaneously, Ferzen, who had finished smoking the cigarette, got up and left the room without showing any signs of remorse.

Synchronization Progress – Currently 100%”」 「Synchronization Complete.

And when I went out to the creepy, cold, and dark hallway with no one around, I heard a sound that the synchronization was completed, and I was able to gain control over Ferzen’s body.

I could clearly feel not only the eyes but also the other five senses of the body.




As I opened the tightly closed window in the hallway and breathed the night breeze of Louerg, the worst province in the north, I discovered what it felt like having one’s lungs freeze, so I immediately closed the window again.


Then, when the ice around the window scraped my finger, drops of blood dripped down to the floor followed by a sharp pain.

“…… ”

Is this really a lucid dream?

The pain felt so real that I couldn’t even dare to think of the option of jumping outside, killing Ferzen, and waking up from my dream.

So, I stood in the hallway for a long time without saying anything.

How much time has passed?

Suddenly, a memory of my childhood came to mind.

The memories of myself, Seo-jin Lee, and the memories of Ferzen’s childhood that followed were engraved in my mind.

Sequentially, the process repeated, alternating between the memories of Seo-jin Lee and Ferzen until eventually it finally settled down.

By the way I, Seo-jin Lee, am 27 years old.

Ferzen’s age is described to be 24 years old.

Although we were only 3 years apart, it felt strange that Seo-jin’s ego swallowed Ferzen’s ego before assimilating into one and not the other way around.

“…… ”

In fact, this didn’t mean that Ferzen’s ego had vanished.

To be precise, I should say that I accepted it and absorbed it.

I’m in fact, in an unfortunate situation, my habit was to chew the side of my index finger with my teeth, but now I’m biting my lips which is Ferzen’s habit.

“Ah… … ”

As I pondered for a long time about how to deal with this situation, the moonlight that drove away the darkness gently permeated through the window in the hallway highlighted the text floating in the air I had never seen before.


٭ Corpse ■■■■nity

٭ Corpse ■■■■rehension

٭ ■■■■ery in ■■lligraphy

٭ Aes■■■■■■ ■■■■arance


٭ Obses■■■■ ■■■■ulsive ■■■■rder

٭ Obsti■■■■

٭ ■■ne ■■■■

「Special abilities」

٭ ???

٭ ■■gitiza■■■■

It’s not Hangul.


Ferzen’s memory, especially the parts related to world knowledge, was being assimilated slowly, so unfamiliar letters were displayed..


Hearing the New Year’s Eve Bell, as it was currently the New Year’s Eve, I exclaimed “Status Window”, but there was no response.

“…… ”


Standing numb like a rock, I opened the hallway window again and greeted the night breeze of Luerg, the worst province in the North.


A razor-sharp wind that feels like it will cut my flesh any moment.

It wasn’t even open for that long, but my ear was already freezing, and I felt like it was going to fall off.

I had no choice but to admit it now.

I became the villain of the novel ‘Struggling to Survive Together.’

I became the second son of the Marquis of Brutein, the bastard who robbed the heroine of the protagonist, Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein.

“Haha… ”

I hated NTR and now this.

I didn’t know they would change the genre to NTL and offer it to me as a gift.

Maybe it’s because I was disrespectful.

Furthermore, this didn’t start at the beginning of the plot, for me to correct Ferzen’s mistakes. They skipped everything right up to the point when the deed was already done.

Could the author who wrote this novel be a God?

I don’t know.

But one thing is certain, I regret what I have become now.

However, what I don’t regret is violently lashing out at the author with comments, messages, and reviews.

No, there’s one more thing I regret.

In the comment, forum, and review sections, I had still expressed my frustrations in a way that didn’t cross the line.

Rather, I regretted I didn’t curse the author’s great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather and his whole genealogy.

“I don’t think I was wrong.”

Naturally, I uttered a word in Ferzen’s voice and slowly lowered the window in the hallway.

Even if the Multiverse theory was true, there still won’t be any world where I would welcome the development of heroines being NTR’d by villains.

Chapter 1: I Became The Villain Who NTR’d The Heroine.
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