The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines
Chapter 32: The Night Of The Setting Full Moon (6)

༺ The Night Of The Setting Full Moon (6) ༻


Since I couldn’t stay here while Laura was still acting like a lunatic, I gagged her mouth with a piece of cloth and dragged her to a nearby inn.



Even though her body was quite frail, Laura was struggling like a mad beast, and it was getting rather tiresome to hold on to her.

“Since you insist on being like this, then I won’t be merciful anymore.”


After locking the door, I grabbed Laura by her hair and threw her on the bed, using the blankets to bind her limbs.

“Where is it…….”

After making sure Laura was immobilized, I scoured her body, looking for her ‘Altar’.

“Should be this thing…..”

A beautiful necklace in the form of a silver Rosario.

Since this was the only object on her body, I took it out and settled down on a chair by the window.


Laura struggled like a fish in the mud to no avail since a warlock without a corpse servant to minister is no different than an ordinary person.

Even though her corpse servant was also in the room, since she had no mana left and her ‘Altar’ was in my hands, there was nothing she could do.

As she continued to struggle, I was immersed in my thoughts.

Every action she made until now was done with the intent of either harming or killing people…..

‘This can’t be the result of drugs.’

If there was a drug with such potent psychotic effects, then the Imperial Family and even the drug cartel would have already destroyed such a thing.

‘Maybe she has some sort of mental illness….?’


If she had such a mental illness, she wouldn’t have been admitted to the Imperial Academy in the first place.

So she managed to hide this part of her during the psychological evaluation?

As I continued ruminating over her situation, a possibility that sent shivers across my body crossed my mind.

‘What if…. At that time, Laura had a deeper reason to compete with me for Isabel’s body. And even her immense rate of understanding. Could it be not because of her talent but because of some ancestry?’

And there is also the full moon.

If I’m not wrong, Laura’s birthday was in early March.

This information should be correct, since it was on the dossiers Jeremiah gave me.

Once coincidences overlapped in such a manner, could it even be called a coincidence anymore?

In some bizarre turn of events, the current head of Rosenberg managed to secure a survivor of the Genova family in the aftermath of the purge and impregnated her……

‘It’s an unlikely possibility, but…….’

All the facts point to this conclusion.

So, could this be the base of Laura’s confidence in challenging me?

‘Now I understand.’

I thought that maybe she was confident in the information she had collected in advance, but if she was also a descendant of the Genova’s bloodline, it would explain her unnaturally high understanding rate.


If this was true, then didn’t she know about the curse?

Her mother should have told her the truth about the Genova bloodline.


What if she didn’t want to tell her?

If the current head of Rosenberg managed to capture a survivor and raped her, impregnating her in the process……

Then it wouldn’t be strange if the woman withheld this information as a form of revenge.

‘Besides, the curse’s effects vary among members of the Genova Bloodline.’

So that survivor could have managed to hide the truth about the curse if her own curse could be something she could handle by herself.

Yes, this is most likely the truth.

If her father had known about this, he wouldn’t have let Laura join the Imperial Academy.

“…… Laura?”

It’s been some time since she has been tied, but she’s unusually quiet now.



Laura, who seemed to be on the verge of exhaustion, was drooling.

“Crazy bitch–!”

Having no choice but to spat out a curse, I stretched my hand and untied the knot of the cloth that was on Laura’s mouth.



Then, as if waiting for this exact moment, Laura bit my middle finger, letting out a lustful smile at the taste of my blood.


I don’t have much information about Genova’s curse.

What I knew was what I saw in Isabel’s core memories, and even then, I only saw some fragments of her memories.

‘If what I know is true…. then I can’t leave her alone.’

That’s fine.

Since I was already involved in this anyway, I took off my vest and hung it on the door. I then grabbed Laura’s hair, lifted her head, and shoved my other middle finger into her mouth.



Then like a crazy dog, Laura bit my finger.

‘Since she is not behaving like a normal human, I shall treat her like a beast…….’

Yes, even a ravenous beast could be tamed.

Since Laura’s current condition wasn’t the effect of a split personality, if I could tame her, it would be helpful in the subsequent nights when the curse gets triggered.

After all, now that it has come to this, I’m the only one Laura can rely on.

Since she can’t let others know about the truth of her bloodline.

And this situation could become a boon for me as well.

But of course, for me to gain her trust, I need to prove to her that she now carries the curse of Genova’s bloodline……

But this shouldn’t be difficult.

If she had contact with Isabel’s body, she would naturally come to understand the truth about her bloodline.


No, this won’t do.

Laura De Charles Rosenberg is a name belonging to a human.

But now I’m trying to tame a ravenous beast……

Therefore, I should give this beast a different name.

‘What name should I give her…….’

This is important since this name could become a keyword in her taming process.

‘So, what name would be a reasonable one?’

As I pulled my fingers out of Laura’s mouth, she whined in agony.

‘When I was a child, I had a dog. What was her name again…….’

Was it Belka?


No, that’s not a good name.

But since this thing is behaving like a rabid dog.

Thinking about her full name……

“Charles. Yes, that is an acceptable name.”*

This thing’s name is now Charles.

* * * * *


“Mhmm! Ahhh! Grrrr!”

Since I was now taming a rabid dog, I held Laura by her neck and presented my fingers to her once more.

When you have a rabid dog, you need to muzzle him first.

So, I untied the duvet holding her limbs in place, wrapped them around her waist, and fastened the knot with the bed.

Then Laura, who at this moment became relatively free, reached out to me in a wild manner……


I then grabbed her hands and forced her down on the bed.

‘Can’t she feel pain?’

An average person would have already stopped struggling from the sheer pressure I put on her wrists, but not Laura. From how she was behaving, she would surely dislocate her own arms without even blinking.

I had vaguely expected this since she didn’t faint even when I punched her solar plexus without holding back, but this……

‘All right……’

It seems like fear of pain can’t tame her.

She also seems to feel some sort of pleasure when she hurts others, so I could tame her through this.


So after deliberating on the best method of taming her, I distanced myself from the bed, and Laura naturally followed me, but she was stopped by the duvet tied to her waist.


Laura then tried to untie the duvet.

Interesting. Even in this state, she still has some sort of reason.

This must be true since she could control her corpse servant to some extent as well.


“Charles. When did I say that you could untie yourself.”

When the owner doesn’t untie the dog’s leash, the mad dog tries to unleash itself.

I won’t tolerate such rebellion.


Eventually, Laura managed to untie her waist, and I watched her rushing at me like a zombie from a third-rate movie…..


As her mana had recovered a bit, Laura tried to control her corpse servant, but I overrode her and made the corpse cast a simple ice barrier.




It’s almost impossible for a lower-ranked Wizard to analyze and disrupt a spell cast by a higher-ranked Wizard.

Because the way the spell is cast is vastly different.

So, in this aspect, the difference between ranks is absolute.

‘Hoh, I didn’t expect her to have access to Euclidean-class Elemental Wizard spells…..It seems that Rosenberg’s connections are not useless after all.’

As Laura continued to pound the ice barrier with her bare hands, I slowly approached her, dispelled the barrier, and once again, I grabbed her by her neck and tied the duvet around her waist.

And we repeated this about ten times.


Laura once again tried to approach me but was stopped by the duvet tied to her waist. But this time, she didn’t try to untie it.

The moment she untied the duvet, she would be met with an ice barrier, and she would only injure herself by pounding it.

“You learn fast.”

I stood still and faced Laura with a smile.

Now, the next step should be to let Laura get closer to me when she does something I approve of.



Reaching out her hands to touch me, Laura was drooling.


Soon Laura lowered her posture, and at that, I took a step forward.


Then as if curious, Laura tilted her head……



And after she vaguely realized the correlation that the closer her butt gets to the ground, the closer I would get to her.


She threw herself on the hard cold floor.

“Good…. Well done. Charles.”

Truthfully, I was a little embarrassed by her actions, but since this worked out the way I intended it to, I crouched down in front of Laura and opened my arms.


“Ah?! Hunnnng……!”

Laura rushed into my arms like a dog who had just found its owner, but as soon as she snuggled into me, she reached out her hands to my throat and tried to choke me to death.

Since she always appears so weak and vulnerable, one would think she must reek of medicinal odor.

Surprisingly though, a sweet and fresh scent permeated my nostrils.

‘If she didn’t get greedy here…….’

I wouldn’t have to continue this training.

But of course, Laura, in her crazed state, would get greedy, and so she tried to cut the veins on my neck with her nails.



Since this was clearly an act that I did not approve of, I frowned and immediately distanced myself from her.


Then, just as she learned.

Laura once again threw herself on the floor.


If I only ignored her attempts of murder, then Laura, at this moment, looked like an expectant dog.

The action is commendable, but shouldn’t she show some sincerity to get my forgiveness since she crossed my will?

But what else could I expect from Laura, who at this moment has lost all reason as a human being, and the same girl who just learned how to obey simple commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay’?

“Ang! Ahhhh!”

Yes, I shouldn’t worry about this.

Because Laura knows……


When I clapped my hands.


You’re going to flip, and like an obedient dog, you will show me your belly.


Because if she didn’t obey me, I would just roll her over.

And thanks to this, I found out that this kid was wearing some shameful pieces of underwear that weren’t suited to her age at all.

Does she like this sort of indecent stuff?


Seeing her behave like a well-trained dog was much more entertaining than I thought it would be because I wasted ten more minutes playing with my newfound dog.

Fortunately, it seems as if she learned her lesson this time.

Since this time, she has just tried to choke me without using her nails.


But my joy was short-lived since, just a few moments after she grew bored of trying to choke me, she tried something new……



So I once again widened the distance between us.

This time, although she didn’t use her nails to pierce the veins on my neck, Laura tried to kill me using her hands……

Perhaps it’s the most primitive thing she had access to at the moment.


Just as she tried to reach out for my crotch, I stepped away as her hands continued to make the same flailing movements.

Had her movements been quicker, that could have been dangerous……

If my reflexes were just a little late, it would have been a disaster for me, as she would certainly have managed to injure me, and on the occasion she managed to destroy just one of them, I would have been forced to finish her job myself.

Because my obsession would not allow any asymmetries even on my own body.


Unaware of my worries, Laura just looked at me and started to whine again.


As such, under the gaze of the full moon, two individuals continued their bizarre dance on this night drenched in lunacy.

*the name is pronounced as “CHAHR-əlz”

>>Laura – uses ‘Ball-Buster!”

>>Ferzen – Evades!

>>Ferzen – Sweats

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Chapter 32: The Night Of The Setting Full Moon (6)
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