The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines
Chapter 34: Lecture

༺ Lecture ༻

Surprisingly, last night’s events became an unexpected harvest.

The Imperial Family seems to be planning a large banquet soon.

The goal of this banquet is to announce that the Ernes Empire will officially enter into a conflict with the Elmark Empire, using the political struggle for succession in the nearby Kingdoms as the casus belli for their confrontation……

Therefore, this banquet could be considered the opening act of Ernes’ conquest.

For formality’s sake, I will also receive an invitation to this banquet. However, no one will expect my attendance.

Because Ferzen was a known lone wolf who for 24 years refused to appear in any sort of banquets or balls.

‘If I can secure an alliance with Rosenberg now, it will be quite beneficial to me.’

Honestly, it won’t matter much even if Laura fails to convince her father — The current head of Rosenberg.

If she proves to be incapable of this, I can always blackmail them into subservience.

Using Laura as a negotiator is merely the most peaceful method at my disposal.

Since this is something this could very well save my life in the future, why wouldn’t I use every means possible to achieve my goals?

“Oh…… Welcome back, Master.”

Upon entering the mansion, I was greeted by a nearby maid, who was cleaning the reception hall.

“Is Euphemia still sleeping?”

“Yes Master, the Lady is resting in your chambers as we speak.”

“Is that so?”

Looking at the clock, I confirmed that it was still 7 a.m, so I took a well-deserved bath and checked my closet.

Although it’s my closet, the only things here are Azelia suits arranged in three different colors, each one of them having its own use.


For some, this could be a sight that would make them shed rivers of blood and have their wallets shrink into nothingness, but for me, this sight calmed my heart and made me at ease.

It’s been a few days since I had to get rid of a complete suit because of Lizzy……

But in fact, on that day, I also disposed of one blue and red suit too.

Since I had four suits for each color, my OCD was triggered, and I also had to balance this asymmetry created by disposing of only one suit.

So ironically, Lizzy would be creating just more trouble for me if she managed to pay back that suit in the future since I would be forced to even out my collection once again to create the perfect symmetry.

‘If I hadn’t been born in the Brutein Family…….’

Perhaps I would have been destined to live like a street dog.

No, this would never happen in the first place.

Because there is no way a villain like me would have such a pathetic backstory.

Smiling inwardly at my own absurd thoughts, I changed my clothes and examined myself. Since I still had time, I walked toward the bedroom.

‘Did she sleep late yesterday……?’

It was almost 8 p.m as I sat down next to Euphemia, who was still in a deep slumber, and gently brushed her beautiful hair.

Since she was curled up like a shrimp, I couldn’t caress her navel, so I had to content myself with her hair.



The moment I was about to lend a kiss on her forehead, I frowned at Euphemia’s mutters in her sleep.

Ciel….how could I not know the owner of this name?

So Euphemia is now finding some solace in him inside her dreams?

Her words angered me soo much that I put my hands around her neck by reflex.

“……It seems that I was too lenient in your training, Euphemia.”

It was a reaction caused by my obsessive instinct.


Euphemia suddenly frowned, as if she was having a nightmare. Then she put her hands over her chest protectively.


Seeing this, I couldn’t contain a smirk forming on my face.

Yes, that refreshing feeling of enjoying one’s suffering.

It seems that I have already formed an imprint on her subconscious.

Since she was now sleeping in a more straight position, I placed my hand on her navel and applied a little bit of strength to it.


Her thin and delicate eyelashes trembled.


And when I used my finger to gently press the center on her navel, she let out a faint groan.

Truly, she is almost like a lovely instrument that only I can play with my nimble hands.

Ah, I wanted to continue teasing her, but……

My time was running out.

“I’ll be back.”

After kissing her nose gently, I left the mansion and entered my carriage, which was parked in the garden.

‘Come to think of it…….’

Today should be Euphemia’s fertile period.

Yes, it should be right since I’ve been keeping track of her fertile cycle.

‘I stayed up for the entire night, and I also have a long lecture today, so my body will likely suffer a little…….’

However, even with my fatigue, I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Because when Euphemia bears my child, then at that moment, she will become truly mine.


When Euphemia eventually breastfeeds our child, she will only use one breast, and naturally, the second will remain unused.

I wonder how I will handle such a scenario.

Maybe I won’t be able to stand this asymmetrical scenario and suck on her remaining breast.



For the sake of my dignity, I should find a nanny who will also breastfeed the child.

Putting aside these useless concerns, I leaned back comfortably in the carriage’s seat.

Today is quite the beautiful day with a warm temperature.

* * * * *

‘This sucks……’

Sitting in her office on the fourth floor of the administrative building, Yuriel massaged her sore shoulders and her chest with her hands.

Since my menstrual cycle started, my body has been sore and uncomfortable.

Her menstrual pains were almost nonexistent. However, during her period, her bosom becomes larger, causing severe shoulder pain and serious discomfort to her breasts.

Because of this, her clothes, which were carefully tailored to fit her body perfectly, now were so tight that they caused her a suffocating feeling every time she walked, so Yuriel was extremely annoyed today.

Sigh, at times like this, I wouldn’t mind having them smaller……

‘It’s pretty crowded, huh…….’

The parking lot of the Academy was full of wagons. It was so crowded that it was similar to the entrance ceremony.

In particular, the Imperial Wizard corps were here as well……

And even the Imperial Court Wizard himself was here.

But while she admired his person, Yuriel frowned when she realized that so many people had gathered because of Ferzen.

‘……I can’t believe it.’

How did that rude man become such an influential person overnight?

I have no idea.

To figure out a way to interpret existing magical concepts by applying geometric concepts like length, width, and volume……

But wasn’t that ❰Visualization❱ concept discarded a long time ago?

Of course, his choice to also release the papers for free for an entire month is also surprising.

It doesn’t make sense to release such a thing for free because even if it was worth a fortune, I’m sure most wizards would fight tooth and nail to have such knowledge in their hands.

Only someone from the Brutein family would ever choose to treat this absurd amount of potential profit like a worthless penny.

Furthermore, it was common sense in this world to hoard all sorts of magical knowledge, either for yourself or your family’s sake, without sharing it with anyone but……

He can’t be an ignorant Saint like that……

‘As expected of Brutein, I guess….’

Even if he’s a rotten person, he’s not someone who would tell lies.


「Let me ask you this then, without the name of Brutein, what do you have left?」

Suddenly, Yuriel remembered the words she uttered to him not long ago as she sighed deeply while putting on her trademark wizard’s hat.

If I were to answer that question, then it would have been obvious who would be the useless one…..

‘Even without Brutein, at least he would still be the same belligerent and vainglorious man…….’

The wannabe wolves who always hover around him while sharpening their fangs in order to bite his neck have no idea that…… they aren’t a threat at all.

Talk about a positive mindset, huh?

But I would rather live like a weed that is free to be carried by the strong wind than to live like a broken tree because I refused to budge…….

Well, if it’s him, I bet he would be one of those huge, old trees that managed to weather even the harshest of storms.

“Well, I……”

As soon as the clock struck 9 AM, Yuriel rose from her seat.

Personally, her pride refused to let her attend a lecture presented by Ferzen, but her thirst for knowledge as an Elemental Wizard easily won the dispute.


But just as she stepped out of her office, Yuriel once again massaged her sore breasts.

* * * * *

In the colossal auditorium located inside Educational Building A.

Thirteen students, except for Laura, who obviously didn’t appear, were sitting in the auditorium’s first row with anxious hearts……

They felt suffocated, especially because of the individuals sitting behind them.

The entirety of the Imperial Wizard Corps, the Court Wizard himself, and other renowned Wizards, who basically were the leaders in their respective magical theories in the Empire, waited patiently for the main character to arrive.

However, unlike all the other students, Lizzy……

‘No, that’s not it…….’

It was a deeply depressing occasion for her, as all those people were here not because Ferzen had actual talents but because of his prestige as the second son of Brutein.

He did submit his thesis to the Association, but I don’t know……

Well, what do I even know about him…….’

I feel sick.

Lizzy couldn’t stand this atmosphere, so she controlled her corpse servant and left the auditorium, not wanting to listen to his ‘grand’ lecture.

However, in the long hallway connecting the auditorium’s main entrance.

Even as she moved, Lizzy could constantly hear……

I can’t believe I have to listen to those fools who can’t do anything but praise him.

Each time Lizzy heard someone praising Ferzen, she wanted to bang their heads in the wall and scream loudly that they were wrong.

They don’t know the real him.

He is neither a proud aristocrat nor a genius Warlock….. he is just a big lump of filth that hides behind his noble facade.

‘I can’t do it…….’

But I have to.

No, I can do it.

I’m just a little afraid of the fallout.

In order to defile someone’s public image and reputation……

When you can’t prove something, then it’s better to just stay quiet about it since no one would ever believe you.



However, if she didn’t find an outlet for her emotions, Lizzy felt that she would surely die from pure distaste, so she hurried up to the rooftop of Educational Building A and opened the sturdy iron door that stood in front of her.


The warmth of the spring greeted her as the breeze ruffled her hair, making her gasp for air.

Like on that day on the ball, everyone except herself seemed to be enjoying themselves……

The quiet rooftop had become a haven that healed Lizzy’s fractured mind.


After taking a deep breath, Lizzy looked up, and she saw a clear azure sky without any clouds. As she proceeded to shout madly.

—- What do you even know about that excuse of a human being to shower him with such compliments?!

She poured all the feelings bottled up into her resentful heart.

Her right foot — the same foot that the man had trampled, throbbed as if it was remembering the agony and suffering from back then.

—- You are all so stupid. Why can’t no one see that behind his perfect aristocratic facade, he is nothing more than a pile of filth ?!

She shouted so vehemently that her whole body trembled.

“I know…..Who you really are…..”

But after such an emotional outburst, her body felt weak and drained.

Lizzy then clasped the hem of her skirt as she breathed deeply, trying to contain her intense emotions.


But at that moment, the faint smell of tobacco permeated her nostrils.

So with her heart pounding wildly in her chest, Lizzy slowly turned around.

No one is there.

But she couldn’t see anyone……

From the opposite corner, one could spot a faint trace of smoke being carried by the wind.


The voice she could never forget.

That man’s voice……

“Ah, hiiik!”

Lizzy instantly let out hiccups and reflexively clenched the fingers of her toes as a tingling sensation coursed through her belly.


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Chapter 34: Lecture
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